Demon's Blood (Emily Book 3)

Demon's Blood (Emily Book 3)

By: Ashley McCook (author)eBook


‘I turned my attention back to Asmodeus, "I challenge your champion and therefore your House, Asmodeus, Lord of something or other, Demon of the Dunces or was that Darkness…sorry, I can never remember…" I giggled, "So yeah, you want my name? I'm Emily Carson. Hi, Dad. Baby girl's come home. Did ya miss me?"’

So the last two years have felt a little like being in a spin-cycle. My twin brother, Seth, and I discovered that we have Demon DNA and were more than a little underwhelmed to meet our Demonic Dad, Asmodeus. I snogged a Werewolf and a half-Vampire, fell in love with a Fallen Angel called Sariel (so I have a thing for ‘unique’ guys; sue me), discovered that I was some kind of messenger for an Archangel … and then my life really went to Hell.
Now Asmodeus has Sariel. And my mum. I’m afraid that I’ll never see them again. I’m afraid for my friends when Asmodeus finds out that they’ve been helping me. I’m afraid that I can’t be the warrior that the Fallen need me to be. I’m afraid that I’ll give in to the call of my Demon Blood. I need a miracle. Or a really big sword.

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