Gift of the Destroyer

Gift of the Destroyer

By: Jeroen Steenbeeke (author)eBook


Nothing could stand against the Revenant's armies. Entire nations fell as crops withered and people starved. The world's most powerful warriors could not defeat him, even with the aid of the most powerful sorceress to have ever lived.

Thirty years earlier, the scarred warrior Brenor arrives at Lianna's farm. He holds the key to defeating the Revenant before he becomes a threat, but to do so, he needs to cross the Forbidden Lands. And for that, he needs Lianna's help.

Together, they are the only ones capable of preventing the future Brenor has already lived through. But to face the dangers of the Forbidden Lands, and the man who is hunting them both, Lianna must master the Gift of the Destroyer.

Gift of the Destroyer is the first book in the Hunter in the Dark trilogy. The second book - The Raven's Endgame - and the third book - Hunter's Chosen - are also available.

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  • series: The Hunter in the Dark
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  • publisher: Jeroen Steenbeeke

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