Dwelling A Memoir About Addiction and Recovery

Dwelling A Memoir About Addiction and Recovery

By: Jolene Jones (author)eBook
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Jolene and Joe are fighting again: This time, its because he introduced her as his roommate when she walked into the bar. When he asks her why shes so upset, shes stoned enough to answer truthfully: I felt so disrespected with the roommate thing. How did it get it this? Jolene Jones, a behavior analyst who hadnt smoked marijuana for ten years before meeting Joe, reveals how she was tempted into a co-dependent relationship in this memoir about addiction and recovery. During their first getting-to-know-you call, Joe told her he was looking for a wholesome girl to go bicycling with and he wanted to find a good church. She got off the phone and thought: Thank you, Jesus my heart be still. But early on, she understood he was a hard-core alcoholic/addict but in recovery. She couldnt really hold that against him, though: She was in recovery herself. Join Jolene as she seeks to break a circular cycle of addiction and recovery in Dwelling. This book will provide hope and inspiration to others who struggle with multiple addictions, co-dependency and the ebb and flow of ongoing recovery. It is a must read. I highly recommend this book.Corrine Casanova, senior editor, Gentle Path Press

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