Forbidden Science: From Ancient Technologies to Free Energy

Forbidden Science: From Ancient Technologies to Free Energy

By: J. Douglas Kenyon (author)Paperback

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Following the model of his bestselling Forbidden Historyand Forbidden Religion, J. Douglas Kenyon has assembled from his bimonthly journal, Atlantis Rising, material that explores science and technology that has been suppressed by the orthodox scientific community--from the true function of the Great Pyramid and the megaliths at Nabta Playa to Immanuel Velikovsky's astronomical insights, free energy from space, cold fusion, and Rupert Sheldrake's research into telepathy and ESP. There is an organized war going on in science between materialistic theory and anything that could be termed spiritual or metaphysical. For example, Masaru Emoto's research into the energetics of water, although supported by photographic evidence, has been scoffed at by mainstream science because he has asserted that humans affect their surroundings with their thoughts. The materialism or absolute skepticism of the scientific establishment is detrimental to any scientific inquiry that thinks outside the box. This mentality is interested in preserving funding for its own projects, those that will not rock the establishment. From Tesla's discovery of alternating current to Robert Schoch's re-dating of the Sphinx, this book serves as a compelling introduction to the true history of alternative and New Science research.

About Author

J. Douglas Kenyon is the editor and publisher of Atlantis Rising and the editor of the best selling Forbidden History and Forbidden Religion.


Introduction Part ONE * Stacking the Deck 1. Debunking the Debunkers: Do the So-called Skeptics Have a Secret Agenda? * David Lewis 2. "Voodoo Science" on Trial: Challenging the Establishment's Kangaroo Court of Alternative Science * Eugene Mallove, Ph.D. 3. The Establishment Strikes Back: Never Mind the Evidence, The Learning Channel Wants to Eradicate the Looming Atlantis Heresy * Frank Joseph 4. Inquisition--The Trial of Immanuel Velikovsky: Velikovsky's Battle to Get His Seminal Book, Worlds in Collision, Published * Peter Bros Part TWO * The Past Reconsidered 5. The High Technology of the Ancients: Have We Forgotten Secrets We Once Knew? * Frank Joseph 6. A Scientist Looks at the Great Pyramid: In a New Book, the Geologist Who Stunned the World by Redating the Sphinx Turns His Attention to Another Enigma Nearby * Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D. 7. Precession Paradox: Was Newton Wrong? The Author of a Startling New Book Reexamines the Evidence * Walter Cruttenden 8. The Dogon as Physicists: Do the Symbols of This Enigmatic African People Show Knowledge of Theoretical Physics? * Laird Scranton 9. The Astronomers of Nabta Playa: New Discoveries Reveal Astonishing Prehistoric Knowledge * Mark H. Gaffney Part THREE * Challenges to Traditional Physics 10. Tesla, a Man for Three Centuries: Our Debt to the Eccentric Croatian Inventor Continues to Grow * Eugene Mallove, Ph.D. 11. Tom Bearden Fights for Revolutionary Science: A New Energy Pioneer Lays the Groundwork for Coming Discoveries * William P. Eigles 12. Sonofusion: Can the Energy of the Sun Be Captured in a Bottle--Like an Ancient Genie--and Provide Us with a Future of Limitless Energy? * John Kettler 13. Escape from Gravity: Is the Ancient Promise of Freedom from the Pull of Earth Alive and Well at NASA and Elsewhere? * Jeane Manning 14. Power from the Nightside: Could Earth Itself Be Trying to Provide the Clean Abundant Energy We Need? * Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D. 15. Techno Invisibility: Can Newly Emerging Technology Make Solid Objects Vanish? * John Kettler 16. Weather Wars: Is There an Unnatural Side to Natural Disasters? * John Kettler Part FOUR * Spiritual Science 17. The Sensitivities of Water: Startling New Evidence That Water Can Reflect Thought and More * Jeane Manning 18. The Power of Water: Are Its Secrets the Keys to Solving Today's Most Vexing Problems? * Jeane Manning 19. Madame Curie and the Spirits: What Are We to Make of the Strange Alliance between a Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist and a Notorious Medium? * John Chambers 20. India's Mystic Military: Are Fleeing Tibetan Monks Changing the Balance of Power on the Indian Subcontinent? * John Kettler Part FIVE * Astronomy Farther Out 21. Is the Big Bang Dead? A Maverick Astronomer Challenges Reigning Theory on the Origins of the Universe * Amy Acheson 22. The Cycles of Danger: Does New Research Mean We Are Headed for Trouble? * William Hamilton III Part SIX * Medicine of Another Kind 23. Healing Vibes: Dr. Richard Gerber Is Still Convinced There's More to Getting Well than the Medical Establishment Can Comprehend * Cynthia Logan 24. The Malady in Heart Medicine: A Doctor Shatters the Myths behind Popular Treatments for Heart Disease * Cynthia Logan 25. Energy Medicine in the Operating Room: A New Age Pioneer Takes Her Intuition Where Few Have Dared to Go * Cynthia Logan 26. Getting Left and Right Brains Together: Author and Doctor Leonard Shlain Believes the Future Is Where Art and Physics Intersect * Cynthia Logan 27. X-Ray Vision and Far Beyond: Troy Hurtubise's Amazing Lights Are Said to See through Walls and to Heal as Well * John Kettler 28. The Biology of Transcendence: Do Newly Discovered Retrotransposons Hold the Key to Our Liberation? * John Kettler Part SEVEN * Paranormal Possibilities 29. Paranormal Paratrooper: For David Morehouse, the Military's Psychic Warfare Program Was Much More Than an Exotic Experiment. It Was His Mission, yet It Nearly Destroyed Him * J. Douglas Kenyon 30. Psychic Discoveries since the Cold War: Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder Revisit the Revolutionary Research of Their Classic Study * Len Kasten 31. When Science Meets the Psychics: New Research Buttresses the Challenge of Mind to Matter * Patrick Marsolek 32. Rupert Sheldrake's Seven Senses: A Candid Conversation with a Scientific Iconoclast * Cynthia Logan 33. Telephone Telepathy: Skeptical Outrage Notwithstanding, Rupert Sheldrake Seems to Be Winning the Argument for ESP * John Kettler Part EIGHT * The ET Factor 34. Back-Engineering Roswell: An American Computer Maker Fights for Its Right to Exploit Alien Technology * John Kettler 35. The Fight for Alien Technology: Jack Shulman Remains Undaunted by Mounting Threat * John Kettler Part NINE * Other Dimensions 36. Altered States: Recent Research Sheds New Light on the Inner Reaches of Human Consciousness * Patrick Marsolek 37. Searching for the Unifying Field: Author Lynne McTaggart Is Tracking the World's Most Exotic Research toward Discovery of a Secret Force * Cynthia Logan 38. The Mind-Matter Connection: Did the Long-Sought Smoking Gun of Scientific Proof Finally Appear on September 11, 2001? * John Kettler 39. Dr. Quantum's Big Ideas: Fred Alan Wolf Searches for Concrete Answers to Ephemeral Questions * Cynthia Logan Part TEN * The Future 40. Further Explorations of the Crack in the Cosmic Egg: Joseph Chilton Pearce's New Book Probes the Biology of Transcendence * Cynthia Logan 41. Challenging the Reality Consensus: A Popular New Movie Has People Thinking about the Unthinkable * Patrick Marsolek 42. From Apollo to Zero Point: When Is a Walk on the Moon Not the Highest Point in Life? * J. Douglas Kenyon Selected Bibliography Contributors

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