Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices

Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices

By: Anil Aggrawal (author)Hardback

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From sexual abuse and fetishism to necrophilia and sadomasochism, this unique volume identifies fourteen classifications of unusual sexual pathologies. Emphasizing the physical and psychological aspects of sexuality itself, the book presents detailed comparisons of legal and medical definitions, historical aspects, current incidence, and geographical prevalence of these offenses. It also explores the potential causes, discussing etiological theories and reviewing psychopathology. Highlighting the cross-cultural nature of the forensic aspects of human sexuality, the book examines various case studies in the context of international legislation. It also covers minor aberrant behavior such as coprolalia and troilism.

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Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India


SEXUAL CRIMES AND UNUSUAL SEXUAL PRACTICES-AN OVERVIEW Introduction Definitions What is Normal Sexual Behavior? Sex and Gender Intersexuality Sexual Orientation Nonstandard Genders Gender Role and Gender Identity Sexual Identity Sexual Minority Sex Addiction Objective Criteria of Sexual Deviation Historical perspectives DSM Classification of paraphilia International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Other classifications Sadoff's classification Rosenham and Seligman's Classification Freund, Seto, and Kuban's Classificatio John Money's Classification (1) Sacrificial Paraphilias (2) Predatory Paraphilias (3) Mercantile Paraphilias (4) Fetishistic Paraphilias (5) Eligibility Paraphilias (6) Allurement Paraphilias Freeman's Classification Shaffer and Penn's Classification Miscellaneous Classifications Precontact and Contact Paraphilias Consensual and Nonconsensual Paraphilias Etiology Voluntary Choice Freud's Libido Theory Biological Theories Frontal and Temporal Lobe Lesions Hippocampal Pathology Neurodevelopmental or environmental stressors Monoamine Hypothesis Head Injury Conditioning and Imprinting Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning IRMs and Imprinting John Money's Lovemap theory How are Lovemaps Formed? Vandalized Lovemaps Miscellaneous Theories Epidemiology Prevalence and Incidence Combinations Age Sex Race Mortality/Morbidity Relationship with Alcohol and Drugs Co-existence with Other Disorders Other Significant Features Sex offenders Offender characteristics Clinical and laboratory assessment of paraphiliacs and sex offenders Clinical Interview Behavioral Assessment and Measurement Psycho-physiological Assessment Penile Plethysmography or Phallometry Polygraph Assessments Visual Reaction Time Pupillometry Management Pharmacological treatment Antiandrogens Miscellaneous Drugs Paraphilic prevention PEDOPHILIA AND CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Introduction Proponents of Pedophilia Historical perspectives Pedophilia v. Child molestation and Child sexual abuse Etiology Biological Theories The Role of Hormones Fronto-temporal Disorders Neurodevelopmental Perturbations Miscellaneous Brain Anomalies Unfulfilled Sexual Needs Conditioning Miscellaneous Causes Prevalence and incidence Satanism and Ritual Sex Abuse Offender characteristics Victim characteristics Sequelae Diagnosis/Investigation Medical Examination Management Legal Aspects HIV/STDs and Child Sexual Abuse Recovered Memory Legal Provisions against child sexual abuse in some select jurisdictions Australia Western Australia The Northern Territory New South Wales Canada Germany United Kingdom USA Arkansas California TRANSVESTIC FETISHISM Introduction Classification Class I Transvestites Class II Transvestites Class III Transvestites Class IV Transvestites Class V Transvestites Historical perspectives Transvestism in Prehistory, Legend, and Mythology Greco-Roman Era The Case of Chevalier d'Eon Modern Era Etiology Psychoanalytic Theories Biological Theories