Engineering Challenges for Sustainable Future: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Civil, Offshore and Environmental Engineering (ICCOE

Engineering Challenges for Sustainable Future: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Civil, Offshore and Environmental Engineering (ICCOE

By: Noor Amila Wan Abdullah Zazawi (editor), Bashar S. Mohammed (editor)Hardback

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Engineering Challenges for Sustainable Future contains the papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Civil, Offshore & Environmental Engineering (ICCOEE2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 15-17 August 2016), under the banner of World Engineering, Science & Technology Congress (ESTCON2016). The ICCOEE series of conferences started in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012, and the second event of the series took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2014. This conference series deals with the civil, offshore & environmental engineering field, addressing the following topics: * Environmental and Water Resources Engineering * Coastal and Offshore Engineering * Structures and Materials * Construction and Project Management * Highway, Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering and Geo-informatics This book is an essential reading for academic, engineers and all professionals involved in the area of civil, offshore and environmental engineering.

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About Author

Amila Zawawi is associate professor in building engineering at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia. She is head of department for Civil and Environmental Engineering and has 17 years of academic experience with research related to offshore rigs decommissioning. Amila provides training on decommissioning to the industry in Malaysia and South Korea, working closely with various industry/university collaborators and institutions. She has published over 70 articles on her research findings, and champions development of local capability in decommissioning.


