Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites: Workshop Proceedings

Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites: Workshop Proceedings

By: Alessandro Flora (editor), Stefania Lirer (editor), Carlo Viggiani (editor), Emilio Bilotta (editor)Hardback

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All the traces of historic heritage are a fundamental part of our environment and reward us in the form of cultural enrichment, with the ability to have a positive effect both on our lifestyle and economy. Therefore, the preservation of ancient monuments, historic towns and sites has increasingly drawn the attention of public opinion, governmental agencies as well as consultants and contractors. This interest must be however carefully controlled and directed, since the conservation of monuments and historic sites is one of the most challenging problems of our age. Careless attempts at preservation can be detrimental not only to their iconic value (formal integrity), but even to their structural characteristics and the materials they are built with (material integrity). Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites collects one opening address, four special lectures and 82 contributions from all over the world, giving a unique sample of the geotechnical problems to be tackled, the solutions currently being proposed, and the strategies being carried out to preserve the overall integrity of monuments and historic sites. It is clearly apparent that differences exist around the world not only in terms of the characteristics of the monuments or sites to be preserved, but also in the approaches adopted to achieve this aim. Hence, no unique solution is available to the geotechnical engineer dealing with the delicate structures and sites that represent our cultural heritage, and knowledge of previous experiences may be a unique guide in any technical decision-making process.

