Forbidden Religion: Suppressed Heresies of the West

Forbidden Religion: Suppressed Heresies of the West

By: Douglas Kenyon (author)Paperback

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Following the model of his bestselling Forbidden History, J. Douglas Kenyon has assembled from his bi-monthly journal Atlantis Risingmaterial that explores the hidden path of the religions banned by the orthodox Church--from the time before Christ when the foundations of Christianity were being laid to the tumultuous times of the Cathars and Templars and the Masons of the New World. Revealed in this investigation of the roots of Western faith are the intimate ties of ancient Egyptian religion to Christianity, the true identities of the three magi, the link forged by the Templars between early Christianity and the Masons, and how these hidden religious currents still influence the modern world. This book serves as a compelling introduction to the true history of the heretical religious traditions that played as vital a role in society as the established faiths that continuously tried to suppress them. Born in the same religious ferment that gave birth to Christianity, these spiritual paths survived in the "heresies" of the Middle Ages, and in the theories of the great Renaissance thinkers and their successors, such as Isaac Newton and Giordano Bruno. Brought to the New World by the Masons who inspired the American Revolution, the influence of these forbidden religions can be still found today in "The Star Spangled Banner" and in such Masonic symbols as the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

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J. Douglas Kenyon is the editor and publisher of Atlantis Rising and the editor of the bestselling Forbidden History. He lives in Montana.


Acknowledgments Introduction Part One * Christianity: The Truth Behind the Orthodox Veil 1. The Mystery of the Christ: Is There More to this Story than Even Hollywood Imagines? * J. Douglas Kenyon 2. The Osiris Connection: Hints of Christian Imagery in Ancient Egyptian Artifacts * Richard Russell Cassaro 3. East of Qumran: Searching for the Roots of Western Faith * David Lewis 4. New Light on Christian Origins: A Closer Look at the Role of James, the Brother of Jesus * Cynthia Logan 5. Spreading the Goddess Gospel: Thanks to The Da Vinci Code Margaret Starbird Finds Herself with a Worldwide Audience * Cynthia Logan 6. Searching for the Real Star of Bethlehem: Who Were the "Wise Men" and What Were They Up To? * Peter Novak Part Two * Follow the Golden Thread: Templars and Freemasonry 7. Hidden History: What Are Movies Like Braveheart Not Telling Us? * David Lewis 8. The Templars and the Vatican: The Forbidden Johannite Heresy * Mark Amaru Pinkham 9. The Lost Templar Fleet and the Jolly Roger: Did the Pirates of the Caribbean Have a Covert Vendetta? * David H. Childress 10. The Mystery of the Battle of Bannockburn: Is it Revealed in the Ancient Maxim, "As Above, So Below"? * Jeff Nisbet 11. The Pyramids of Scotland: An Orion Ground Plan Discovered in Fair Caldeonia * Jeff Nisbet 12. The Enigma of the Great Lost Sailor's Map: How Did Its Makers Know What They Knew? * David Childress Part Three * The Pivotal Role of the Scotland Sinclairs 13. The Vanished Colony of Arcadia: Did the Knights Templar Establish Outposts in North America? * Steven Sora 14. The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Is it About to be Found in North America? * Steven Sora 15. The Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel: Were They Revealed to Mary of Guise? * Jeff Nisbet 16. Further Anomalies of Rosslyn Chapel Unveiled: A Painstaking Investigation Puts the Ancient Enigma in a Dramatic New Light. * Jeff Nisbet 17. A Crack in The Da Vinci Code: Is Dan Brown's Rosslyn Chapel Where He Says it is? * Jeff Nisbet 18. The Real Secret Society Behind The Da Vinci Code: Those Surprising Rosicrucians * Mark Amaru Pinkham Part Four * The Power and Reach of High-Ranking Freemasons 19. "The Star-Spangled Banner" and America's Origins: Were the Founders of the United States Guided by an Ancient Mandate? * Jeff Nisbet 20. America's Ancient Architect: Were America's Founders Pursuing a Hidden Agenda? * Steven Sora 21. National Secrets: The Truth Might Be Stranger Than Any Fiction. * Steven Sora 22. Bacon, Shakespeare, and the Spear of Athena: Occult Origins of England's Role in the New World * Steven Sora 23. Unlocking the Shakespeare Riddle: New Light on a Perennial Mystery--Was the Bard Really the Drunken Actor from Stratford-on-Avon or Someone Else? * Virginia Fellows 24. Francis Bacon and the Sign of the Double A: Did the Great Scholar and Statesman Leave Cryptic Clues for Future Generations to Uncover? * William Henry Part Five * Visionaries and Alchemists 25. The Nostradamus Perspective: Did a French Mystic From the Fifteenth Century Have Something to Tell the People of Today? * J. Douglas Kenyon 26. Giordano Bruno: Why Was He Burned at the Stake? * John Chambers 27. Joan of Arc Revealed: What Has History Left Out of her Strange Saga? * Jeff Nisbet 28. The Alchemist's Resurrection: Did the Ancient Arts of Transmutation Die with the Middle Ages or Do They Still Survive in Different Disguises? * Mark Stavish 29. Fulcanelli and the Mystery of the Cathedrals: What is the Connection Between the Cross at Hendaye and One of the Most Enigmatic Figures of the Twentieth Century? * Vincent Bridges 30. Isaac Newton and the Occult: How Important Was the Great Scientist's Hidden Side? * John Chambers 31. Newton, Alchemy, and the Rise of the British Empire: The Mystical Foundation of Empirical Science * Peter Bros 32. Newton and the Bible: What Did the Great Scientist Foresee for the Year 2060? * John Chambers 33. The Remarkable Life of G. I. Gurdjieff: Though His Saga Remains One of Mystery, His Influence is Difficult to Overstate * John Chambers Part Six * The Spirit and the Soul 34. The Casting Out of Evil Spirits: A Pioneering Psychotherapist Points Her Profession Back to Its Roots. * Cynthia Logan 35. The Paranormal Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini: Did Cosmic Forces Rescue the Great Renaissance Goldsmith? * John Chambers 36. Dostoyevsky and Spiritualism: Did the Author of Crime and Punishment Have Personal Knowledge of Another World? * John Chambers 37. Victor Hugo and the Spirits: Did the Author of Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame Draw Inspiration from Different Dimensions? * John Chambers 38. Sound and Pictures from the Other Side: Pioneering the New Science of Instrumental Transcommunication. * Bill Eigles 39. Understanding the Near-Death Experience: Why Hasn't Science Gotten It Right? * P.M.H. Atwater 40. The Case for Reincarnation: Is Religion the Only Reason to Believe, Or Is There Evidence of a More Scientific Nature? * Ian Lawton Recommended Reading: Selected Bibliography Contributors

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