Eagle's Eclipse America Before Columbus

Eagle's Eclipse America Before Columbus

By: Jeffrey Underwood (author), Kate Taylor (Ghostwriter Biographer)eBook
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Christopher Columbus was not yet born and unbeknownst to any European, the massive Native American city of Cahokia was bursting at its seams with a population that rivaled the population of London. Ruled by his master, the ancient vampire entity of the Forbidden Tome, Lethal Assumed and Treasons Truth finds himself as chieftain of this very city.

The tale of Kakeobuk, wise chieftain of the Mississippian Indian Mound Builders, is a lusty story of intrigue, intimate acts and emotions and of the ultimate disappearance of one and all from the face of the earth in Cahokia.

The issues that the characters deal with are often huge and overwhelming. Should young virgin Indian maidens be sacrificed to their Gods as has been the perpetual tradition? Or should this cruel bloodletting to unseen supernatural beings be stopped?

What causes the actual collapse of the Mound Builders capital of Cahokia? Is it angry gods? Is it catastrophic natural disasters or climate change? Or is it overworking of the land and its resources. What truly would cause the total emptying and disappearance of a once thriving Indian metropolis?

The drumbeat of the gods is ever-present here. Listen to these sounds and allow them to captivate you.

Then, with a rush, let this tale sink its teeth into you.

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