Evidence-based Orthopedics (Evidence-Based Medicine)

Evidence-based Orthopedics (Evidence-Based Medicine)

By: Mohit Bhandari (editor)Hardback

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Surgical orthopedic procedures such as hip replacements, arthroscopy or knee replacements are surrounded by pre- and post-operative complications, and there are varying different methods for the procedures themselves. This book, for the first time, brings together the best evidence for treatments as well as any complications. Not only does it cover the evidence base for orthopedic surgery, but also orthopedic conditions requiring medical treatment, and pediatric orthopedics. Using the approved EBM methodology, and edited by teachers of evidence-based medicine, this is a genuine EBM textbook for all orthopedic specialists and trainees.

About Author

Mohit Bhandari MD, MSc (McMaster), FRCSC is Associate Professor of Surgery and Associate Member of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. He also holds a Canada Research Chair. He is Section Editor of Evidence-Based Orthopaedic Surgery, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma and a co-chair of the McMaster University Evidence-based Medicine course.


Contributors, x Foreword, xx Preface, xxii Abbreviations, xxiii Section I Methodology of Evidence-Based Orthopedics 1 Principles of Evidence-Based Orthopedics, 3 Simrit Bains, Mohit Bhandari, and Paul Tornetta III 2 Understanding Hierarchies of Evidence and Grades of Recommendation, 7 Raman Mundi and Brad A. Petrisor 3 Critical Appraisal Tools for Surgeons 12 Farrah Hussain, Sheila Sprague, and Harry E. Rubash 4 Understanding Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis, 17 Helena Viveiros, Sarah Resendes, Tania A. Ferguson, Mohit Bhandari, and Joel Matta 5 Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, 25 Nasir Hussain, Farrah Hussain, Mohit Bhandari, and Saam Morshed 6 Economic Analysis, 30 Laura Quigley, Sheila Sprague, and Theodore Miclau III Section II Orthopedic Medicine 7 Osteoporosis and Metabolic Disorders, 37 Celeste J. Hamilton, Sophie A. Jamal, and Earl R. Bogoch 8 Thromboprophylaxis in Orthopedic Practice, 56 Ernest Kwek and Richard E. Buckley 9 Blood Transfusion, 72 David W. Sanders and Jeffrey L. Carson 10 Wound Infections, 78 Wesley G. Lackey, Kyle J. Jeray, Atul F. Kamath, John G. Horneff III, and John L. Esterhai, Jr 11 Gouty Arthritis, 86 Jasvinder A. Singh 12 Perioperative Medical Management, 93 Daniel A. Mendelson, Susan M. Friedman, and Joseph A. Nicholas 13 Orthobiologics, 100 T. William Axelrad and Thomas A. Einhorn Section III Joint Reconstruction III.I Hip and Pelvic Reconstruction/Arthroplasty 14 The Role of Computer Navigation in Total Hip Arthroplasty, 119 Jonathan M. Loughead and Richard W. McCalden 15 Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene in Total Hip Arthroplasty, 131 Glen Richardson, Michael J. Dunbar, and Joseph P. Corkum 16 Hip Resurfacing vs. Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty, 137 Sanket R. Diwanji, Pascal-Andre Vendittoli, and Martin Lavigne 17 The Role of Ceramic in Total Hip Arthroplasty, 153 Peter M. Lewis and James P. Waddell 18 Minimally Invasive Techniques in Total Hip Arthroplasty, 164 Amre Hamdi and Paul E. Beaule III.II Hip Revision Surgery 19 Management of Femoral Periprosthetic Fractures After Hip Replacement, 171 Tamim Umran, Donald S. Garbuz, Bassam A. Masri, and Clive P. Duncan 20 Evaluation of the Painful Total Hip Replacement, 178 Matthew Oliver and James N. Powell 21 Revision of the Femoral Components: Role of Structural Bulk Allografts and Impaction Grafting, 186 Christopher R. Gooding, Bassam A. Masri, Donald S. Garbuz, and Clive P. Duncan 22 Revision