Coastal and offshore engineering Numerical simulation of the flow passing a pipeline close to a flat seabed F. Namazi-saleh, V.J. Kurian & Z. Mustaffa Coastal vulnerability index at a RAMSAR site: A case study of Kukup mangrove island A.K.A.Wahab, D.S.M. Ishak & M.H. Jamal Effects of mooring lines and water depth parameters on the dynamic motion of a turret-moored FPSO M.O. Ahmed &A. Musaad VIV of four cylinders in side by side configurations - experimental and CFD simulations A.M. Al-Yacouby, V.J. Kurian, M.S. Liew &V.G. Idichandy Investigating the potential of soil-nail retaining structures as a slope strengthening remedy by capitalizing on reliability analysis technique S. Qasim, I.S.H. Harahap, S. Baharom, M. Imran & D. Kazmi Response of spar-mooring-riser system under random wave, current and wind loads M. Jameel, A.E. Ibrahim & M.Z. Jumaat Effects of current coexisting with random wave on offshore spar platforms V.J. Kurian, S.N.A. Tuhaijan & C.Y. Ng Nonlinear dynamic analysis of jacket-type offshore platform and optimization of leg batter R. Senthil, S. Ishwarya & M. Arockiasamy FPSO response and water depth: A study using model tests V.J. Kurian, N. Rini, M.S. Liew &A. Whyte Real time kinematic-GNSS methods for monitoring subsidence of offshore platform K.C. Myint, A.N. Matori &A. Gohari Incremental wave analysis method: An alternative to load factor method in SACS pushover analysis M.M.A.Wahab, A.R.M.M. Kamal &V.J. Kurian FRP shear contribution in externally bonded reinforced concrete beams with stirrups H. Fazli &W. Teo Coupled analysis for the effect of wave height on FPSO motions N. Rini, V.J. Kurian, M.S. Liew &A. Whyte The effect of short-crested waves on the dynamic responses of semisubmersible: A comparison of long and short-crested waves with current C.Y. Ng & S.J. Ng Decommissioning decision criteria for offshore installations and well abandonment T.M.Q. Al-Ghuribi, M.S. Liew, N.A. Zawawi & M.A. Ayoub Hydraulic efficiency of a pile-supported free surface breakwater subjected to random waves S.S. Hassan, H.M. Teh &V.J. Kurian Development of ultimate strength versus plate index diagram for initially deflected steel plate under axial compression D.K. Kim, B.Y. Poh, J.R. Lee, K.S. Park & J.K. Paik Rheological behavior of tsunami run-up water containing alluvial deposit at coastline of Kedah, Malaysia A.K. Philip, H.M. Teh, S.H. Shafiai, A. Jaafar &A.H.M. Rashidi An optimised model of pipe-in-pipe installation for subsea field M.Z. Jiwa, D.K. Kim, Z. Mustaffa & H.S. Choi Method for installation of marine HDPE pipeline Y.T. Kim, K.S. Park, H.S. Choi, S.Y. Yu & D.K. Kim Dynamic behaviour of tension leg platform in short-crested directional seas D.O. Oyejobi, M. Jameel & N.H.R. Sulong A simplified prediction method for subsea pipeline expansion J.H. Seo, H.S. Choi, K.S. Park, S.Y. Yu & D.K. Kim Tsunami risk assessment: How safe is Malaysia? D.B. Shahruzzaman &A.M. Hashim Wave transmission characteristics of sand containers used as submerged breakwaters S. Gupta, H.M. Teh, A.M. Hashim & R.B.R. Sulaiman The need of early response system to HNS accident based on case analysis J.W. Ryu, J.M. Kim, S.M. Shin & H.K. Park Construction and project management Coordination process in construction projects management W.S. Alaloul, M.S. Liew & N.A. Zawawi Effectiveness of preventive safety management in construction I. Othman, M. Napiah, M.F. Nuruddin & M.M.A. Klufallah Highway project performance evaluation: A study W. Sutrisno Ranking of principal causes of construction waste for Malaysian residential project U.A. Umar, N. Shafiq, A. Malakahmad, M.F. Nuruddin & I.U. Salihi Attributes of coordination process in construction projects W.S. Alaloul, M.S. Liew & N.A. Zawawi Structural relationship of success factors for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) contractors in PLS-SEM model I.A. Rahman, N.I. Rahmat & S. Nagapan Categorization of Saudi Arabia's construction delay factors using factor analysis technique I.A. Rahman, N. Al-Emad & S. Nagapan The awareness of green building ratings among university students G. Hayder, O.A. Ahmed & S.B.C. Selia Factors affecting the embodied carbon footprint potential-Assessment of conventional Malaysian housing habitat S.S.S. Gardezi, N. Shafiq, M.F. Nuruddin, N.A. Zawawi & F.B. Khamidi Optimization of residential roof design using system dynamics and building information modelling S.A. Farhan, N. Shafiq, K.A.M. Azizli, F.K. Soon & L.C. Jie The development