Equine Reproductive Procedures

Equine Reproductive Procedures

By: Patrick M. McCue (editor), John Dascanio (editor)Paperback

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Equine Reproductive Procedures is a user-friendly guide to reproductive management, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic techniques on stallions, mares, and foals. Offering detailed descriptions of 161 procedures ranging from common to highly specialized, the book gives step-by-step instructions with interpretative information, as well as useful equipment lists and references for further reading. Presented in a highly portable spiral-bound format, Equine Reproductive Procedures is a practical resource for daily use in equine practice. Divided into sections on the non-pregnant mare, the pregnant mare, the postpartum mare, the stallion, and the newborn foal, the book is well-illustrated throughout with clinical photographs demonstrating procedures. Equine Reproductive Procedures provides practical guidance for performing basic and advanced techniques associated with the medical management of horses.

About Author

John Dascanio, VMD, DACT, DABVP (Equine), was formerly a Professor at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies, and is currently a Professor at Lincoln Memorial University - College of Veterinary Medicine in Harrogate, Tennessee, USA. Patrick McCue, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACT, is the Iron Rose Ranch Professor of Equine Theriogenology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.


List of Contributors xiii Preface xv Section I Non-Pregnant Mare 1 Reproductive Evaluation of the Mare 3 Patrick M. McCue 2 Teasing 6 Patrick M. McCue 3 TailWrap and Preparation/Washing of the Perineum 9 John J. Dascanio 4 Placement of a Tail Rope 14 John J. Dascanio 5 Perineal Conformation Evaluation 17 John J. Dascanio 6 Removal of a Persistent Hymen 20 John J. Dascanio 7 Palpation of the Reproductive Tract of the Non-Pregnant Mare 22 Patrick M. McCue 8 Ultrasound Evaluation of the Non-Pregnant Mare 26 Patrick M. McCue 9 Prediction of Ovulation 32 Patrick M. McCue 10 Speculum Examination of the Vagina 35 John J. Dascanio 11 Digital Examination of the Vagina/Cervix 38 Sofie Sitters 12 Uterine Culture Collection: Swab/Brush 41 John J. Dascanio 13 Antimicrobiotic Sensitivity Testing 44 Jillian Bishop and Patrick M. McCue 14 Microbiology: Microbial Culture 46 Patrick M. McCue and Jillian Bishop 15 Microbiology: Gram Stain 51 Jillian Bishop and Patrick M. McCue 16 qPCR Assay for the Diagnosis of Infectious Endometritis 53 Ryan A. Ferris and Patrick M. McCue 17 Uterine Cytology Collection: Swab/Brush 58 John J. Dascanio and Ryan A. Ferris 18 Uterine Culture/Cytology: Low Volume Lavage 64 John J. Dascanio 19 Endometrial Biopsy 68 Patrick M. McCue 20 Hysteroscopic Examination of the Uterus 71 Patrick M. McCue 21 Endometrial Cyst Removal 74 John J. Dascanio 22 Chromosomal Analysis 77 Teri L. Lear 23 Endocrinological Examination 83 Patrick M. McCue 24 Laparoscopic Examination of the Uterus and Ovaries 85 Fausto Bellezzo 25 Evaluation of the Mammary Gland 88 Patrick M. McCue 26 Antisperm Antibody Testing 91 Patrick M. McCue 27 Starch Granule Test for the Evaluation of Oviductal Patency 93 Sofie Sitters and John J. Dascanio 28 Fluorescent Microspheres Test for Evaluation of Oviductal Patency 95 Sofie Sitters and John J. Dascanio 29 Oviductal Flush Procedure for the Evaluation of Oviductal Patency 97 Sofie Sitters and Patrick M. McCue 30 Prostaglandin E2 Treatment for Blocked Oviducts 100 Patrick M. McCue and Sofie Sitters 31 Uterine Lavage 102 John J. Dascanio 32 Uterine Infusion 106 John J. Dascanio 33 Restraint for Breeding 109 John J. Dascanio 34 Natural Service: Pasture Breeding 112 Patrick M. McCue 35 Natural Service: In-hand Breeding 114 Charles F. Scoggin 36 Breeding Stitches 117 Charles F. Scoggin 37 Reinforcement Breeding 119 Charles F. Scoggin 38 Breeding with Fresh or Cooled Semen 121 John J. Dascanio and Patrick M. McCue 39 Insemination Through a Vaginal Speculum 125 Patrick M. McCue 40 