Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

By: Wolf Wootan (author)eBook


Hatch Lincoln was a NOC (no official cover) assassin for the CIA. He was the most feared assassin in the world. When he was double crossed by someone in the CIA, he started his own business of providing Intelligence to governments. He hired some exceptionally talented individuals who developed fantastic technology and soon his business began to grow. He kept expanding to other related fields and made even more money. Soon he was the richest man in the world. But he never lost his instincts for detecting trouble and finding ways to defeat his adversaries.

When Hatch went to the aid of a woman being abducted by two Iranian
terrorists, he had no idea how his life would change. Sydney Steppe was a most unusual woman. Her background included college professor of languages, especially Middle Eastern languages. What very few people knew was that she had also been an assassin for the MOSSAD. She and Hatch are drawn to each other from the very first. Hatch’s business has some interesting secrets that could easily cost his life. Since Sydney’s meeting and continued relationship with Hatch they seem to go from one life-threatening ordeal to another. How long can they continue and stay alive?

“Edge of Tomorrow” is an exciting spy novel. It takes Hatch and Syd to many parts of the world where they fight bad guys, help the good guys, make use of fantastic, hi-tech spy tools, eat, drink, love, and try to stay alive another day. It is an exceptional spy adventure and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes heart stopping danger, romance, intrigue and hi-tech gadgets.

Barb Wright
Reviewer, Murder and Mayhem Book Club

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