Fifty Shades of Great Customer Service

Fifty Shades of Great Customer Service

By: Catherine DeVrye (author)eBook


Let’s face it…customer service isn’t sexiest subject and Catherine DeVrye, author of the #1 best seller ‘Good Service is Good Business’,  admits her latest title may be regarded as flippant, politically incorrect or potentially dent her reputation as a respectable business author. However, she’s willing to take that risk in order to share her passion for customer service with the widest possible audience. After all, sustainable customer service isn’t about one night stands; but rather about establishing long term relationships, based on mutual trust.

Author of 7 ‘serious’, strategic and substantial books,  translated into over a dozen languages, DeVrye has spoken to audiences on 5 continents and knows that it is difficult for leaders within organizations to keep their team continually motivated to deliver quality customer service.

That’s why she’s compiled a collection of her favorite motivational quotes to help your team be more consistently focused on service excellence. It simply contains timely and timeless inspirational quotes to serve as weekly, front of mind reminders that it is the actual customer who ultimately pays our wages.

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