of embodied carbon emission benchmark model for purpose built offices in Malaysia M.M.A. Klufallah, M.F. Nuruddin, I. Othman & M.F. Khamidi Environmental and water resource engineering Influence of environmental factor on the performance of Pistia Stratiotes in a surface sequencing baffled steep flow constructed wetland S.R.M. Kutty, E.H. Ezechi &A.T.A. Nagum Influence of organic loading rate on a submerged two-stage integrated bioreactor without external carbon addition E.H. Ezechi, S.R.M. Kutty, M.H. Isa, A. Malakahmad & E. Olisa Performance of a bench scale anaerobic baffled reactor operated at ambient temperatures U.A. Abubakar, M.M. Muhammad, F.B. Ibrahim, M.A. Ajibike &A. Ismail Use of low frequency ultrasound for solids solubilization in Palm Oil Mill Effluent L.-P.Wong, M.H. Isa & M.J.K. Bashir The performance investigation of three glass cover solar stills using different basin absorbents K.W. Yusof, A. Riahi, N. Sapari, M.H. Isa, N.A.M. Zahari, E. Olisa, K.M. Khouna & B.S.M. Singh Artificial neural network approach for modeling of Cd (II) adsorption from aqueous solution by incinerated rice husk carbon T. Khan, M.H. Isa & M.R. Mustafa Implementation of attached growth system in Malaysia: An overview G. Hayder, N.F.S.Bt. Mohamad Fu'ad & P.A./L. Perumulselum Comparative study of polymeric adsorbent for copper removal from industrial effluents S.M. Laghari, M.H. Isa, Z.M. Ali &A.J. Laghari Analysis of mould growth contamination in library building S.N.A.Wahab, N.I. Mohammed, M.F. Khamidi, Z.M. Noor & M. Ismail Petroleum sludge thermal treatment and use in cement replacement - A solution towards sustainability E.N. Pakpahan, N. Shafiq, M.H. Isa, S.R.M. Kutty & M.R. Mustafa Residential landscape minimize indoor temperature in tropical climate: Myth or reality N. Kamarulzaman, N.A. Zawawi & N.I. Mohammed Enhancement of waste activated sludge disintegration and dewaterability by H2O2 oxidation G.C. Heng, K.W. Chen & M.H. Isa Application of integrated bioreactor system (i-SGBR) for simultaneous treatment of wastewater and excess sludge degradation S.R.M. Kutty, N. Aminu, M.H. Isa & I.U. Salihi Hydraulic assessment of grassed swale as bioengineered channel M.M. Muhammad, K.W. Yusof, M.R. Mustafa &A.Ab. Ghani Sulfide precipitation as treatment for iron rich groundwater N. Sapari, H. Jusoh, E. Olisa & E.H. Ezechi Climate change impact on water resources of Bakun hydroelectric plant in Sarawak, Malaysia M.R. Mustafa, M. Hussain & K.W. Yusof Investigation of the influence of particle size on the migration of DNAPL in unsaturated sand M.Y.D. Alazaiza, S.K. Ngien, M.M. Bob & S.A. Kamaruddin Comparison of support vector machines kernel functions for pore-water pressure modeling N.M. Babangida, K.W. Yusof, M.R. Mustafa & M.H. Isa Toxicological studies of Perak River water using biological assay T.S. Abd Manan, A. Malakahmad & S. Sivapalan Predicting CMIP5 monthly precipitation over Kuching using multilayer perceptron neural network M. Hussain, K.W. Yusof & M.R. Mustafa Drought analysis of Cheongmicheon in Korea based on various drought indices K.J.Won, S.H. Kim, E.S. Chung, S.U. Kim & M.W. Son Introduction of decision support system for design of LID based on SWMM5.1: A case study in Korea J.Y. Song, E.S. Chung, S.H. Kim & S.-H. Lee Geotechnical engineering and geoinformatics Effects of tunnel face distance on surface settlement A. Marto, H. Sohaei, M. Hajihassani &A.M. Makhtar Characterization of Pb and Cd contaminated sandy soil by dielectric means H.M. Al-Mattarneh, R.M.A. Ismail, M.F. Nuruddin, N. Shafiq & M.A. Dahim Microbially induced cementation to improve the strength of residual soil M. Umar, K.A. Kassim & Z. Ibrahim The behaviour of electrical resistivity correlated with converted SPT-N results from seismic survey S.B. Syed Osman, H. Jusoh & K. Chai Development of new distributed optical fibre sensor as borehole extensometer H. Mohamad Pile set up investigation for improvement on pile capacity I.S.H. Harahap & L.C. Fai Feasibility study of P-wave monitoring of selective bioplugging caused by biofilms D.-H. Noh &T.