Iatrogenesis Epidemiology Prevalence and Incidence Other Significant Characteristics Management Legal Aspects Suicide by Transvestites United States Transvestism and Disability Law Endnotes EXHIBITIONISM Introduction Historical perspectives Medieval Times Behaviors mimicking Exhibitionism Anasyrma Candaulism Mooning Nudism Streaking Zoophilic Exhibitionism Exhibitionism or Indecent Exposure? Etiology Courtship Disorder Theory Biological Factors Conditioning Psychoanalytical Theories Classification Class I Exhibitionists: Fantasizing Exhibitionists Class II Exhibitionists: Pure Exhibitionists Class III Exhibitionists: Exhibitionistic Criminals Class IV Exhibitionists: Exclusive Exhibitionists Prevalence Offender characteristics Onset Association with Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome Family Background Female Exhibitionists Exhibitionism and Pedophilia Management Legal Aspects Australia The Northern Territory Queensland Canada China Germany Hungary Iceland India Japan New Zealand Romania Sweden United Kingdom United States Alabama Alaska Arkansas California Iowa Rhode Island Wisconsin Endnotes FETISHISM Introduction Partialism Historical perspectives Etiology Classic Conditioning Operant Conditioning Psychoanalytical Theories Biological Theories Phylogenetic Considerations Frontal and Temporal Lobe Lesions Neuronal Cross-links Genetic Factors Miscellaneous Explanations Prevalence Animal models of fetishistic behavior Offender characteristics Classification Class I Fetishists: Desirers Class II Fetishists: Cravers Class III Fetishists: Moderate Level Fetishists Class IV Fetishists: High Level Fetishists Types of fetishes Fetish Subculture Garment Fetishism Shoes Diaper Leather and Latex Second Skin Fetishism Management Legal Aspects Canada India UK Endnotes VOYEURISM Introduction Historical perspectives Etiology Conditioning Classification Class I Voyeurs: Pseudovoyeurs Class II Voyeurs: Opportunistic Voyeurs Class III Voyeurs: Computer Voyeurs Class IV Voyeurs: Video Voyeurs Class V Voyeurs: Classical Voyeurs Class VI Voyeurs: Criminal Voyeurs Prevalence Variations of voyeurism Video Voyeurism Downblousing Upskirting Zoophilic Voyeurism Offender characteristics Management Legal Aspects Australia Queensland Canada India United Kingdom United States Video Voyeurism Voyeurism and Disability Law Arkansas Indiana Rhode Island Washington Endnotes SEXUAL MASOCHISM Introduction Historical perspectives Flagellation as a Masochistic Practice Modern Era Etiology Biological theories Endorphins Dopamine Evolutionary Theories Sexual Torture as Enhancer of Fertility Pain as Enhancer of Immune System Psychoanalytical Theories Prevalence Characteristics Classification Class I Sexual Masochists Class II Sexual Masochists Class III Sexual Masochists Class IV Sexual Masochists Legal Aspects Validity of Consent R v. Coney (1882) R. v. Donovan (1934) Reg. v. McCoy (1953) People v. Samuels (1967) When is the Consent to Suffer Bodily Harm Legally Valid? Why is Consent to Suffer Bodily Harm in S/M Activities Not Valid? R. v. Brown ([1993] 2 All England Law Reports 75) Operation Spanner Rulings by the Lower Courts and House of Lords Laskey, Jaggard, and Brown v. United Kingdom, 24 Eur. H.R. Rep. 39 (1997) Aftermath Other Illustrative Cases R v. Wilson (1996 Norway SEXUAL SADISM Introduction Sadism and Masochism Sadism Directed Towards Specific Groups Anal, Oral and Phallic Sadism Sexual Sadism Contrasted with Sadism Historical perspectives India China Rome Middle Ages Modern Era Etiology Early Speculations Brain Abnormalities Endocrine Abnormalities Other Factors Prevalence Offender characteristics Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Co-existence with Other Paraphilias Disturbances in Gender Identity Narcissism Classification Class I Sexual Sadists Class II Sexual Sadists Class III Sexual Sadists Class IV Sexual Sadists Types of Sadistic Behavior Legal Aspects Commonwealth v. Appleby (1980) Iowa v. Collier (1985) People v. Jovanovic (1999) Norway Endnotes FROTTEURISM Introduction