Environment and Planning (SAGE Library of Urban and Regional Research)

Environment and Planning (SAGE Library of Urban and Regional Research)

By: Robert J. Bennett (editor), Michael Batty (editor), Nigel Thrift (editor), Jamie A. Peck (editor), Professor Stuart Elden (editor), Paul A. Longley (editor), Trevor J. Barnes (editor)Hardback

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Academic publisher, Pion, has an outstanding reputation for publishing high quality journals in the fields of geography, physics and experimental psychology. The four geographical journals in the Pion stable - the Environment and Planning series - are committed to publishing innovative, interdisciplinary quality papers which tackle a range of important questions. This collection, edited by a stellar editorial team under the leadership of Stuart Elden and published by SAGE, draws from all four journals to showcase the best of the best on offer in urban and regional research. Volume One: Cities and Regions provides a selection of papers from the original journal in the series, focused on the opportunities and challenges associated with urban and regional transformations around the world. The wide-ranging remit of the journal allows readers to draw on sources from many disciplines - geography, sociology, economics, environmental science, political science, planning, and regional studies. Volume Two: Planning and Design brings together seminal articles that promote research relating to spatial problems and plans concerning the built environment and the spatial structure of cities and regions. It brings an avowedly interdisciplinary approach to urban design, planning, modeling, simulation, GIS and spatial analysis, focusing on new scientific and computational approaches. Volume Three: Government and Policy presents the path-breaking papers that have been at the forefront of research on government, governance, and innovations in public policy. The journal encourages international perspectives and dialogue as illustrated by the varied selection in this volume. Volume Four: Society and Space brings together papers from the pre-eminent journal for interdisciplinary debates around society and space involving, among others, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, historians and political scientists. It includes articles that exemplify the discussion of the mutually constitutive relation between the social and the spatial. Volume Five: Foundations, edited by the whole team, rounds off the collection with a selection of articles that eloquently demonstrate the theoretically sophisticated and practically relevant focus of this remarkable family of journals.

About Author

Trevor Barnes is a professor and University Distinguished Scholar in the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia where he has been since 1983. He is the author or editor of 13 books, the most recent with Brett Christophers, Economic Geography: A Critical Introduction (2018). His research interests are in economic geography and in the history and methodology of geography. He is a fellow of both the Royal Society of Canada and the British Academy. Jamie Peck is Canada Research Chair in Urban & Regional Political Economy and Professor of Geography at the University of British Columbia Nigel Thrift is Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Bristol. He has co-edited and co-authored numerous books; most recently Writing the Rural: Five Cultural Geographies and Globalisation, Institutions and Regional Development in Europe. Thrift has three co-edited or co-authored books in press The City of London and Social Power in Modern Britain; Diffusing Geography: Essays for Peter Hagget; and Mapping the Subject.


