Heart Attack Survival Guide

Heart Attack Survival Guide

By: Mark Greener (author)eBook
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Coronary heart disease, the commonest cause of heart attacks, remains the leading cause of death in the UK, despite rates falling in the last few decades, despite numerous therapeutic advances and despite increased awareness. Rates are especially high in economically deprived communities, some ethnic groups and at certain ages; but everyone's at risk. This book aims to help people at high risk prevent their first or subsequent heart attack as well as helping those who experience a heart attack get back to a normal life as soon as possible. As this book shows, combining drugs and lifestyle changes can help you survive - and prevent - heart attacks. Topics include: • The anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system • Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors such as smoking, diet, age, family history and sex • Causes and types of heart attack • Why heart attacks are more common at certain times of day • Prognosis - what makes survival more likely • Symptoms in men, women and the elderly • Diagnosis and treatment • After a heart attack - physical, psychological and lifestyle factors • Preventing heart attacks • Caring for a loved one after a heart attack

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