Frotteurism v. Molestation Frotteurism v. Frottage Zoophilic Frotteurism Chikan Historical perspectives Etiology Classification Class I Frotteurs: Fantasizing Frotteurs Class II Frotteurs: Consensual Frotteurs Class III Frotteurs: Romantic Frotteurs Class IV Frotteurs: Exclusive Frotteurs Epidemiology Offender characteristics Case Law State Of Iowa v. Timothy Hodges (2004) Legal Aspects Australia Western Australia New South Wales China Iceland India Malaysia Romania USA Alabama Arkansas Washington Wisconsin Endnotes Appendix 1- Ages of Consent for Sexual Intercourse in Different Countries Notes on U.S. laws Endnotes RAPE Introduction Historical perspectives Etiology of rape and rapist typology Incidence Offender characteristics Rape Index Use of coercion Use of deception and fraud Sexual Intercourse Presented as a Genuine Treatment Sexual Intercourse Presented as Genuine Treatment Ambiguously Sexual Touching Impersonation Sexual Scams Sexual Theft Other Issues Involving Consent Mens Rea Sexual Intercourse with People Having Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Difference between Consent and Submission Rape variations Acquaintance Rape Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Gang Rape Incest Rape Male Rape Marital Rape Prison Rape Secondary Rape Serial Rape Psychological sequelae Rape Trauma Syndrome Other Sequelae Investigation of rape Medical Examination of the Victim Steps of Examination Informed Consent Breast Swab Post Exposure Prophylaxis Rape Kit SAKiTA Medical Examination of the Offender Physical Evidence at the Crime Lab Detection of Semen DNA Time Since Intercourse Miscellaneous Techniques Legal aspects Legal Definitions of Sexual Intercourse and Rape Traditional Definitions Current Definitions Is Emission Necessary to Constitute an Offence of Rape? Rape Shield Laws Age of Consent HIV/STDs and Rape Requiring Blood for HIV Testing of a Rapist Does Not Violate his Fourth Amendment Rights Disclosure of HIV Status of a Rapist Does Not Prejudice a Jury Prisoner's HIV Status Miscellaneous Legal Aspects Rape laws in various countries Australia Western Australia South Australia Queensland Austria Canada China India Ireland Namibia New Zealand Norway Russia Spain UK USA Alabama Alaska Arkansas Louisiana Endnotes ZOOPHILIA AND BESTIALITY Introduction Zoophilia and DSM Historical perspectives Bestiality in Mythology and Folklore Bestiality in Hinduism Bestiality in the Bible Prehistoric Times Greco-Roman Period Other Civilizations Middle Ages Modern Era Etiology Sadomasochistic Theories Familial Upbringing Triune Brain Theory Complication of Drug Therapy Miscellaneous Causes Prevalence Classification of zoophilic behavior Classification of zoosexuals Class I Zoosexuals: Human Animal Role-players Class II Zoosexuals: Romantic Zoophiles Class III Zoosexuals: Animal Fetishists Class IV Zoosexuals: True Zoophiles Class V Zoosexuals: Opportunistic Bestials Class VI Zoosexuals: Exclusive Bestials Class VII Zoosexuals: Necrobestials and Zoosadists Some Illustrative Cases Rex v. Cozins Ausman v. Veal Khandu v. Emperor Medical Aspects Zoonoses Other Medical Conditions and Injuries Legal Aspects Australia Northern Territory South Australia Queensland New South Wales Tasmania Victoria Canada China Germany Hungary India Criminal Law Civil Law UK United States Arkansas California Indiana Wisconsin Endnotes SEXUAL HARASSMENT Introduction Historical Perspectives Early Cases of Sexual Harassment Williams v. Saxbe Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson EEOC v. Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing Sexual Harassment Involving Public Figures Anita Hill and Justice Clarence Thomas Paula Corbin Jones and Bill Clinton Anna Richardson and Arnold Schwarzenegger Moshe Katsav Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Classification of sexual harassment Legal Classification Behavioral Classification Prevalence and incidence Offender characteristics Actions Held to be Sexual Harassment Legal Aspects India Vishaka v. State of Rajasthan Rupan Deol Bajaj v. Kanwar Pal Singh Gill Apparel Export Promotion Council v. A.K.Chopra The Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place Bill, 2006 Poland Romania United States Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public Schools, 503 U.S. 60 (1992) Endnotes NECROPHILIA Introduction Necrosadism Necrophilia in Gravediggers and Mortuary Attendants Historical perspectives Necrophilia in Greek Mythology Necrophilia in Ancient Cultures Greco-Roman Period Middle Ages Modern Era Necrophilia in animals Necrophilia and intelligence Variations of Necrophilia Etiology Biological Theories Psychoanalytical Theories Miscellaneous Causes Classification Class I Necrophiliacs: Role Players Class II Necrophiliacs: Romantic Necrophiles Class III Necrophiliacs: People Having a Necrophilic Fantasy Class IV Necrophiliacs: People Having a Fetishistic Necrophilia Class V Necrophiliacs: People Having a Necromutilomania Class VI Necrophiliacs: Opportunistic Necrophiliacs Class VII Necrophiliacs: Regular Necrophiliacs Class VIII Necrophiliacs: Homicidal Necrophiliacs Class IX Necrophiliacs: Exclusive Necrophiles Prevalence Offender characteristics Age Sex Intelligence Sexual Orientation Sex of the Corpses Marital Status History of Sadistic Acts Nonnecrophilic Intercourse Case Studies Nicholas and Alexander Grunke, and Dustin Radke Moninder Singh Pandher and Surendra Koli Medico legal Investigation Legal Aspects Australia Western Australia Northern Territory New South Wales Tasmania Victoria Canada France Germany India United Kingdom United States Alabama Alaska Arkansas California Connecticut Georgia Iowa Indiana Washington Wisconsin Comparing and Contrasting Various Laws Regarding Necrophilia Endnotes INCEST Introduction Incest taboo Historical perspectives The Bible Ancient Civilizations Royal Dynasties Recommendation of Incest Modern Era Etiology Psychoanalytic Theories Other Factors Prevalence Victim characteristics Inbreeding co-efficient Some Illustrative Cases Muth v. Frank Aizawa v. Japan Medical Aspects Legal Aspects Australia South Australia Northern Territory Queensland New South Wales Tasmania Canada Germany Hungary India Civil law Criminal law Ireland Norway Romania USA Alabama Alaska Louisiana Endnotes TELEPHONE SCATOLOGIA Introduction Historical perspectives Telephone Scatologia Involving Public Figures Etiology Pure Random and Opportunistic Sexual Terrorism against Women Displaced Aggression Obscene Phone Calls as Aural Rape Contributory Factors Prevalence Offender and victim characteristics Types of Obscene Phone Callers Class I Telephone Scatologists: Telephone Masturbators Class II Telephone Scatologists: Tricksters Class III Telephone Scatologists: Ingratiating Seducer Class IV Telephone Scatologists: Shock caller Class V Telephone Scatologists: Annoyance Creator Class VI Telephone Scatologists: Panic Creator Some Illustrative Cases The Gault Decision State v. Vines Legal Aspects Australia Northern Territory India New Zealand UK USA Alabama Connecticut Endnotes TRANSSEXUALISM Introduction Is transsexualism a paraphilia Historical perspectives Etiology Hard-wired within the Brain Complex Family Dynamics Two Special Oddities in the Male Transsexual Classification Benjamin's Classification Other Classifications Stoller's Classification Person and Ovesey's Classification Classification Proposed in DSM-III Epidemiology Management Legal Aspects Recommendations of the Council of Europe Illustrative Cases X, Y, & Z v. United Kingdom (1997) Endnotes MISCELLANEOUS SEXUAL CRIMES AND PERVERSIONS Introduction Anal eroticism Autoerotic asphyxia Incidence and Prevalence Medico Legal Aspects Battered wife syndrome Coprolalia Coprophilia Clinical Vampirism Klismaphilia Mutilomania Mysophilia Partialism Piquerism Pyrolagnia Urophilia Vomerophilia Wife-swapping Miscellaneous Legal Aspects Endnotes Appendix 1: A comprehensive list of paraphilias Appendix 2: Glossary Appendix 3: Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices - A brief chronology

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