Happily Ever After's Got To Start Somewhere

Happily Ever After's Got To Start Somewhere

By: Adorabol Huckleby (author)eBook


Lucy-Ann Taylor could never bring herself to smile in her high school. If the stuck up kids and judgmental teachers weren't enough to deal with, she always got weird looks and seemed to be the main target of adolescent teenage pranks. For Lucy, getting paired with the school’s biggest asset wasn't exactly something to smile about either, she wasn't his biggest fan. But if that was so true, how was he able to make her laugh? He was tricky in that way. Although, Lucy didn't mind laughing every once in a while, she was always left with one question. Did she deserve to be happy?

Tanner Ford was never one to open up. He had his family and his friends and that’s all he thought needed. He definitely didn't think he needed the strange girl from his SELF class. He’d never really talked to her, but with time things change and school projects get assigned. Before he knew it she was there in his life and becoming a big part of it. Could things in this world really work so easily, or sooner or later would he have to fight to keep what he wanted?

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  • ID: 9781301734221
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  • publisher: Adorabol Huckleby
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