VOLUME ONE: CITIES AND REGIONS Production, Consumption, Networks 'It's Gotta Be Da Shoes': Domestic Manufacturing, International Subcontracting, and the Production of Athletic Footwear - Richard Barff and Jonathan Austen External Control and Regional Development: The Case of Scotland - John Firn The Technopoles of Southern California - Allen Scott Whither Global Production Networks in Economic Geography? Past, Present, and Future - Martin Hess and Henry Wai-Chung Yeung Displacement, Consumption, and Identity - Philip Crang Understanding Alternative Food Networks: Exploring the Role of Short Food Supply Chains in Rural Development - Henk Renting, Terry Marsden and Jo Banks The Politics of Relocation: Gender, Nationality, and Value in a Mexican Maquiladora - Melissa Wright Nature, Environment, Ecologies At the End of Nature: Cyborgs, 'Humachines', and Environments in Postmodernity - Timothy Luke First World Political Ecology: Lessons from the Wise Use Movement - James McCarthy Back to the Land: The Paradox of Organic Food Standards - Julie Guthman Power, Nature, and the City: The Conquest of Water and the Political Ecology of Urbanization in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1880 - 1990 - Erik Swyngedouw Pimping Climate Change: Richard Branson, Global Warming, and the Performance of Green Capitalism - Scott Prudham Strategy, Regulation, Governance Corporate Strategy and Corporate Strategists: Power, Identity, and Knowledge within the Firm - Erica Schoenberger Embedded Statism - Peter Taylor 'Real' Regulation: The Administrative State - Gordon Clark Towards a Schumpeterian Workfare Regime in Britain? Reflections on Regulation, Governance, and Welfare State - Bob Jessop Trojan Pig: Paradoxes of Food Safety Regulation - Elizabeth Dunn Globalization, Regionalization, Locality From Localised Social Structures to Localities as Agents - Kevin Cox and Andrew Mair The Political Place of Locality Studies - David Massey Regional and Interregional Interdependencies: Alternative Accounting Systems - Geoffrey Hewings The Elusive Concept of Localization Economies: Towards a Knowledge-Based Theory of Spatial Clustering - Anders Malmberg and Peter Maskell Globalization and the Production of New Urban Spaces: Pacific Rim Megaprojects in the Late 20th Century - Kris Olds Deconstructing Regions: Notes on the Scales of Spatial Life - Annssi Paasi Spatialities of Globalisation - Ash Amin VOLUME TWO: PLANNING AND DESIGN Building Morphologies The Palladian Grammar - George Stiny and William Mitchell The Bungalows of Buffalo - F Downing and U Flemming A Palladian Construction Grammar - Design Reasoning with Shape Grammars and Rapid Prototyping - Larry Sass Architectural Morphospace: Mapping Worlds of Built Forms - Philip Steadman and Linda Mitchell Urban Flows, Forms and Fields To Take Hold of Space: Isovists and Isovist Fields - Michael Benedikt From Isovists to Visibility Graphs: A Methodology for the Analysis of Architectural Space - Alasdair Turner et al A Statistical Examination of Visual Depth in Building Elevations - Andrew Crompton and Frank Brown Natural Movement: Or, Configuration and Attraction in Urban Pedestrian Movement - Bill Hillier et al Self-Organizing Pedestrian Movement - Dirk Helbing et al The Network Analysis of Urban Streets: A Primal Approach - Sergio Porta, Paolo Crucitti and Vito Latora Urban Simulation Graph-Cellular Automata: A Generalised Discrete Urban and Regional Model - David O'Sullivan A Self-Modifying Cellular Automaton Model of Historical Urbanization in the San Francisco Bay Area - Keith Clarke, Stacy Hoppen and Leonard Gaydos SIMPOP: A Multiagent System for the Study of Urbanism - Lena Sanders et al Urban Settlement Transitions - Claes Andersson, Steen Rasmussen and Roger White Building a City In Vitro: The Experiment and the Simulation Model - Erez Hatna and Itzhak Benenson Planning and Design Processes Evolution, Modelling and Design in a Complex World - Peter Allen The Myth of Rationality: Development Planning Reconsidered - Melvin Webber To Plan or Not to Plan, that is the Question: Transaction Cost Theory and its Implications for Planning - Ernest Alexander Planning as Argumentation - Harvey Goldstein Structure of a Planning Support System for Urban Development - Lewis Hopkins Interactive Multimedia Planning Support: Moving from Stand-Alone Systems to the World Wide Web - Michael Shiffer VOLUME THREE: GOVERNMENT AND POLICY Decentralization The Global Trend towards Devolution and its Implications - Andres Rodriguez-Pose and Nicholas Gill Closing the Gap: Fiscal Imbalances and Intergovernmental Transfers in Developed Federations - Richard Bird and Andrey Tarasov Local Government Systems: From Historic Divergence towards Convergence? Great Britain, France, and Germany as Comparative Cases in Point - Hellmut Wollmann Environmental Policy On the 'Efficient Boundaries of the State': The Contribution of Transaction-Costs Economics to the Analysis of Decentralization and Devolution in Natural Resource Management - Regina Birner and Heidi Wittmer Europeanisation and the Uneven Convergence of Environmental Policy: Explaining the Geography of EMAS - Richard Perkins and Eric Neumayer Participatory Methods for Water Resources Planning - Giorgos Kallis et al Governing Space: Planning Reform and the Politics of Sustainability - Richard Cowell and Susan Owens Environmental Governance The Governance of Sustainable Development: Taking Stock and Looking Forwards - Andrew Jordan