Don’T Bite the Apple

Don’T Bite the Apple

By: Vaniza Waznis (author)eBook
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On paper, David Epslamowitz has it all. At only thirty years old, he is the proud owner of one the most successful hedge funds and resides in a posh three-story penthouse on the most prominent street in the Big Apple. He is known on the street as a devoted philanthropist renowned for his good-looks and obnoxiously infinite bank account. Nevertheless, David struggles internally for the balance of what truly inspires him while at the same time trying to fulfill his deceased fathers expectations. Ultimately he fills this void in the eyes of an alluring French actress and learns what truly fulfills him love. It seems that nothing can keep David from being with her but the closer he gets, the more it seems someone is trying to sabotage the relationship. Slowly, David discovers that not only is someone out to ruin him, but that he and those close to him are in extreme danger.
Living in a suburb of the Big Apple since a teen, Viktor Kozlov became the most sought-after assassin, just like his father before him. Hes been hired by the government, the mafia and anyone who could afford him for his extraordinary ability to make his hits appear as accidental deaths. However, Viktor struggles for the balance of who he is and who he is destined to be until one day when an unusual client arrives at his house with an extra unusual request.
Dont Bite the Apple is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you pleading for clues to solve the mystery of Davids fate. Fear, laugh and cry with David as the twists are revealed and you discover why, when, and who connects him to the most dangerous assassin in the world.
This story epitomizes the question of what it is to be successful. Success is not measured by wealth; rather, it has to do with the difference between what you were born with and what you did with it. In that search for who you are, the greater your access to money, the more temptations that are available to you and those around you, especially in the Big Apple.

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