Colin and The Revenant

Colin and The Revenant

By: M. E. Eadie (author)eBook


Is there ever a lack of villains? Not for Colin. In this third installment, Colin finds himself again in the thick of it. Abducted and transported to Faerie, he quickly finds himself at the heart of a terrible plot, a plot to wake a nightmarish creature from another dimension, a creature they call the Revenant. His only consolation is that he’s not alone. With him are his friends, Rhea, Spike, Melissa, Tan and Chloe.
Count Blandicus, the author of this plot, has manipulated events so that Colin will have no choice but to restore the Revenant to full form and then release it. To accomplish each restorative task, Colin and his friends must work with the creatures of Faerie, of which none can be trusted. They also learn that these creatures, known as shifters, are none other than creations of the Revenant itself. However, this is only one line within the web the vampire is spinning. His ultimate plan is to make Grizzelda, Colin’s aunt, his very own.

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  • ID: 9781927586013
  • series: The Rivertown Cycle
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Adam Books
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