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Opening address Cultural heritage and geotechnical engineering: An introduction C. Viggiani Special lectures Influence of the subsoil on the urban development of Napoli S. Aversa, A. Evangelista & A. Scotto di Santolo Local site conditions and seismic risk assessment of historic buildings D. D'Ayala & A. Ansal The role of monitoring and identification techniques on the preservation of historic towers R. Lancellotta & D. Sabia Intervention techniques E. Ovando-Shelley, E. Santoyo & M.O. Pinto de Oliveira Papers New underground lines in historic centres: Experiences in Brescia A.M. Ajmone Cat, E. Campa, M. Lodico & C. Umiliaco Safeguarding the historic town of San Fratello, Sicily C. Airo Farulla & F. Cafiso Stability analysis of the underground masonry tunnel of Ancient Nemea H. Alexakis & N. Makris Foundation systems of some heritage buildings in Najaf/Iraq case study: Al Shelan Khan N.K.S. AL-Saoudi & M.Sh. AL-Shakerchy Seismic vulnerability reduction for historical buildings: The case study of house of mosaics L. Alterio, L. Evangelista, G. Russo & F. Silvestri New evidences on the Phlegraean bradyseism in the area of Puteolis harbour L. Amato & C. Gialanella Important works in the town centre and preservation of existing heritage: The Grand Carre Jaude in Clermont-Ferrand (France) F. Ambrosini, P. Berthelot, F. Durand & A. Reynaud Drilled spiral piles in St. John's Church of Tartu, Estonia K. Avellan Settlement induced by TBM excavation under the Vittoria's Church in Napoli S. Aversa, E. Bilotta, G. Russo & A. di Luccio Ground improving injections underneath historical buildings: Five case histories as an overview of a technique V. Berengo Monitoring of the temperature-moisture regime of rock dwellings in Brhlovce village (Slovakia) V. Bohac, D. Fidrikova, V. Vretenar, T. Durmekova, I. Simkova, V. Greif & J. Vlcko Restoration projects and remedial works in the historical island of Ventotene N. Bosco, P. Croce, B. Palma, D. Pingitore & M. Ramondini 19th and 20th century coastal military installations affected by coastal erosion in the UK E.N. Bromhead, M-L. Ibsen & D. Tapete Interpretation and modelling of the subsidence at the archaeological site of Sybaris (Southern Italy) F. Cafaro, F. Cotecchia, V. Lenti & R. Pagliarulo Geotechnical aspects in the preservation of the Domus Tiberiana in Rome G. Calabresi, L. Cavalera, V. Ascoli Marchetti & M.G. Filetic New underground lines in historic centres: Experiences in Naples E. Campa, A.M. Ajmone Cat, C. Fioretti & L. Mormone The Benedictine Basilica of S. Angelo in Formis (Southern Italy): A therapy without diagnosis? A. Cammarota, G. Russo, C. Viggiani & M. Candela The vineyard of the monastery of S. Martino in Napoli M. Candela, C. Viggiani & R. Viparelli Site characterization by in situ and laboratory tests for the structural & architectural restoration of Saint Nicholas Church, Nicosia, Cyprus A. Cavallaro, L. Cessari & E. Gigliarelli Long-term mechanical behavior of wooden pile foundation in Venice F. Ceccato, P. Simonini & A. Lionello Cultural Heritage and physical environment: A geo-archaeological approach to the analysis of interaction and risk factors A. Cinti, L. Coppola & E.N. Bromhead Settlement response of masonry constructions M. Como Assessment of geological and geotechnical conditions for rebuilding Avala's television tower S. Coric, D. Rakic, G. Hadzi-Nikovic, T. Jankovic, V. Filipovic & B. Marjanovic Afghanistan, Buddhas of Bamiyan: Emergency consolidation of the cliffs and niches C. Crippa, R. Granata & C. Margottini Archaeology and geotechnical engineering S. D'Agostino & G. Tocco Long-term stability of old cathedrals in St. Petersburg R.E. Dashko & A.V. Shidlovskaya A study for the requalification and safety against natural hazards of the environmental and building heritage of Sant'Agata de' Goti (Italy) F. de Silva, M. Melillo, D. Calcaterra, F. Fascia, A. Scotto di Santolo, F. Silvestri & L. Stendardo Study and monitoring for conservation of Sanctuary of Santa Maria Assunta at Monteortone (Abano Terme, Padova) A. Dei Svaldi & A. Mazzucato Slope dynamics, monitoring and geological conservation of the Siq of Petra (Jordan) G. Delmonaco, C. Margottini & D. Spizzichino Historic and non-historic building impact assessment methodology for major tunnelling infrastructure projects M. Devriendt, E. Palmer, R. Hill & D. Lazarus Dynamic identification and seismic behaviour of the Ghirlandina tower in Modena (Italy) A. Di Tommaso, R. Lancellotta, D. Sabia, D. Costanzo, F. Focacci & F. Romaro Performance evaluation of bending strength to predict durability of ornamental gneiss from Santo Antonio de Padua, RJ, BR J.L.E. Dias Filho, P.C.A. Maia, G.C. Xavier & P.A.M. Fernandes The role of the geotechnical engineer in archaeological work: The Greek experience D. Egglezos, D. Moullou & M. Ioannidou Re-burial of the Arrephorion on the Athenian Acropolis: An in situ rescue intervention against degradation D.N. Egglezos Egyptian experience in the preservation of monuments and historic structures. A case study: Hibis Temple, El-Kharga-Egypt M.K. El-Ghamrawy, M.A. Sakr & S.A. Gad Diagnostic of the colonial structure "Palacio del Segundo Cabo" in Havana, Cuba S. Figueredo, Y. Gamez, R. Lorenzo, J. de la Rosa & R.P. da Cunha Softening and swelling mechanism affecting south slope of Civita di Bagnoregio (VT) F. Garbin, C. Margottini, R. Brancaleoni & A. Sonnessa Evaluation of the soil disturbance due to the installation of prefabricated vertical drains: An analytical approach applied to case histories A. Ghandeharioon Preservation and monitoring of the Frari bell tower