Fundamentals of Marketing Research (SAGE Library in Marketing)

Fundamentals of Marketing Research (SAGE Library in Marketing)

By: Naresh K. Malhotra (editor)Hardback

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Drawing together seminal and cutting-edge papers on qualitative and quantitative market research, this collection has been compiled by an award-winning scholar internationally hailed as a leading authority on market research. Naresh Malhotra offers academics a nuanced and comprehensive reading of the key issues and concepts across the field. This six-volume set covers the following areas: Volume One: Research Design Aspects: defining the marketing research problem, secondary data analysis, qualitative research, surveys and observation, experimentation. Volume Two: Scaling Techniques and Questionnaire Design: fundamental types of measurement, non-comparative scaling techniques, comparative scaling techniques, multi-item scales, reliability, validity, and generalizability issues, questionnaire design, design of observation forms. Volume Three: Sampling Plans: sampling considerations, non-probability sampling techniques, probability sampling techniques, sampling versus non-sampling errors, statistical approaches to sample size: mean and proportion. Volume Four: Basic Techniques of Data Analysis: parametric tests, nonparametric tests, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, multivariate analysis of variance, correlation and bivariate regression, multivariate regression. Volume Five: Commonly Used Techniques of Data Analysis: multiple discriminant analysis, factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, cluster analysis. Volume Six: Advanced Multivariate Techniques of Data Analysis: logit models, probit models, tobit Models, conjoint analysis, multi-dimensional scaling.


Volume One Marketing Research in the New Millennium - Naresh K Malhotra and Mark Peterson Emerging Issues and Trends Helping Marketing Research Earn a Seat at the Table for Decision-Making - Naresh K Malhotra, Mark Peterson and Can Uslay An Assessment and Prescription for the Future Multiple Orientations for the Conduct of Marketing Research - David Brinberg and Elizabeth C Hirschman An Analysis of the Academic/Practitioner Distinction Exploitation to Engagement - Victoria Brooks The Role of Market Research in Getting Close to Niche Markets Marketing Research Activity and Company Performance - S Hart and A Diamantopoulos Evidence from Manufacturing Industry Marketing Research - Naresh K Malhotra, Mark Peterson and Kleiser A State-of-the-Art Review and Directions for the 21st Century 'Oh No, the Consultants Are Coming!' - Sid Simmons and Angela Lovejoy Defining Marketing Problems - Lawrence D Gibson A Systematic Procedure for Targeting Marketing Research - R P Hamlin Nonsampling versus Sampling Errors in Survey Research - Henry Assael and John Keon Australian Marketing Managers' Perceptions of the Internet - E K F Leong, M T Ewing and L F Pitt A Quasi-Longitudinal Perspective Commercial Use of UPC Scanner Data - Randolph F Bucklin and Sunil Gupta Industry and Academic Perspectives Sales Information Systems - Bill Donaldson and George Wright Are They Being Used for More Than Simple Mail Shots? Managing the Capture of Individuals Viewing within a Peoplemeter Service - John Gill Do Household Scanner Data Provide Representative Inferences from Brand Choices - Sachin Gupta et al A Comparison with Store Data Harvesting Past Research - Neil Helgeson, Jack Fentress and Bruce Lervoog Assessing the Validity of Secondary Data Proxies for Marketing Constructs - Mark B Houston Developments in Outputs from the 2001 Census - Barry Leventhal Social Grading and the Census - Erhard Meier and Corrine Moy The Role of Geodemographics in Segmenting and Targeting Consumer Markets - V W Mitchell and P J McGoldrick A Delphi Study Evolutionary Preference Segmentation with Panel Survey Data - Venkatram Ramaswamy An Application to New Products Volume Two Small Sample Market Research - Timothy Bock and John Sergeant Computer Applications - A New Road for