Breeding with Frozen Semen 127 John J. Dascanio 41 Deep Horn Insemination 131 John J. Dascanio 42 Hysteroscopic (Low Dose) Insemination 133 Patrick M. McCue 43 Caslick Operation or Vulvoplasty 136 John J. Dascanio 44 Contagious Equine Metritis Testing 140 John J. Dascanio 45 Management of Seasonal Anestrus: Artificial Photoperiod 144 Patrick M. McCue 46 Management of Seasonal Anestrus: Hormone Therapy 146 Patrick M. McCue 47 Hormone Therapy in Cycling Mares 149 Patrick M. McCue 48 Estrus Suppression 155 Patrick M. McCue 49 Use of an Intrauterine Ball in Estrus Suppression 158 John J. Dascanio 50 Harvesting and Shipping Ovaries for Oocyte Recovery 161 Patrick M. McCue Section II Pregnant Mare 51 Embryo Collection 165 Patrick M. McCue 52 Embryo Evaluation 169 Patrick M. McCue 53 Embryo Biopsy 173 Patrick M. McCue 54 Embryo Packaging for Cooled Transport 175 Patrick M. McCue 55 Embryo Cryopreservation 178 Patrick M. McCue 56 Non-Surgical Embryo Transfer 182 Patrick M. McCue 57 Palpation of the Pregnant Mare Per Rectum 185 Sofie Sitters 58 Ultrasound Examination of the Pregnant Mare 188 Patrick M. McCue 59 Speculum Examination of the Pregnant Mare 193 Sofie Sitters 60 Ultrasound Determination of Fetal Sex 195 Richard D. Holder 61 Assessment of Fetal Well-being 201 John J. Dascanio 62 Combined Thickness of the Uterus and Placenta 205 Patrick M. McCue 63 Doppler Ultrasonography 208 John J. Dascanio 64 Prediction of Fetal Age 212 John J. Dascanio 65 Twin Reduction: Manual Technique 216 John J. Dascanio 66 Twin Reduction: Transvaginal Aspiration 219 John J. Dascanio 67 Twin Reduction: Cranio-Cervical Dislocation 222 Sofie Sitters and Karen Wolfsdorf 68 Twin Reduction: Transabdominal Fetal Cardiac Puncture 226 John J. Dascanio 69 Elective Termination of Pregnancy 229 John J. Dascanio 70 Abortion Diagnostic Evaluation: Sample Collection in the Field and Submission 232 Julie T. Cecere and John J. Dascanio 71 Endocrine Evaluation of Pregnancy 235 Patrick M. McCue 72 Treatment of Vaginal Varicosities 240 John J. Dascanio 73 Manual Correction of Uterine Torsion 243 John J. Dascanio 74 Preparation of the Mare for Foaling 246 John J. Dascanio 75 Assessment of Mammary Gland Secretions to Predict Foaling 249 John J. Dascanio 76 Assessment of pH of Mammary Gland Secretions to Predict Foaling 253 Patrick M. McCue 77 Monitoring of Peri-Parturient Mares Using Video and Web Cameras 256 Ryan A. Ferris and Etta A. Bradecamp 78 Foaling Alert: Vulvar Device 259 John J. Dascanio 79 Positional Labor Alert Devices 261 Etta A. Bradecamp and Ryan A. Ferris 80 Induction of Parturition 264 John J. Dascanio 81 Premature Separation of the Placenta 267 Patrick M. McCue 82 Dystocia Management 270 Patrick M. McCue and Sofie Sitters 83 Dystocia Correction 275 John J. Dascanio 84 Fetotomy 280 John J. Dascanio 85 Epidural 285 John J. Dascanio 86 Induction of Lactation to Create a Nurse Mare 287 Patrick M. McCue 87 Screening the Pregnant Mare to Prevent Neonatal Isoerythrolysis 289 Patrick M. McCue Section III Postpartum Mare 88 Evaluation of Colostrum Specific Gravity 293 Patrick M. McCue 89 Evaluation of Colostrum Quality: Brix Refractometry 297 Patrick M. McCue 90 Colostrum Banking 299 Patrick M. McCue 91 Obtaining Milk from the Mare 302 John J. Dascanio 92 Placental Evaluation 304 Patrick M. McCue 93 Removal of Retained Placenta 309 John J. Dascanio 94 Abdominocentesis in the Postpartum Mare 312 John J. Dascanio 95 Uterine Prolapse Treatment 314 John J. Dascanio 96 Buhner Needle Placement of a Perivulvar Suture 317 John J. Dascanio Section IV Stallion 97 Breeding Soundness Evaluation of the Stallion 321 Patrick M. McCue 98 Training of a Stallion to Use a Phantom 325 John J. Dascanio 99 Missouri Artificial Vagina 329 John J. Dascanio 100 Colorado Model Artificial Vagina 332 Patrick M. McCue 101 Roanoke Artificial Vagina 336 John J. Dascanio 102 Hannover Artificial Vagina 340 Sofie Sitters 103 Teaser Stallions 342 Charles F. Scoggin 104 Standing Semen Collection 344 John J. Dascanio 105 Chemical Ejaculation 347 Patrick M. McCue 106 Preparation of a Jump Mare or