Corporations and the Governance of Environmental Risk - Andrew Gouldson and Jan Bebbington Representing People, Representing Nature, Representing the World - John O'Neill Urban Policies and Regimes Urban Regime Theory in Comparative Perspective - Gerry Stoker and Karen Mossberger The Rise of Urban Growth Coalitions, UK-Style? - Alan Harding The Urban Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities - Christine Kessides Urban Processes in the Face of China's Transition to a Socialist Market Economy - Fulong Wu Intergovernmental Social Transfers and the Welfare State: Menace or Promise? - Douglas Ashford Local Economic Development Policy Cities and Regions Competing in the Global Economy: Knowledge and Local Development Policies - Edward Malecki The Molecular Biology Revolution and the Rise of Bioscience Megacentres in North America and Europe - Philip Cooke Institutional Innovations, Asymmetric Decentralization, and Local Economic Development: A Case Study of Kunshan, in Post-Mao China - Shiuh-Shen Chien The Restructuring of Municipal Services: A Canada - United States Comparison - Robert Hebdon and Patrice Jalette Small Businesses Policy and Regulation The Public Choice Approach to Tax Reform - Geoffrey Brennan Modelling the Impact of Taxation on the Small-Business Economy: The Natwest/MBS Tax Index for the Self-Employed, Sole-Traders, and Partnerships - P Panikkos Poutziouris, Francis Chittenden and Nicos Michaelas SME Policy Support in Britain since the 1990s: What Have We Learnt? - Robert Bennett VOLUME FOUR: SOCIETY AND SPACE Corporeal Cartographies Power, Space, and the Body: A Critical Assessment of Foucault's Discipline And Punish - Felix Driver The Body in Theory - Felicity Callard Bodies and Spaces: An Exploration of Disabled People's Experiences of Public Space - Ruth Butler and Sophia Bowlby A Corporeal Geography of Consumption - Gill Valentine Gender and Performativity Gender, Class, and Space - Gerry Pratt and Susan Hanson Boys Town - Rosalyn Deutsche Taking Butler Elsewhere: Performativities, Spatialities and Subjectivities - Nicky Gregson and Gillian Rose Human and Non-Human Landscapes (Re)Reading the Landscape - Jim Duncan and Nancy Duncan Animals, Geography, and the City: Notes on Inclusions and Exclusions - Chris Philo Burning Cities: A Posthumanist Account of Australians and Eucalypts - Adrian Franklin Where Eagles Dare: An Ethno-Fable with Personal Landfill - Shiloh Krupar Political Economies Postmodernism in Economic Geography: Metaphor and the Construction of Alterity - Trevor Barnes and Michael Curry Geographies of Consumption: A Commodity-Chain Approach - Elaine Hartwick Transnational Hegemony and US Labor Foreign Policy: Towards a Gramscian International Labor Geography - Jim Glassman Hawala Discourses and the War on Terrorist Finance - Marieke de Goede Geopolitics (Dis)Placing Geopolitics: Writing on the Maps of Global Politics - Gearoid O Tuathail Mapping Schengenland: Denaturalizing the Border - William Walters From Arab Land to 'Israel Lands': The Legal Dispossession of the Palestinians Displaced by Israel in the Wake of 1948 - Geremy Forman and Alexandre (Sandy) Kedar Justice and the Geographies of Moral Protest: Reflections from Mexico - Melissa Wright VOLUME FIVE: FOUNDATIONS The City Taking Los Angeles Apart: Some Fragments of a Critical Human Geography - Edward Soja Governing Cities: Notes on the Spatialisation of Virtue - Thomas Osborne and Nikolas Rose Retrieving the Baby from the Bathwater: Slum Upgrading in Sub-Saharan Africa - Sumila Gulyani and Ellen Bassett Urban Transformation in China, 1949 - 2000: A Review and Research Agenda - Laurence Ma Space and Social Theory Theorizing Sociospatial Relations - Bob Jessop, Neil Brenner and Martin Jones Crisis, Planning, and the Quality of Life: Managing the New Historical Relationships between Space and Society - Manuel Castells 'Deconstructing' Architects' Houses - Julienne Hanson Actor-Networks and the Evolution of Economic Forms: Combining Description and Explanation in Theories of Regulation, Flexible Specialization, and Networks - Jonathan Murdoch The New Mobilities Paradigm - Mimi Sheller and John Urry Planning Theory and Practice Between Modernity and Postmodernity: The Ambiguous Position of US Planning - Robert Beauregard Strategic (Spatial) Planning Reexamined - Louis Albrechts Building Institutional Capacity through Collaborative Approaches to Urban Planning - Patsy Healey Individual Determinants of Participation in Community Development in Indonesia - Victoria Beard Models Design Machines - George Stiny and Lionel March On the Description of Shape and Spatial Configuration inside Buildings: Convex Partitions and their Local Properties - John Peponis et al Equilibrium Values and Dynamics of Attractiveness Terms in Production-Constrained Spatial-Interaction Models - B Harris and A G Wilson Modelling the Local Impacts of National Social Policies: A Spatial Microsimulation Approach - Dimitris Ballas and Graham Clarke New Economies Moral Money? LETS and the Social Construction of Local Economic Geographies in Southeast England - Roger Lee The Internet and the Rise of the New Network Cities, 1969 - 1999 - Anthony Townsend Industry Building as Contested Market Building: Knowledge, Politics, and the Rise of Beijing in China's Virtual Economy - Jun Zhang Universities, Innovation, and Territorial Development: A Review of the Evidence - Helen Lawton Smith

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