Coopers Hollow Tales from Just Beyond the Edge of the Ordinary

Coopers Hollow Tales from Just Beyond the Edge of the Ordinary

By: Daniel Cross (author)eBook
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Welcome to Coopers Hollow. Its not your ordinary small town.

Youre just passing through a little Indiana town in the 1950s when your car breaks down. What to do? Fortunately, a helpful old fellow offers to take you in hand. Hell direct you to the service station. Show you the town. Introduce its citizens. Tell you about its history. Even buy you a beer. What do you say?

You say yes. And with that, the talkative fellow regales you with stories about the townsfolk. Stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. Stories that slip just a little over the edge of your everyday world . . .A woman receives a desperate, warning phone call from herself, placed years before.

A rude, ill-tempered man is warned of his imminent deathAll ten versions of it.

A little girl discovers that her wonderful special gift works in unforeseen ways.

A man pawns his soul, then later learns it has been sold. Will he take an inferior one in trade?

As children of a recently-departed grandmother reminisce about her, they make a strange discovery.

An unusual watch provides the means for a long-suffering wife to get rid of her cheating husband.

A writer promises his publisher a bestseller, then turns to a ghostwriter: One of his own characters.

Trick-or-treating kids are joined by a strange companion sporting a very realistic monster costume.

A strange radio helps a father and son even the odds against a crooked landlord and his bully son.

A womanizer discovers that what he thought would be a weekend love nest is really a death trap.

By the time your storyteller has finished his ten tales, night has fallen. He guides you to the local motel, where you two sit outside enjoying the air before you turn in.

Thats when he tells the truth about the town. And about you.

Ten tales from just beyond the edge of the ordinary.
And one final bonus tale. About you.

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