-H. Kwon Prioritizing the criteria for urban green space using AHP-multiple criteria decision model R. Ahmad &A.N. Matori Effects of DEMs from different sources in deriving stream networks threshold values N.A. Ishak, M.S.S. Ahamad, S.K.M. Abujayyab &A.Ab. Ghani Spatial compliances study of present landfill siting to Malaysian standard S.Z. Ahmad, M.S.S. Ahamad, S.K.M. Abujayyab, M.S. Yusoff & N.Q. Omar Monitoring deformation of liquefied natural gas terminal with persistent scatterer interferometry A.S. Ab Latip, A.N. Matori & D. Perissin Highway and transportation engineering An evaluation of 85th operating speed and posted speed limit based on horizontal, vertical alignments and traffic conditions: Case study of two lane urban roadway A.M.A. Bakar, M.S.N.A. Rani, R. Mohamed, N.S. Sani, N. Jalal, M.A. Adnan &T.B.H.B.T. Besar Mechanical performance of temperature reduced mastic asphalt M. Dimitrov & B. Hofko Influence of factors to shift private transport users to Park-and-Ride service in Putrajaya I.A. Memon, M. Napiah, M.A. Hussain & M.R. Hakro Statistical interpretations about the use of footbridges by diverse groups of pedestrians in Malaysia R. Hasan & M. Napiah Physical and storage stability properties of linear low density polyethylene at optimum content N. Bala & I. Kamaruddin Feasibility of reclaimed asphalt pavement in rigid pavement construction G.D. Ransinchung.R.N, S. Singh & S.M. Abraham Optimal maintenance planning for Trans-West Africa coastal highway infrastructure using HDM-4 O. Oloruntobi, N. Madzlan, K. Ibrahim & O. Johnson The effect of water on the performance of polymer fibre-reinforced road bituminous mixtures I. Kamaruddin, M. Napiah & M.H. Nahi Structures and materials 3D nonlinear finite element analysis of HPFRC beams containing PVA fibers N. Shafiq, T. Ayub & S.U. Khan Displacement-based design for precast post-tensioned segmental columns with different aspect ratios E. Nikbakht & M.S. Mahzabin Carbon emission analysis of double storey reinforced concrete house in Malaysia M.S.A. Hamid, N. Shafiq, N.A. Zawawi, M.F. Nuruddin, M.F. Khamidi & M.S.H.M. Shaharmi Addition of natural lime in incinerated sewage sludge ash concrete T.Y. Yu, D.S. Ing & C.S. Choo Properties and structural behavior of sawdust interlocking bricks B.S. Mohammed, M. Aswin &Vethamoorty Development of nano silica modified solid rubbercrete bricks N. Mahamood, B.S. Mohammed, N. Shafiq & S.M.B. Eisa Analysis layers method of strengthening reinforced concrete T-beams wire rope moment negative (attention reinforcement slab) D.L.C. Galuh & H.P. Riharjo Concrete panel from polystyrene waste D. Sulistyorini & I. Yasin Fault tree analysis for reinforced concrete highway bridge defect W.S.Wan Salim, M.S. Liew &A. Shafie Effect of high volume fly ash in ultra high performance concrete on compressive strength N.M. Azmee & M.F. Nuruddin Behaviour of structural properties of fiber reinforced high strength concrete beams subjected to static loads N. Shafiq, M.F. Nuruddin &A.E.A. Elshekh Single strap pull test of carbon fibre reinforced polymer plated steel member under fatigue loading N. Osman, A.Y.M. Yassin & I. Akbar Experimental study for stepped reinforcement concrete beams M.A. Hussain & N. Safiq Nano silica modified roller compacted rubbercrete - An overview M. Adamu, B.S. Mohammed & N. Shafiq Contribution of natural pozzolan to sustainability of well cements for oil and gas industry A. Talah, F. Kharchi & R. Chaid Costs of urbanization and its impacts on the urban density B. El Kechebour & S. Haddad Numerical study on shear and normal stress variation of RC wall with L shaped section A. Ahmed-Chaouch Effects of alkaline solution on the microstructure of HCFA geopolymers M.F. Nuruddin, A.B. Malkawi, A. Fauzi, B.S. Mohammed & H.M. Al-Mattarneh Influence of pozzolan on sulfate resistance of concrete A. Merida & F. Kharchi Presentation of a helping tool for the sizing and the optimization of 'beam' in reinforced concrete A. Boukhaled & F. Mendaci Sustainable waste management of bottom ash as cement replacement in green building N.L.B.M. Kamal, G. Hayder, O.A. Ahmed, S.B. Beddu, M.F. Nuruddin & N. Shafiq Numerical analysis of the composite "ball-and-socket" carcass design for unbonded flexible pipe A.F. Billah, Z. Mustaffa & B.T.M.B. Albarody Milling time influence of ultrafine treated rice husk ash to pozzolanic reactivity in portlandite M.F. Nuruddin, S.A. Saad, N. Shafiq & M. Ali Mix design proportion for strength prediction of rubbercrete using artificial neural network A. Awang, B.S. Mohammed & M.R. Mustafa Roof insulation material from low density polyethylene (LDPE), kapok fibre and silica aerogel N.H.A. Puad, M.F. Nuruddin, J.J. Lian & I. Othman Application of new codes for fatigue assessment of older bridges A.Q. Ayilara, T.Wee & M.S. Liew

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