Gathering Storm Part Eight of the Okal Rel Saga

Gathering Storm Part Eight of the Okal Rel Saga

By: Lynda Williams (author)eBook


It was supposed to be a civilized event...

But the first-ever cultural exchange between the Sevolite empire and the worlds of Rire was in trouble even before festivities were interrupted by the desperate rescue of a rebel Nesak priest.

There are plenty reasons for cross-cultural relations to be strained. Horth braved a Demish ball to find out why Ilse ran away. Ilse’s not the only woman dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. And Eler’s staging questionable plays. Amel’s in trouble with the Vrellish for agreeing to get married and in trouble with the Demish for agreeing to perform with a Reetion dancer who turns out to be gay. When Amel’s ex-lover, Ann of Rire, puts in an appearance with a baby she claims to be his, his Bridegroom ball is at stake. As well as the baby’s life, if the Vrellish suspect unnatural origins.

The arrival of a Lorel doctor in a bizarre ship stirs the mix. And controversy flares into a duel when Rire discovers Nersallians hunt and kill grabrats – the only intelligent aliens known to Rire.

And then the Nesaks arrive, prepared to shut down the new dawn of civilization with total war.


About Lynda Williams

Lynda Williams is Learning Technology Analyst and Manager at Simon Fraser University and teaches web development, part-time, for BCIT. She holds three university degrees, founded the Prince George FreeNet in the 1990s, and managed the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Northern B.C. for ten years doing work for which she received awards in the field of social uses for digital innovations.

The Okal Rel Saga has been a lifelong preoccupation focused on well-loved characters who dramatize the struggle to rise above inter-cultural power struggles in order to put science to work for humanity. Lynda also manages the “Writer’s Craft” feature on the Clarion blog with David Lott, and celebrates science fiction with kindred spirits on her blog, Reality Skimming, assisted by Tegan Lott and Michelle Carraway. Additional stories set in the universe established by the Okal Rel Saga can be found in the Okal Rel Legacies series, available in print and digital formats.

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