Film and Video Lighting Terms and Concepts

Film and Video Lighting Terms and Concepts

By: Richard Ferncase (author)eBook
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Filmmakers and videographers must know and understand hundreds of terms to survive in the competitive world of motion picture and television production. This invaluable reference clearly defines and illustrates more than 1000 of the most commonly used terms and phrases.

Explained are instruments and accessories such as the C-stand, brute, silver bullet, and bazooka; techniques such as the 'right-hand rule' and the blue-screen process; technical concepts such as the inverse square law and light colour temperature;
colourful phrases such as 'beach it', 'shake 'em up', and 'martini shot'; and other popular neologisms often devised by bored grips waiting for the next shot - terms such as sputnik, quacker, branchaloris, and flying moon. Various lighting fixtures and accessories are featured in 70 photographs and illustrations. Far more accessible and readable than most technical books devoted to lighting, Lighting Terms and Concepts contains all of the terms that cinematographers, lighting directors, camera operators and assistants, gaffers, electricians, and grips may encounter during a typical day on the set.

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