Drive Me Wild

Drive Me Wild

By: Julie Ortolon (author)eBook


Can a small-town girl hold her own in the world of a big city news anchor?


Brent Michaels left Beason’s Ferry, Texas, vowing to never return—until Laura Morgan, the one person he remembers fondly, tempts him back with an irresistible invitation. The town that once shunned him wants him to play the bachelor in a dating game fundraiser. He arrives to discover that sweet little Laura is no longer a shy wallflower. Desire is the last thing he expected to feel for a childhood friend who personifies the girl next door.

Laura is happy in Beason’s Ferry, well for the most part, but there’s a part of her that yearns to break free, just as Brent did. The chance to move to Houston, where Brent works as a TV news anchor, seems like the perfect opportunity to spread her wings, and explore the new unexpected and enticing adult attraction.


Emotional alarms go off when Brent learns of Laura’s plans. He fears the small-town girl will be in over her head in the big city, but Laura has blossomed into a capable woman who surprises him at every turn.  Could the man who swears he’s incapable of love be the one swimming out of his depth?

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  • ID: 9780990839576
  • series: Texas Heat Wave
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Julie Ortolon

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