Cooking for the Freezer

Cooking for the Freezer

By: Julia Orbe (author)eBook


The frenetic speed and rigours of today’s lifestyle mean that we have little time and even less energy at the end of each day to cook a full-on nutritious meal for ourselves and our loved ones. Cooking for the Freezer contains healthy, wholesome meals that can be made in quantity, in advance, and then simply frozen for use later. Each of the 78 recipes is accompanied by advice on cooking in bulk and freezing, and a handy table indicates which meals are suitable for diabetics and wheat- and gluten-intolerant individuals. Cooking for the Freezer caters to a wide spectrum of people, from school-leavers and newly-weds, to busy moms, single parents, domestic workers, or people simply conscious of saving time, money, electricity and water. The recipes, which cover beef, chicken, pork, lamb and vegetarian dishes, are easy to follow, quick to make and all the ingredients are freely available.

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  • publication date: 11/12/2012
  • ID: 9781432300487
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Random House Struik
  • publisher imprint: Struik Lifestyle (Random House Struik)

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