of the Acetabular Components: Role of Structural Bulk Allografts and Porous Tantalum Implants, 205 John Antoniou, Alan J. Walsh, and Vassilios S. Nikolaou III.III Knee Reconstruction/Arthroplasty 23 Antibiotic Cement in Total Knee Arthroplasty, 212 Philip A. O'Connor and Steven J. MacDonald 24 Cemented vs. Uncemented Fixation in Total Knee Arthroplasty, 220 Eric R. Bohm, Ili Slobodian, Thomas R. Turgeon, and Martin Petrak 25 High-Flexion Implants vs. Conventional Design Implants, 228 Nicholas Paterson, Robert J. Orec, and Douglas D.R. Naudie 26 The Neuropathic/Charcot Joint, 236 Rajrishi Sharma and Mitchell J. Winemaker III.IV Knee Revision Surgery 27 Cemented vs. Uncemented Stems in Revision Knee Arthroplasty: Indications, Technique, and Outcomes, 242 Gerard M.J. March and Paul R. Kim 28 Management of Structural Defects in Revision Knee Arthroplasty: Femoral Side, 249 Sandor Gyomorey, Paul T.H. Lee, and David J. Backstein 29 Patellar Options in Revision Knee Arthroplasty, 257 Hatem Al-Harbi and Paul Zalzal III.V Shoulder Reconstruction/Arthroplasty 30 Total Shoulder Replacement vs. Hemiarthroplasty in the Treatment of Shoulder Osteoarthritis, 263 Olivia Y.Y. Cheng and Michael D. McKee 31 Cemented vs. Uncemented Fixation in Shoulder Arthroplasty, 270 Shahryar Ahmadi and Christian Veillette 32 Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, 278 Ryan T. Bicknell 33 Glenoid Fixation in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: What Type of Glenoid Component Should We Use?, 284 Eric C. Benson, Kenneth J. Faber, and George S. Athwal III.VI Foot and Ankle Reconstruction/Arthroplasty 34 Fusion vs. Arthroplasty in the Treatment of Ankle Arthritis, 294 Timothy R. Daniels, Mark Glazebrook, Terence Chin, and Roger A. Haene 35 Fusion vs. Arthroplasty in the Treatment of 1st MTP Arthritis, 307 Jeffrey G.M. Tan, Gilbert Yee, and Johnny T.C. Lau 36 Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and the Treatment of the Cavo-Varus Foot, 317 David N. Townshend and Alastair S.E. Younger Section IV Trauma IV.I Upper Extremity IV.I.I Shoulder Girdle 37 Acromioclavicular Joint, 325 Bill Ristevski and Michael D. McKee 38 Clavicle, 332 Bill Ristevski and Michael D. McKee 39 Scapula, 341 Peter A. Cole and Lisa K. Schroder 40 Post-Traumatic Avascular Necrosis of the Proximal Humerus, 351 Ilia Elkinson and Darren S. Drosdowech IV.I.II Humerus 41 Proximal Humerus Fractures, 360 Job N. Doornberg and David Ring 42 Humeral Shaft Fractures, 366 Amy Hoang-Kim, Joerg Goldhahn, and David J. Hak 43 Distal Humerus Fractures, 374 Aaron Nauth and Emil H. Schemitsch IV.I.III Elbow and Forearm 44 Fracture-Dislocations of the Elbow, 383 Reyhan A. Chaudhary, Maurice Tompack, and J. Whitcomb Pollock 45 Radial Head Fractures, 397 Andrea S. Bauer and David Ring 46 Monteggia Fracture-Dislocations, 403 Bryce T. Gillespie and Jesse B. Jupiter 47 Olecranon Fractures, 409 Bryce T. Gillespie and Jesse B. Jupiter 48 Forearm Fractures, Including Galeazzi Fractures, 416 S. John Ham, Matthijs R. Krijnen, and Rudolf W. Poolman IV.I.IV Wrist and Hand 49 Distal Radius Fractures, 425 Boris A. Zelle and Michael Zlowodzki 50 Perilunate Dislocations, 437 Geert A. Buijze, Job N. Doornberg, and David Ring 51 Carpal Fractures, 443 Bertrand H. Perey, Anne-Marie Bedard, and Fay Leung 52 Metacarpal Fractures, 462 Brent Graham IV.II Lower Extremity IV.II.I Hip 53 Hip Dislocations, 468 Gregory J. Della Rocca, Brett D. Crist, and Yvonne M. Murtha 54 Femoral Head Fractures, 474 Chad P. Coles 55 Intracapsular Fractures, 480 Jennifer A. Klok, Marc Swiontkowski, and Mohit Bhandari 56 Intertrochanteric Fractures, 491 Ole Brink and Lars C. Borris IV.II.II Femur 57 Subtrochanteric Fractures, 497 Steven Papp, Wade Gofton, and Allan