Cosmic Ordering in 7 Easy Steps: How to make life work for you

Cosmic Ordering in 7 Easy Steps: How to make life work for you

By: Carolyn Boyes (author)eBook


A step-by-step guide to placing the perfect order and bringing happiness to all areas of your life. Jonathan Cainer's Cosmic Ordering gave you the theory. Now you need to put it into practice! This practical guide helps you order your way to perfect happiness in 7 easy steps: 1. Understand the Universe2. Decide what you want3. Turn your wants into orders4. Take charge of your thoughts and beliefs5. Access your inner power6. Place your order7. Let the Universe decide the how This is the only step-by-step guide to cosmic ordering available, getting you to write it down as you go along to define your order and make it a reality. Improve every area of your life, and discover the secret to health, money, love, success and unlimited happiness. Contains: • Questionnaires and worksheets to help you make it happen (eg. if you were to begin your life right now, name the five most important things you would want; name three things you are grateful for; keep your evidence diary) • Tips for completing the worksheets (eg. which area takes priority?) • Exercises (eg. how to access a deeply relaxed state) • Case studies

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  • publication date: 29/10/2009
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