Qualitative Data Analysis? - S Dembkowski and S Hanmer-Lloyd The Use of Focus Groups for Idea Generation - Edward F Fern The Effects of Group Size, Acquaintanceship and Moderator on Response Quantity and Quality The Shopping List Studies and Projective Techniques - Eugene H Fram and Elaine Cibotti A 40-Year View Consumer Research, Interpretive Paradigms and Methodological Ambiguities - C Goulding Exploring Phenomenological Research - Alexandra J Kenyon Nominal Grouping Sessions versus Focus Groups - Barry E Langford, Gerald Schoenfeld and George Izzo What 'Healthy Living' Means to Consumers - Paul Marsden Trialing a New Qualitative Research Technique Online Focus Groups - M M Montoya-Weiss, A P Massey and D L Clapper Conceptual Issues and a Research Tool Focus Groups in Cyberspace - Henrietta O'Connor and Clare Madge Using the Internet for Qualitative Research Processes of a Case Methodology for Postgraduate Research in Marketing - C Perry Online Focus Groups - Donna J Reid and Fraser J Reid Validity and Reliability in Case Study Research - Andreas M Riege A Literature Review with 'Hands-on' Applications for Each Research Phase Respondent Co-Operation in Focus Groups - Peter Tuckel and Michael Wood A Field Study Using Moderator Ratings E-Mail and Snail Mail Face off in Rematch - Duane P Bachmann, John Elfrink and Gary Vazzana Amount, Timing and Value of Financial Incentives in Mail Surveys - Thomas J Bergmann, William J Hannaford and James Wenner Does It Make a Difference? A Comparison of Mail, Fax and Web-Based Survey Methods - Cihan Cobanoglu, Bill Warde and Patrick J Moreo Is Survey Research Dead? - Lawrence A Crosby, Sheree L Johnson and Richard T Quinn A Critical Exploration of Face-to-Face Interviewing versus Computer-Mediated Interviewing - Carolyn Folkman Curasi Towards a Typology of Consumer Survey Research - I D Greig Online Surveys in Marketing Research - Janet Ilieva, Steve Baron and Nigel Healey Pros and Cons Can Online Polls Produce Accurate Findings? - Peter Kellner A Comparison of Online and Postal Data Collection Methods in Marketing Research - Heath McDonald and Stewart Adam Comparing Response Distributions of Offline and Online Data Collection Methods - Neils Schillewaert and Pascale Meulemeester Internet-Based Marketing Research - Alan Wilson and Nial Laskey A Serious Alternative to Traditional Research Methods? Volume Three An Experimental Approach to Making Retail Store Environmental Decisions - Julie Baker, Michael Levy and Dhruv Grewal Advertising Experiments at the Campbell Soup Company - Joseph O Eastlack and Ambar G Rao Learning and Using Electronic Information Products and Services - Vikas Mittal and Mohanbir S Sawhney A Field Study The Right Side of Metrics - Gordon A Wyner The Metric Quality of Ordered Categorical Data - V Srinivasan and Amiya K Basu Measurement Validation in Marketing Research - Bruce L Alford and Brian T Engelland A Review and Commentary Measuring the Sources of Marketing Channel Power - James R Brown, Jean L Johnson and Harold F Koenig A Comparison of Alternative Approaches Development and Validation of a Brand Trust Scale - Elena Delgado-Ballester, Jose Luis Munuera-Alem[ac]an and Mar[ac]i Jes[ac]us Yag[um]ue-Guill[ac]en The Use of Expert Judges in Scale Development - David M Hardesty and William O Bearden Implications for Improving Face Validity Measures of Unobservable Constructs The Dangers of Poor Construct Conceptualization - Scott B MacKenzie Development and Validation of Scales to Measure Attitudes Influencing Monetary Donations to Charitable Organizations - Deborah J Webb, Corliss L Green and Thomas G Brashear Pretesting Questionnaires - Ruth M Bolton Content Analyses of Respondents' Concurrent Verbal Protocols Question Order Effects in Measuring Service Quality - Carol W DeMoranville and Carol C Bienstock Response Order Effects - How Do People Read? - Bobby Duffy Common Method Biases in Behavioral Research - Philip M Podsakoff et al A Critical Review of the Literature and Recommended Remedies The Effect of Pretest Method on Error Detection Rates - N Reynolds and A Diamantopoulos