S.L. Liew 58 Femoral Shaft Fractures, 504 Costas Papakostidis and Peter V. Giannoudis 59 Distal Femur Fractures, 522 Matthijs R. Krijnen, J. Carel Goslings, and Rudolf W. Poolman IV.II.III Knee 60 Knee Dislocations, 527 James P. Stannard and Allan Hammond IV.II.IV Tibia 61 Proximal Tibia, 534 Richard J. Jenkinson and Hans J. Kreder 62 Tibial Shaft, 541 Jennifer A. Klok 63 Distal Tibia/Plafond, 549 Hossein Pakzad and Peter J. O Brien IV.II.V Foot and Ankle 64 Malleolar Fractures, 561 David W. Sanders and Ajay Manjoo 65 Talus Fractures, 567 Gregory K. Berry 66 Calcaneus Fractures, 574 Stephen J. McChesney and Richard E. Buckley 67 Midfoot/Metatarsal Fractures, 583 Robin R. Elliot and Terence S. Saxby IV.III Pelvis and Acetabulum 68 Pelvis, 593 G. Yves Laflamme, Stephane Leduc, and Dominique M. Rouleau 69 Acetabulum, 602 Kelly A. Lefaivre and Adam J. Starr IV.IV General 70 Open Fractures, 617 Atul F. Kamath, John G. Horneff, John L. Esterhai, Jr., Wesley G. Lackey, Kyle J. Jeray, and J. Scott Broderick 71 Acute Compartment Syndrome, 627 Andrew H. Schmidt 72 Noninvasive Technologies for Fracture Repair, 636 Yoshinobu Watanabe, Makoto Kobayashi, and Takashi Matsushita 73 Calcium Phosphate Cements in Fracture Repair, 642 Ross K. Leighton, Kelly Trask, Thomas A. Russell, Mohit Bhandari, and Richard E. Buckley 74 Damage Control Orthopedics, 649 Philipp Kobbe and Hans-Christoph Pape 75 Mangled Extremity, 655 Ted V. Tufescu Section V Adult Spine V.I Cervical Spine 76 Mechanical Neck Pain, 663 Gabrielle van der Velde 77 Whiplash, 669 Gabrielle van der Velde V.II Mechanical Low Back Pain without Neuropathy 78 Mechanical Low Back Pain: Operative Treatment Fusion, 675 Rahul Basho, Alex Gitelman, and Jeffrey C. Wang 79 Mechanical Low Back Pain: Nonoperative Management, 678 Andrea D. Furlan, Victoria Pennick, Jill A. Hayden, and Carlo Ammendolia V.III Low Back Pain with Neuropathy 80 Neurogenic Claudication Operative Management (Decompression and Fusion), 686 Hormuzdiyar H. Dasenbrock, Reza Yassari, and Timothy F. Witham 81 Neurogenic Claudication: Nonoperative Management, 694 Carlo Ammendolia 82 Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Nonoperative Management, 702 Calvin T. Hu and James O. Sanders 83 Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Operative Management, 710 Calvin T. Hu and James O. Sanders 84 Metastatic/Myeloma Disease Operative Management, 721 Harsha Malempati, Erion Qamirani, and Albert J.M. Yee 85 Metastatic/Myeloma Disease Nonoperative Management, 728 Harsha Malempati, Erion Qamirani, and Albert J.M. Yee Section VI Sports Medicine VI.I Shoulder 86 Treatment of the First Shoulder Dislocation, 737 Charles L. Cox, and John E. Kuhn 87 Chronic Shoulder Instability, 744 Joost I.P. Willems and W. Jaap Willems 88 Rotator Cuff Injury, 752 John E. Kuhn 89 Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, 763 Ron L. Diercks and Oscar Dorrestijn 90 Pathology of the Long Head of the Biceps, 772 Paul W.L. ten Berg, Luke S. Oh, and David Ring VI.II Elbow 91 Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury, 781 Denise Eygendaal and Laurens Kaas 92 Tennis Elbow, 787 Peter A.A. Struijs, Rachelle Buchbinder, and Sally E. Green VI.III Knee 93 Initial Management of the Sports Injured Knee, 796 Jaskarndip Chahal, Christopher Peskun, and Daniel B. Whelan 94 Meniscal Tears (Meniscectomy, Meniscopexy, Meniscal Transplants/Scaffolds), 803 Nicola Maffulli, Umile Giuseppe Longo, Stefano Campi, and Vincenzo Denaro 95 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury, 812 Verena M. Schreiber, Kenneth D. Illingworth, Hector A. Mejia, and Freddie H. Fu 96 Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury, 822 Rune Bruhn Jakobsen and Bent Wulff Jakobsen 97 