Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories (Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories 2012)

Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories (Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories 2012)

By: Robert W. Rieber (editor)Mixed Media

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This work will survey the entire range of thinking in psychology, from ancient times to the present, encompassing philosophies and theories of mind that pre-date our modern conception of psychology as a science, and extending to the current findings of neuroscience. It will set the theories into their historical context and cross-reference key influences, such as Darwin's on Freud. Fifteen hundred entries will comprise key figures, theoretical concepts, false theories, historical events, and seminal writings. International in scope, this project will involve history of psychology experts from around the world and the coverage of topics will be set in global context. The aim will be to provide a reference work of more depth than discussions that are currently available in textbooks, with the ability to connect to a multitude of relevant topics. This work will provide a picture of psychology as it has emerged into the present time and position it among other related fields such as anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and medicine.


Abney, William; Ach, N.; Activation Network Theories, History of; Adams, D. K.; Adler, Alfred; Adorno, T. ; Ainsworth, Mary D.; Allport, G. W.; America, History of Popular Psychology in; American Mental Philosophy (1820-1860), History of; Analytic Psychology of Carl Jung; Anastasi, Anne; Angell, James Rowland; Ansbacher, Heinz; Anthropology and Psychology, Case of W. H. R. Rivers; Apfelbaum, Erika; Archives of the History of American Psychology; Asch, Solomon E.; Baldwin, J. M.; Bandura, Albert; Bartlett, F. C.; Behaviorism; Bekhterev, V. M.; Benjamin, Ludy T. Jr.; Bentley, Madison; Berlyne, Daniel E.; Bettelheim, Bruno; Binswanger, Ludwig; Bleuler, Eugen; Boas, Franz; Bolton, T. L.; Boring, E. G.; Bowlby, John; Breal, Michael; Brentano, F. C.; Breuer, Josef; Brewer, Charles L.; Broadbent, Donald; Broca, Pierre Paul; Brown, Thomas; Brown, Warner; Bugental, James F. T.; Buhler, Karl; Carmichael, Leonard; Catholics in Psychology; Cattell, Raymond B.; Cerebral Dominance; Chapanis, Alphonse; Chiarugi, Vincenzo; Chomsky, Noam; City University of New York, Doctoral Programs in Psychology at; Clark University, History of Psychology at; Clark, Kenneth B.; Cole, Michael; Columbia University, History of Psychology at; Comparative Psychology; Consciousness and Embodiment; Corsini, Raymond J.; Cosmopolitanism in Psychology, Theories of; Cox, C. M.; Craik, Fergus; Critical Psychology; Cronbach, Lee J.; Cultural Psychology (General); Cultural Psychology and the Cinema; Dallenbach, Karl M.; Danziger, Kurt; Darley, Frederic L.; Dearborn, Walter F.; Delabarre, E. B.; Delboeuf, Joseph-Remi-Leopold; Denmark, Florence L.; Dessoir, Max; Deutsch, Helene; Deutsch, Morton; Dewey, John; Dodge, Raymond; Donders, F. C.; Downey, J. 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V.; Harlow, Harry; Hebb, Donald O.; Helson, Harry; Herbart, Johann Friedrich; Herbert Spencer and Introduction of Evolution into Psychology; Herschel, J. F.; Hilgard, Ernest R.; Hoeffding, H.; Holt, E. B.; Holzkamp, Klaus; Hooker, Evelyn; Hopkins, Charles Owen; Hull, Clark L.; Human Factors Psychology; Humphrey, George; Hunter, Walter S.; Husserl, E. G.; Hypnosis; Indiana University, History of Psychology at; Industrial-Organizational Psychology; Irwin, Orvis; Jahoda, Gustav; Janet, Pierre; Japan, History of Psychology in; Jastrow, Joseph; Jevons, W. S.; Jones, Ernest; Judd, Hubbard; Kagan, Jerome; Kantor, J. R.; Keynes, John Maynard; Kinsbourne, Marcel; Klein, Melanie; Klemm, Otto; Klineberg, Otto; Kluver, H.; Koffka, Kurt; Kohlberg, Lawrence; Koehler, W.; Krippner, Stanley; La Mettrie, J. O. de; Langfeld, Herbert Sidney; Lashley, Carl; Latin America and the Caribbean, History of Psychology in; Lazarus, Richard S.; Levitt, Harry; Lewin, Kurt; Lipps, Theodor; Localization of Function, Outline of; Loftus, Elizabeth; Luria, A. R.; Mach, Ernst; Malthus, T. R.; Maslow, A. H.; McClelland, David C.; McCormick, Earnest; McCosh, James; Mead, G. H.; Meehl, Paul E.; Mesmer, Franz Anton; Meyer, Max F.; Microgenetic Theory: Brain and Mind in Time; Miles, Walter R.; Military Psychology; Miller, George A.; Miller, Neal E.; Mills, T. Wesley; Mischel, Walter; Montessori, Maria; Morgan, C. Lloyd; Morgan, T. H.; Mowrer, O. H.; Munsterberg, Hugo; Murphy, Gardner; Murray, Henry A.; Myers, Charles; Neisser, Ulric; New School for Social Research, History of Psychology at; Noble, Daniel; Nutting, Perley; O'Connell, Daniel C.; Ogden, R. M.; Osgood, Charles; Pace University, History of Psychology at; Pace, Edward; Pages, Robert; Paranjpe, Anand; Parapsychology; Parrish, C. S.; Paterson, Donald G.; Peace Psychology, History of; Pecheux, Michel; Perception; Pestalozzi, J. H.; Phenomenological Psychology in The Netherlands; Piaget, Jean; Pillsbury, Walter B.; Pintner, Rudolf; Poffenberger, A. T.; Pogson, N. R.; Politzer, Georges; Post-Soviet Psychology; Psychoanalysis; Psycholinguistics in Historical Perspective, From Monologue to Dialogue; Psychological Theory of John Bulwer; Psychology and Antisemitism; Psychology and Religion; Psychology in Modern India; Psychology in Pre-Modern India; Psychology of Alexander Bain; Psychology of James Rush; Psychology of Religion, History of; Rank, Otto; Ratner, Carl; Reich, Wilhelm; Religion and Early Norwegian Psychology; Rettig, Salamon; Rieber, Robert W.; Roback, A. A.; Robinson, E. S.; Rodriguez Arias, Enerio; Rogers, Carl R.; Romanes, G. 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