Experimental Evidence Split-Questionnaire Design - Marco Vriends, Michel Wedel and Zsolt Sandor Improving the Quality of Shopping Center Sampling - Seymour Sudman Sampling in the 21st Century - Seymour Sudman and Edward Blair Sampling and Controlling a TV Audience Measurement Panel - Steve Wilcox The Effect of Introductions on Telephone Survey Response Rates - Mike Brennan, Susan Benson and Zane Kearns Riding the Wave - Cindy Claycomb, Stephen Porter and Charles Martin Response Rates and the Effects of Time Intervals between Successive Mail Survey Follow-up Efforts The Effect of Incentives in Web Surveys - Cihan Cobanoglu and Nesrin Cobanoglu Application and Ethical Considerations Are Consumer Survey Results Distorted? Systematic Impact of Behavioral Frequency and Duration on Survey Response Errors - Eunkyu Lee, Michael Y Hu and Rex S Toh Volume Four Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Marketing Research - Naresh K Malhotra, James Agarwal and Mark Peterson Managing Outliers - Terry Clark Qualitative Issues in the Handling of Extreme Observations in Marketing Research Cases as Configurations - Raymond A Kent Using Combinatorial and Fuzzy Logic to Analyze Marketing Data Managing Missing Data - Marco Vriens and Eric Melton Building Models for Marketing Decisions - Peter Leeflang and Dick Wittink Past, Present and Future Sampling Properties of Rate Questions with Implications for Survey Research - Bruce Buchanan and Donald G Morrison Statistical Power and Effect Size in Marketing Research - Alan G Sawyer and Dwayne A Ball The Significance of Statistical Tests in Marketing Research - Alan G Sawyer and J Paul Peter The Effect of Background Music on Ad Processing - James J Kellaris, Anthony D Cox and Dena Cox A Contingency Explanation An Experimental Study of the Role of Brand Strength in the Relationship between the Medium of Communication and Perceived Credibility of the Message - Roger Marshall and Na WoonBong Effect Size and Power in Assessing Moderating Effects of Categorical Variables Using Multiple Regression - Herman Aguinis et al A 30-Year Review Managing Multicollinearity - Terry Grapentine Path Analysis versus Structural Equation Modeling - Terry Grapentine Parameter Estimation in Marketing Models in the Presence of Multicollinearity - Vijay Mahajan, Arun K Jain and Michel Bergier An Application of Ridge Regression A Meta-Analysis of the Size Effects in Consumer Behavior Experiments - Robert A Peterson, Gerald Albaum and Richard Beltramini Collinearity, Power and Interpretation of Multiple Regression Analysis - Charlotte Mason and William Perreault Identification and Analysis of Moderator Variables - Subhash Sharma, Richard Durand and Oded Gau-Arie Multivariate Analysis versus Multiple Univariate Analysis - Carl Huberty and John Morris Misleading Heuristics and Moderated Multiple Regression Models - Julie R Irwin and Gary H McClelland Internet Users' Information Privacy Concerns - Naresh K Malhotra, Sung Kim and James Agarwal The Construct, the Scale and a Causal Model Teaching the Concept of Breakdown Point in Simple Linear Regression - Wai-Sum Chan Volume Five Using Logistic Regression in Classification - G Hayden Green et al A Logit Model of Brand Choice Calibrated on Scanner Data - Peter M Guadagni and John Little Validation of Discriminant Analysis in Marketing Research - Melvin R Crask and William D Perreault Jr Services Considered Important to Business Customers and Determinants of Bank Selection in Kuwait - Thabet A Edris and Mohammad A Almahmeed A Segmentation Analysis Using Discriminant Analysis in Marketing Research - William D Neal Part One Using Discriminant Analysis in Marketing Researech - William D Neal Part Two Exploring Repeated Measures Data Sets for Key Features Using Principal Components Analysis - Eric T Bradlow Identifying the Most Influential Observations in Factor Analysis - Sangit Chatterjee, Linda Jamieson and Frederick Wiseman Factor Analysis and Missing Data - Wagner A Kamakura and Michel Wedel The Factor Structure of Multidimensional Response to Marketing Stimuli - V Srinivasan, P