Operative vs. Nonoperative Treatment of Combined Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Medial Collateral Ligament Injuries, 832 Rocco Papalia, Sebastiano Vasta, Vincenzo Denaro, and Nicola Maffulli 98 Posterolateral Corner Injury, 841 Pankaj Sharma and Daniel B. Whelan 99 Cartilage Injury, 847 Joris E.J. Bekkers, Anika I. Tsuchida, and Daniel B.F. Saris 100 Runner's Knee, 853 Ella W. Yeung and Simon S. Yeung VI.IV Foot and Ankle 101 Ankle Ligament Injury, 862 Michel P.J. van den Bekerom, Rover Krips, and Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs 102 Achilles Tendinopathy, 872 Nicola Maffulli, Umile Giuseppe Longo, Stefano Campi, and Vincenzo Denaro VI.V Hip 103 Labral Tears, 879 Sanaz Hariri, Henk Eijer, and Marc R. Safran 104 Hip Impingement, 892 Marc J. Philippon and Karen K. Briggs 105 Snapping Hip, 898 Bas van Ooij and Matthias U. Schafroth VI.VI Other Injuries 106 Ergogenic Aids: Creatine Supplementation as a Popular Ergogenic Aid in Young Adults, 905 Michael J. O'Brien Section VII Wrist and Hand Surgery VII.I Wrist Surgery 107 Acute Management of Distal Radius Fractures, 913 Ruby Grewal 108 Prognosis: Pain and Disability After Distal Radius Fracture, 923 Joy C. MacDermid and Ruby Grewal 109 Reconstruction of Malunited Distal Radius Fracture, 930 James T. Monica and David Ring 110 Scaphoid Fractures, 938 Ruby Grewal 111 Nonunions of the Scaphoid, 946 Nina Suh and Ruby Grewal 112 Trapeziometacarpal Arthritis of the Thumb, 954 Anne Wajon, Emma Carr, Louise Ada, and Ian A. Edmunds 113 Salvage Procedures for the Treatment of Wrists with Scapholunate Advanced Collapse, 962 Jonathan Mulford, Paul K. Della Torre, and Stuart J.D. Myers 114 Wrist Arthroscopy, 969 Aaron M. Freilich, Bryan S. Dudoussat, Fiesky A. Nunez Jr, Thomas Sarlikiotis, and Ethan R. Wiesler 115 Rheumatoid Wrist Reconstruction (Arthrodesis and Arthroplasty), 979 Warren C. Hammert and Kevin C. Chung VII.II Hand Surgery 116 Management of Finger Fractures, 987 Kristin B. de Haseth and David Ring 117 Prevention of Adhesion in Flexor Tendon Surgery, 993 Filippo Spiezia, Vincenzo Denaro, and Nicola Maffulli 118 Therapy: Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation, 998 B. Jane Freure and Mike Szekeres 119 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Conservative Management, 1012 Jean-Sebastien Roy and Jessica Collins 120 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgical Management, 1021 Jessica Collins, Jean-Sebastien Roy, Leslie L. McKnight, and Achilleas Thoma 121 Dupuytren's Disease, 1029 Larisa Kristine Vartija, Leslie L. McKnight, and Achilleas Thoma 122 Extensor Tendon Surgery, 1039 Carolyn M. Levis and Monica Alderson 123 Rheumatoid Hand Reconstruction, 1046 Oluseyi Aliu and Kevin C. Chung 124 Flexor Tendon Surgery, 1057 Shima C. Sokol and Robert M. Szabo 125 Replantation, 1072 Stephanie Ma, Leslie L. McKnight, and Achilleas Thoma Section VIII Orthopedic Oncology 126 Radiation in Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Pre- or Postoperative, 1083 Kurt R. Weiss, Rej Bhumbra, Peter C. Ferguson, Brian O'Sullivan, and Jay S. Wunder 127 Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Does the Evidence Support the Administration of Chemotherapy?, 1088 Jennifer L. Halpern, Jill Gilbert, Ginger E. Holt, Vicki L. Keedy, and Herbert S. Schwartz 128 Surgery in Bone Sarcoma: Allograft vs. Megaprosthesis, 1097 Kelly C. Homlar, Jennifer L. Halpern, Herbert S. Schwartz, and Ginger E. Holt 129 Biopsy of Soft Tissue Masses, 1108 Bruce T. Rougraff, Albert J. Aboulafia, J. Sybil Biermann, and John Healey 130 Surgical Margins in Soft Tissue Sarcoma: What Is a Negative Margin?, 1112 Bruce T. Rougraff Index, 1121

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