Hebrew Literature Comprising Talmudic Treatises, Hebrew Melodies, and the Kabbalah Unveiled

Hebrew Literature Comprising Talmudic Treatises, Hebrew Melodies, and the Kabbalah Unveiled

By: Epiphanius Wilson, Editor (author)eBook


This edition features a linked Table of Contents and Footnotes

    Special Introduction
    Selections From The Talmud
    Translator's Introduction
    On Blessings
    On The Sabbatical Year
    On The Sabbath
    On The Passover
    On The Day Of Atonement
    On Tabernacles
    The New Year
    On Fasting
    The Feast-Offering
    The Sanhedrin
    On Idolatry
    The Fathers
    The Daily Sacrifice
    On Measurements
    The Tabernacle
    The Heifer
    The Kabbalah Unveiled: The Lesser Holy Assembly
    Chapter I: Which Containeth the Introduction
    Chapter II: Concerning the Skull of the Ancient One, and Concerning His Brain; and Concerning the Three Heads, and the Hair, and the Discriminatory Paths
    Chapter III: Concerning the Forehead of the Most Holy Ancient One
    Chapter IV: Concerning the Eyes of the Most Holy Ancient One
    Chapter V: Concerning the Nose of the Most Holy Ancient One
    Chapter VI: Concerning the Beard of the Most Holy Ancient One
    Chapter VII: Concerning the Brain and the Wisdom in General
    Chapter VIII: Concerning the Father and the Mother in Special
    Chapter IX: Concerning Microprosopus and His Bride in General
    Chapter X: Concerning Microprosopus in Especial, with Certain Digressions; and Concerning the Edomite Kings
    Chapter XI: Concerning the Brain of Microprosopus and Its Connections
    Chapter XII: Concerning the Hair of Microprosopus
    Chapter XIII: Concerning the Forehead of Microprosopus
    Chapter XIV: Concerning the Eyes of Microprosopus
    Chapter XV: Concerning the Nose of Microprosopus
    Chapter XVI: Concerning the Ears of Microprosopus
    Chapter XVII: Concerning the Countenance of Microprosopus
    Chapter XVIII: Concerning the Beard of Microprosopus
    Chapter XIX: Concerning the Lips and Mouth of Microprosopus
    Chapter XX: Concerning the Body of Microprosopus
    Chapter XXI: Concerning the Bride of Microprosopus
    Hebrew Melodies
    Ode To Zion
    God, Whom Shall I Compare To Thee?
    Servant Of God
    My King
    To The Soul
    Sabbath Hymn
    O Sleeper! Wake, Arise!
    The Land Of Peace
    The Heart's Desire
    O Soul, With Storms Beset!
    Hymn Of Praise
    Passover Hymn
    Morning Prayer
    Judgment And Mercy
    Grace After Meals
    Lord Of The Universe
    Hymn For The Conclusion Of The Sabbath
    God And Man
    Hymn For Tabernacles
    Hymn For Pentecost
    Hymn Of Glory
    Hymn Of Unity For The Seven Days Of The Week
    Penitential Prayer
    The Living God We Praise

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