English for Nurses

English for Nurses

By: Shama Lohumi (author)eBook
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English for Nurses provides a perfect solution to the needs of nursing undergraduates. Based on the INC syllabus, it is an indispensable resource for B.Sc. Nursing students. Students of M.Sc. Nursing and those going for NCLEX, TOEFL and IELTS will also find it tremendously useful.
The book has been written keeping in mind the requirements of the modern Indian nurses to converse well in English. As they serve in different national and international locations, English is their only window to the outside world. This book provides comprehensive study material and practice exercises on English language the way it is used in day-to-day conversations in the hospital environment.

Salient Features
• Comprehensive, exhaustive and well-structured coverage
• Lucid presentation with easy language for ease of comprehension
• Ample number of examples, tables and other learning aids
• All the essential elements of communication in modern-day nursing practice like nursing reports, records, etc., discussed, analysed and exemplified
• Examples from real-life health care communications provided
• Exhaustive end-of-chapter exercises
• Solutions for all objective type exercises given

What’s New in the Second Edition
• More examples have been added in the chapters
• Exercises have been increased in several chapters
• Several chapters like Narration and Voice have been revised for better clarity of the concept
• Chapters like Essay Writing and Comprehension have been revised to include more health care scenarios

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