Complexity in Organization Studies (Sage Library in Business and Management)

Complexity in Organization Studies (Sage Library in Business and Management)

By: Lesley Kuhn (editor), Stig O. Johannessen (editor)Hardback

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This major work provides a coherent and essential reference for researchers and students seeking to understand complexity approaches to organization studies. The four-volume set brings together a comprehensive collection of groundbreaking and significant articles from an emerging research field which has seen a strong growing and expanding interest in many knowledge areas of social and human sciences in the last two decades. The set includes explorations and critique of the scientific and philosophical foundations, as well as theoretical and methodological orientations of complexity to organizational issues. In addition, it contains a large number of articles on practical implications and applications of complexity thinking in important areas of organization studies, such as leadership, organizational development, strategy and innovation. The sets' articles have been selected by renowned editors in the field, with the support of an international advisory board.


VOLUME ONE: WAYS OF THINKING ABOUT COMPLEXITY PART ONE: SCIENTIFIC IDEAS AND PHILOSOPHICAL TREATMENTS Time, Structure and Fluctuations - Ilya Prigogine From the Concept of a System to the Paradigm of Complexity - Edgar Morin What Is Complexity? - Murray Gell-Mann Evolving Complexity in Social Science - Peter M. Allen Emergence - Jeffrey Goldstein A Construct amid a Thicket of Conceptual Snares Post-Structuralism, Complexity and Poetics - Michael Dillon Phenomenal Complexity Theory as Informed by Bergson - Hugo Letiche Complexity, Cybernetics and Human Knowing - Lesley Kuhn The Challenge of Complexity - Isabelle Stengers Unfolding the Ethics of Science - In Memoriam Ilya Prigogine Complexity, Deconstruction and Relativism - Paul Cilliers Challenges of Complexity in the 21st Century - Klaus Mainzer An Interdisciplinary Introduction PART TWO: SOCIOLOGICAL TREATMENTS AND CRITICISM Giddens' Theory of Structuration - Hans Joas Introductory Remarks on a Sociological Transformation of the Philosophy of Praxis A Poetics of Relational Forms - John Shotter The Sociality of Everyday Social Life The Shifting Concept of the Self - Ian Burkitt Complexity Theory - Michael Agar An Exploration and Overview Based on John Holland's Work Present, Past and Future - Michael G. Flaherty and Gary Alan Fine Conjugating George Herbert Mead's Perspective on Time The Idea of Social Time in Norbert Elias - Simonetta Tabboni Romantic and Baroque Conceptions of Complex Wholes in the Sciences - Chunglin Kwa The Problem of the Attractor - Adrian Mackenzie A Singular Generality between Science and Social Theory Why Utilize Complexity Principles in Social Inquiry? - Lesley Kuhn VOLUME TWO: THEORIZING COMPLEXITY IN ORGANIZATION STUDIES PART ONE: METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES From Complexity Science to Complex Thinking - Robert Chia Organizations as Simple Location Complexity, Epistemology and the Challenge of the Future - Alfonso Montuori Why Study the Complexity Sciences in the Social Sciences? - K. Mathews et al Boundaries, Hierarchies and Networks in Complex Systems - Paul Cilliers When Modeling Social Systems, Models ? the Modeled - Michael R. Lissack, Michael Richardson and Kurt A. Richardson Reacting to Wolfram's A New Kind of Science Complex Thinking, Complex Practice - Haridimos Tsoukas and Mary Jo Hatch The Case for a Narrative Approach to Organizational Complexity Postmodernism Revisited? - Jacco Van Ude, Kurt A. Richardson and Paul Cilliers Complexity Science and the Study of Organizations Vortical Postmodern Ethnography - Lesley Kuhn and Robert Woog Introducing a Complexity Approach to Systemic Social Theorizing Complexity Science, Systems Thinking and Pragmatic Sensibility - Zhu Zhichang PART TWO: ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES Competing Technologies, Increasing Returns and Lock-in by Small Historical Events - W. Brian Arthur Chaos and Complexity; Frontiers of Organization Science - James W. Begun Complexity Theory and Organization Science - Philip Anderson Complexity Theory in Organization Science - Bill McKelvey Seizing the Promise or Becoming a Fad The 'Rational' Organization Reconsidered - James R. Taylor An Exploration of Some of the Organizational Implications of Self-Organizing Organizations as Complex Responsive Processes of Relating - Ralph D. Stacey Real Presences - John Shotter Meaning as Living Moment in a Participatory World Technology as Social Object - Stig O. Johannessen