a Mare for Natural Cover 349 John J. Dascanio 107 Washing the Penis 351 John J. Dascanio 108 Evaluation of Sexual Behavior in the Stallion 354 John J. Dascanio 109 Calibrated Spectrophotometer Evaluation of Sperm Concentration 357 John J. Dascanio 110 Hemocytometer Evaluation of Sperm Concentration 360 John J. Dascanio 111 NucleoCounter (R) Evaluation of Sperm Concentration and Viability 363 Patrick M. McCue 112 Visual Evaluation of Sperm Motility 366 Patrick M. McCue 113 Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis 368 John J. Dascanio 114 Eosin-Nigrosin Staining in the Evaluation of Sperm 373 Julie T. Cecere 115 Evaluation of Sperm Morphology 377 Leonardo Brito 116 Determination of Daily Sperm Output 384 Patrick M. McCue 117 Measurement of Testicular Size and Estimation of Daily Sperm Output 386 Patrick M. McCue 118 Wet Mount Evaluation of Sperm 389 John J. Dascanio 119 Diff-Quik (R) Evaluation of Round Cells and Sperm 392 John J. Dascanio 120 Electron Microscopy of Semen 394 D. N. Rao Veeramachaneni 121 Bacterial Culture in the Stallion 396 John J. Dascanio 122 Evaluation of pH and Osmolarity of Semen 399 Patrick M. McCue 123 Alkaline Phosphatase: A Marker for Ejaculation 401 Patrick M. McCue 124 Diagnosis and Management of Urospermia 403 John J. Dascanio 125 Semen Extenders and Sperm Media 406 Patrick M. McCue 126 Preparation of Semen for Cooled Transport 409 Etta A. Bradecamp 127 Packing Semen for Cooled Transport 412 Etta A. Bradecamp 128 Longevity Testing of Sperm 419 John J. Dascanio 129 Calculation of g Force for Centrifuging Semen 421 John J. Dascanio 130 Centrifugation of Semen: Standard Technique 424 Etta A. Bradecamp 131 Centrifugation of Semen: Cushion Technique 429 Etta A. Bradecamp 132 Centrifugation of Semen: Selection of Motile Sperm Using a Single Layer Colloid Technique 433 Etta A. Bradecamp 133 Semen Freezing 436 Patrick M. McCue 134 Thawing Frozen Semen 441 John J. Dascanio 135 Preparing a Vapor Shipper 444 Julie T. Cecere 136 Loading a Vapor Shipper 448 Julie T. Cecere, Patrick M. McCue, and John J. Dascanio 137 Maintaining a Long-Term Frozen Semen Storage Tank 450 John J. Dascanio 138 Harvesting and Shipping Testes 453 John J. Dascanio 139 Epididymal Sperm Recovery 455 John J. Dascanio 140 Endoscopic Examination of the Urethra 458 Patrick M. McCue 141 Palpation and Ultrasonography of the Testis, Epididymis, and Spermatic Cord 461 Sofie Sitters 142 Palpation and Ultrasonography of the Accessory Sex Glands 466 Sofie Sitters 143 Radiographic Examination of the Penis 471 Patrick M. McCue 144 Testicular Biopsy and Aspiration 473 John J. Dascanio 145 Assessment of Sperm Plasma Membrane Integrity and Viability: Propidium Iodide/SYBR-14 476 Amanda I. Glazar 146 Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay 478 Charles Love 147 Hypo-Osmotic Swelling Test 481 Patrick M. McCue 148 Assessment of Sperm Acrosomal Status: FITC PNA 483 Amanda I. Glazar 149 Assessment of Sperm Mitochondrial Function: JC-1 and Rhodamine 123 486 Amanda I. Glazar 150 Equine Viral Arteritis Testing 488 G. Reed Holyoak 151 Diagnostic Endocrinology: Baseline Hormone Levels 492 Patrick M. McCue 152 Diagnostic Endocrinology: GnRH Stimulation Tests 494 Patrick M. McCue 153 Diagnostic Endocrinology: hCG Stimulation Test 496 Patrick M. McCue 154 Diagnostic Endocrinology: Estrogen Conjugate Assay 499 Patrick M. McCue 155 Probang Apparatus 501 Julie T. Cecere 156 Support Apparatus for Paraphimosis 504 John J. Dascanio Section V Newborn Foal 157 Birth Resuscitation 511 Patrick M. McCue 158 Evaluation of Passive Transfer 514 Patrick M. McCue 159 Colostral Administration via Naso-Gastric Intubation 518 John J. Dascanio 160 Routine Care 521 Patrick M. McCue 161 Foal Rejection 527 Patrick M. McCue Section VI Appendices Appendix 1 Society for Theriogenology Stallion Reproductive Evaluation Form 533 Appendix 2 Mare Breeding Soundness Evaluation Form 537 Appendix 3 Formulary for Equine Reproduction 540 Appendix 4 Foaling Kit and Associated Equipment and Supplies 549 Index 551

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