Doctor Who: Bred for War - The Sontaran Collection
Doctor Who: Bred for War - The Sontaran Collection

Doctor Who: Bred for War - The Sontaran Collection

Alan Bromly (director) Gerald Blake (director) Peter Moffatt (director) Rodney Bennett (director) Jon Pertwee (actor) Elisabeth Sladen (actor) Nicholas Courtney (actor) Kevin Lindsay (actor) David Daker (actor) John J. Carney (actor) Sheila Fay (actor) June Brown (actor) Jeremy Bulloch (actor) Donald Pelmear (actor) Alex Rowe (actor) Tom Baker (actor) Louise Jameson (actor) Milton Johns (actor) John Arnatt (actor) Stan McGowan (actor) Christopher Tranchell (actor) Dennis Edwards (actor) Tom Kelly (actor) Reginald Jessup (actor) Charles Morgan (actor) Hilary Ryan (actor) Max Faulkner (actor) Christopher Christou (actor) Michael Harley (actor) Ray Callaghan (actor) Gai Smith (actor) Michael Mundell (actor) Eric Danot (actor) Derek Deadman (actor) Stuart Fell (actor) Colin Baker (actor) Nicola Bryant (actor) Patrick Troughton (actor) Frazer Hines (actor) John Stratton (actor) Jacqueline Pearce (actor) Laurence Payne (actor) James Saxon (actor) Carmen Gomez (actor) Clinton Greyn (actor) Tim Raynham (actor) Aimee Delamain (actor) Ian Marter (actor) Donald Douglas (actor) Glyn Jones (actor) Peter Rutherford (actor) Terry Walsh (actor) Peter Walshe (actor)  
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