Vanden Abeele and I Butaye A Comparison of Two Approaches The Application and Misapplication of Factor Analysis in Marketing Research - David W Stewart A Test for Clusters - Stephen John Arnold Blinded by Science - Paul Bottomley and Agnes Nairn The Managerial Consequences of Inadequately Validated Cluster Analysis Solutions Strategic Orientations in Export Pricing - S Tamer Cavusgil, Kwong Chan and Chun Zhang A Clustering Approach to Create Firm Taxonomies A Note on the Reliability of Certain Clustering Algorithms - G Ray Funkhouser Mapping Consumers' Cognitive Structures - G P Hodgkinson, J Padmore and A E Tomes A Comparison of Similarity Trees with Multidimensional Scaling and Cluster Analysis Grouping Euroconsumers - Sudhir H Kale A Culture-Based Clustering Approach Assessing Cluster Analysis Results - T D Klastorin Cluster Analysis in Marketing Research - Girish Punj and David W Stewart Review and Suggestions for Application Cluster Analysis Gets Complicated - Rajan Sambandam Volume Six An Investigation of Country-of-Origin Effect Using Correspondence Analysis - Ming-Huei Hsieh A Cross-National Context Overcoming the Attribute Prespecification Bias in International Marketing Research - Naresh K Malhotra and Betsy Charles Bartels Dual Scaling and Correspondence Analysis of Preferences, Paired Comparisons and Ratings - Anna Torres and Michael Greenacre Bank Image - Ugur Yavas and Donald J Shemwell Exposition and Illustration of Correspondence Analysis Adaptive Conjoint Analysis versus Self-Explicated Models - Manoj K Agarwal and Paul E Green Some Empirical Results MDS Maps for Product Attributes and Market Response - Rick L Andrews and Ajay K Manrai An Application to Scanner Panel Data The Effects of Alternative Methods of Collecting Similarity Data for Multidimensional Scaling - Tammo H A Bijmolt and Michael Wedel A Comparison of Multidimensional Scaling Methods for Perceptual Mapping - Tammo H A Bijmolt and Michael Wedel Robustness of Conjoint Analysis - Frank J Carmone, Paul E Green and Arun Jain Some Monte Carlo Results Marketing Applications of MDS - Paul E Green Assessment and Outlook On the Robustness of Multidimensional Scaling Techniques - Paul E Green Hybrid Models for Conjoint Analysis - Paul E Green An Expository Review Segmenting Markets with Conjoint Analysis - Paul E Green and Abba M Krieger Conjoint Analysis in Consumer Research - Paul E Green and V Srinivasan Issues and Outlook Conjoint Analysis in Marketing - Paul E Green and V Srinivasan New Developments with Implications for Research and Practice Methodological Issues in Conjoint Analysis - S R Jaeger, D Hedderley and H J H MacFie A Case Study Conjoint Utility Limits as Affected by Conjoint Design and Estimating Program - Marvin J Karson and Gary M Mullet Incorporating Context Effects in the Multidimensional Scaling of 'Pick Any/N' Choice Data - Juyoung Kim et al Hierarchical Bayes Conjoint Analysis - Peter J Lenk Recovery of Partworth Heterogeneity from Reduced Experimental Design Information Overload in Conjoint Experiments - Rune Lines and Jon M Denstadli Structural Reliability and Stability of Nonmetric Conjoint Analysis - Naresh K Malhotra Validity and Reliability of Multidimensional Scaling - Naresh K Malhotra A Cross-Validity Comparison of Rating-Based and Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis Models - William L Moore The Importance of Product Country of Origin - C Okechucku A Conjoint Analysis of the United States, Canada, Germany and The Netherlands Conjoint Analysis Reliability - David Reibstein, John E Bateson and William Boulding Empirical Findings Improving Predictive Power of Conjoint Analysis by Constrained Parameter Estimation - V Srinivasan, Arun K Jain and Naresh K Malhotra The Metric Quality of Full-Profile Judgments and the Number-of-Attribute-Levels Effect in Conjoint Analysis - Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp and Dick R Wittink Assessing the Effects of Abstract Attributes and Brand Familiarity in Conjoint Choice Experiments - Michel Wedel et al

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