and Ralph D. Stacey A Complex Responsive Processes Perspective VOLUME THREE: IMPLICATIONS AND APPLICATION OF COMPLEXITY Thinking in Organization Studies: Strategy, Organizational Dynamics and Innovation PART ONE: STRATEGY AND ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS The Science of Complexity - Ralph D. Stacey An Alternative Perspective for Strategic Change Processes Strategy, Dynamic Capabilities and Complex Science - Tony McGuinness and Robert E. Morgan Management Rhetoric versus Reality Phenomenal Complexity Theory and Change at Disney - David M. Boje Response to Letiche Conditioned Emergence - Robert MacIntosh and Donald MacLean Researching Change and Changing Research Complexity Theory and Planning Theory - David Byrne A Necessary Encounter Complexity Theory and Strategic Change - Kate Houchin and Donald Maclean An Empirically Informed Critique Towards a Complexity Theory of Strategy - Miguel Pina e Cunha and Joao Viera da Cunha Metaphors in Complexity Theory and Planning - Angelique Chettiparamb Understanding Change in Organizations in a Far-from-Equilibrium World - Bob Hodge and Gabriela Coronado Complexity in Practice - Colin Campbell-Hunt Complexity and Collapse - Niall Ferguson Empires on the Edge of Chaos PART TWO: INNOVATION, CREATIVITY AND LEARNING From Fitness Landscapes to Knowledge Landscapes - Johan Roos and David Oliver Complex Acts of Knowing - David Snowden Paradox and Descriptive Self-Awareness The Complexity of Innovation and the Improvization of Complexity - Alfonso Montuori Social Science, Art and Creativity Learning as an Activity of Interdependent People - Ralph D. Stacey The Emergence of Global Stability in Local Interaction in a Consulting Practice - Michael Nolan Innovation in Organizations from a Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective - Ysanne Carlisle and Elizabeth McMillan Generative Leadership - Gita Surie and James K. Hazy Nurturing Innovation in Complex Systems Facilitating Learning and Innovation in Organizations Using Complexity Science Principles - Carol Webb, Fiona Lettice and Mark Lemon Exploring Innovation Processes from a Complexity Perspective - Stig O. Johannessen and Tone Merethe Berg Aasen Part I: Theoretical and Methodological Approach Exploring Innovation Processes from a Complexity Perspective - Tone Merethe Berg Aasen and Stig O. Johannessen Part II: Experiences from the SIOR Case Situated Dialogic Action Research Disclosing 'Beginnings' for Innovative Change in Organizations - John Shotter VOLUME FOUR: IMPLICATIONS AND APPLICATIONS OF COMPLEXITY Thinking in Organization Studies: Leadership and Organizational Development PART ONE: LEADERSHIP Speaking of Complexity Theory in Management Theory and Practice - Douglas Griffin, Patricia Shaw and Ralph D. Stacey Complexity and Management - Steve Maguire and Bill McKelvey Moving from Fad to Firm Foundations Leadership and Cult Values - James Taylor Moving from the Idealized to the Experienced Fractality, Organizational Management and Creative Change - David Levick and Lesley Kuhn Complexity Leadership Theory - Mary Uhl-Bien, Russ Marion and Bill McKelvey Shifting Leadership from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Era Controlled Collaboration in Disaster and Crisis Management in The Netherlands - Astrid Scholtens History and Practice of an Overestimated and Underestimated Concept The Complexity Turn in Studies of Organizations and Leadership - Stig O. Johannessen Relevance and Implications Complexity Leadership in Bureaucratic Forms of Organizing - Mary Uhl-Bien and Russ Marion A Meso Model Complexity Theory, School Leadership and Management - Keith Morrison Questions for Theory and Practice PART TWO: ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Intervening in the Shadow Systems of Organizations - Patricia Shaw Consulting from a Complexity Perspective The Complex Resource-Based View - Barry A. Colbert Implications for Theory and Practice in Strategic Human Resource Management Emerging Participative Exploration - Bjorner Christensen Consultation as Research Governance, Complexity, and Democratic Participation - Hendrik Wagenaar How Citizens and Public Officials Harness the Complexities of Neighborhood Decline Skirts, Sarees and Sarongs - Farhad Dalal The Rhetoric and Reality behind the Celebration of Diversity in Organizational Life Executive Coaching and Leading - Andrew Lee Senior Executives and the Emergence of Local Responsibilities - Nol Groot A Complexity Approach to Identity Development and Performance Improvement The Myth of Rational Objectivity and Leadership - John H. Tobin The Realities of a Hospital Merger from a CEO's Perspective

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