in Venice G. Gottardi, M. Marchi, A. Lionello & P.P. Rossi Collapse of a backfilled wall at the Castle Wespenstein I. Herle, J. Manner, E. Schwiteilo & J. Wehr Geotechnical problems on historical buildings from Transylvania N.M. Ilies & A. Popa Research and advanced technology in the restoration of the monuments of the Athenian Acropolis M. Ioannidou Estimation of moisture condition with salinity in the ground behind the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes using the electrical resistivity method M. Ito, K. Koizumi, K. Oda, T. Miyawaki, C. Piao, C. Tanimoto, Y. Iwasaki, X. Wang, Q. Guo & S. Yang Dismantling for reconstitution of N1 Tower of Prasat Suor Prat, Angkor Thom, Cambodia Y. Iwasaki, Y. Akazawa, M. Fukuda, J. Nakazawa, K. Nakagawa, I. Shimoda & T. Nakagawa A variegated embankment dam in a historical territory R. Jappelli Safety and/or security of monuments? An apparent dilemma R. Jappelli Strong motion record processing for the Athenian Acropolis seismic response assessment I.S. Kalogeras & D. Egglezos Settlements due to tail gap of shield tunnelling D. Kolymbas An innovative approach for reducing the seismic risk of existing buildings and historic sites D. Lombardi, A. Flora, S. Lirer & F. Silvestri Preservation of historic structures and monuments using minimally invasive Screw-Piles and Helical Anchors-two cases A.J. Lutenegger, D. Robson & P. Mohan Seismic risk assessment of San Gimignano towers: Geotechnical aspects and soil-structure interaction C. Madiai, S. Renzi & G. Vannucchi Analytical modelling of the creep-rotation rate for leaning towers M. Marchi, I. Fabbi, G. Gottardi, R. Butterfield & R. Lancellotta Geotechnical and geophysical characterization of Moai statues-Rapa Nui Easter Island (Chile) C. Margottini, D. Spizzichino, L. Orlando, M. Marsella, B. Renzi, A. Sonnessa, O. Pandolfi & P. Soddu Landslide risk and monitoring system for conservation of Vardzia monastery, Georgia C. Margottini, D. Spizzichino & A. Sonnessa Strength and structure of the roofed mud-walls of Toji Temple M. Mimura, M. Yoshimura & T. Terao Spatial-temporal analysis of the subsidence in the city of Bologna G. Modoni, G. Darini, R.L. Spacagna, M. Saroli, G. Russo & P. Croce Repair works at Saint Claire Convent in Chinchon (Madrid, Spain) P.R. Monteverde & J.M. Avila-Jalvo Groundwater management during excavations of S. Pasquale station in Naples L. Mormone, G. Falconio & A. Mandolini Offshore soil investigations on the bottom of Ohrid Lake and authentic reconstruction of timber piles settlement D. Nikolovski, B. Veljanovski & A. Stojkovska Groundwater development and management in Siem Reap, Cambodia: Impacts of groundwater pumping on Angkor Wat M. Nishigaki, S. Takahashi, M. Takahashi & Y. Maruo Unsaturated sand in the stability of the cuesta of the Temple of Hera (Agrigento) N. Nocilla, L. Ercoli, M. Zimbardo, A. Nocilla, P. Meli, G. Grado, G. Parello & G. Presti Slope consolidation of Monteagudo de las Vicarias castle (Soria) C.S. Oteo & P. de la Fuente Load transfer in micropile underpinning of old foundations J.M. Rodriguez Ortiz Construction of the Line C San Giovanni station in Rome E. Romani & N. Miniero Permanence and preservation of the Metztitlan convent in Hidalgo, Mexico E. Santoyo-Villa & E. Ovando-Shelley The Fontanelle Cemetery: Between legend and reality A. Scotto di Santolo, L. Evangelista & A. Evangelista A class C prediction of the settlements induced in a historical masonry structure by the excavation of shallow twin tunnels M. Sebastianelli, G. de Felice, M. Malena, A. Amorosi, D. Boldini & G. Di Mucci Soil structure interaction on the dynamic behavior of two historic masonry structures S. Sica, F. Ceroni & M.R. Pecce New Lanark Walls: Examples of sustainable design for a World Heritage Site M.J. Smith Evaluating the effects of tunnel construction on monuments: The example of the Basilica di Massenzio in Rome F.M. Soccodato, L. Callisto, S. Rampello & G.M.B. Viggiani The preservation of the historical, archeological and artistic heritage of Orvieto: An interdisciplinary project F.M. Soccodato, E. Martini, L. Tortoioli & A.M. Mazzi Landslide risk assessment and management in the archaeological site of Machu Picchu (Peru) D. Spizzichino, C. Margottini & L.M. Puzzilli The rebuilding of San Piero a Grado bell tower N. Squeglia Safeguard stories of living monuments (unstable towns of the region of Umbria) P. Tamburi & E. Martini Geohazards and climate change issues for the preservation of the Saxon Shore in South Britain D. Tapete & E.N. Bromhead Preservation and reconstruction of historic monuments in Saint Petersburg with provisions for soil-structure interaction V.M. Ulitsky, A.G. Shashkin, K.G. Shashkin & M.B. Lisyuk Localized settlements of an ancient hospital foundation: Analysis of the problem to assess a possible reinforcement intervention R. Valentino, E. Coisson, F. Freddi & F. Ottoni Geotechnical investigation and stabilization of the foundations of a World Heritage in Portugal, the Guimaraes Castle A. Viana da Fonseca, A. Arede, E. Pauperio & A. Costa Safeguarding interventions for two historical sites in the Middle East B. Vingiani & G. Salerno Use of jet grouting technique to realize substructures of historic buildings: The example of an apartment building in Warsaw K. Wanik Geotechnical and structural investigations of historical monuments of Kazakhstan A. Zh. Zhussupbekov, T.O. Zhunisov, A.Z. Issina & T. Awwad The safety of an industrial archaeological heritage: The underground quarries in Marsala (Sicily) M. Zimbardo, L. Ercoli, C. Cannone & A. Nocilla Author index

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