Coriander A Book of Recipes

Coriander A Book of Recipes

By: Helen Sudell (editor)eBook


Coriander has always been highly esteemed in the East and in Mediterranean dishes for its ability to enliven a wide variety of dishes from soups and stews to salsas, curries and salads. The fresh leaf combines perfectly with garlic, chillies and lime to lift vegetable and fish and seafood dishes to a new height. As a seed, coriander provides a warm earthy addition to roasts, spice mixtures, marinades and relishes. This neat collection of recipes draws on exotic cuisines to enable you to experience the versatility of this herb. From simple fare such as Spiced Chickpeas, Crab Salad with Coriander, and Bean and Herb Salad to seriously filling Fragrant Chicken Curry, Dry Fish Stew with Coriander, and Spicy Meatballs each dish will be enjoyed with relish. A guide to all types of cilantro and how to grow, store and prepare it gives you all the information you need to start using this wonderful herb in your cooking. With fabulous photographs throughout this perfect little book will help add piquancy to your food. Helen Sudell, the editor who compiled this book, is an established cooking editor, writer and gardener and has gathered the recipes for this volume from a wide range of food writers.

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  • publication date: 05/09/2013
  • ID: 9781781141083
  • series: Cooking With Series
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  • publisher: Anness Publishing Limited
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