Honey from the Rock: A History of the Holy Land

Honey from the Rock: A History of the Holy Land

By: Raphael Cutler (author)Mixed Media

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HONEY FROM THE ROCK is the second book of the trilogy and illustrates graphically that the history of the Holy Land is far more than a mere description of successive empires. What is paramount is the fact that this land is where the Jewish people has best expressed its religious genius throughout the ages.Thus, in ancient times, the symbiotic relationship between land and people produced the Bible, the foundation stone of Western Civilisation. Similarly, in later periods the Holy Land produced the Mishna, the Midrash, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Masorah and the Shulchan Aruch. All of these were to make a vital contribution to the development of the Oral Law, the counterpart of the Bible. Every copy of the book is supplied with a new innovation in the form of a Time Scale Measure. This should prove to be an invaluable educational tool to guide the reader into different aspects of the history of the Holy Land which can then be studied in depth in the book itself.The ultimate message of the intended trilogy is thus to stress how Jewish existence can only be ascribed to the unique bond between People, Land and Religion. '...I highly recommend this book for a place of honor in any Jewish home or school' - Rabbi Berel Wein

About Author

Raphael Cutler was born in England. His education culminated in a BA from Jew's College in London and subsequently a Diploma in Architecture from Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Metropolitan University).In 1973 he immigrated with his family to Israel where he worked in the public sector as a Town Planner. However, he was always a passionate student of history. He quickly came to realise that, whereas architecture comprised the art of dividing space, history comprised the art of dividing time.After retirement and with this realisation in mind, he co-authored, with Rabbi Philip Ginsbury, a history of the Jewish people now published under the title TRAGEDY & TRIUMPH. From this developed the idea of a trilogy based upon the people, the land and the religion of Israel.


Table of ContentsAcknowledgements & Dedications Approbation from Rabbi Berel WeinPrologue PART ONE: THE BIBLICAL PERIODChapter One: The PatriarchsThe Land: At the Center of the World * The Fertile Crescent *Early Empires * At the Heart of Humanity * Abraham in the Promised Land * Monotheism * Divine Covenants * Territorial Disputes * Jerusalem * Isaac and Jacob in the Land * Descent into Exile 16-21The Book: The Alphabet * The Semitic Alphabet * The Spread of the Alphabet 22-23Chapter Two: The EgyptiansThe Land: The Hyksos * New Dynasties * The Way of the Philistines * Mt. Sinai * The Covenant * The Wilderness Years * A Theocracy 24-27The Book: The Torah * Mt. Sinai * The Torah and the Land * The Ban on Idolatry * A Home for Monotheism 28-30Chapter Three: Joshua and the Judges (1272-1026 B.C.E.)The Land: Seven Years of Conflict * Seven Years of Allocation * Typography of the Land * Description of the Period * Individual Judges * An Egyptian Incursion * Samson, Eli & Shiloh * Samuel * Saul * The Philistines 32-41The Book: The Prophets * Biblical Historiography * The First Book of Samuel * The Book of Ruth 42-44Chapter Four: The Monarchy (1010-536 B.C.E.)The Land: David's Kingdom * A Golden Age * A Divided Kingdom * Egyptian Invasion * The House of Omri * The House of Jehu * The Shadow of Assyria * End of the Northern Kingdom * The Kingdom of Judah * The End of Assyria * The End of Judah 46-53The Book: Prophetic Literature * Isaiah * The Messianic Age * The Suffering Servant * Hoshea and Amos * Jeremiah and Ezekiel 54-57Chapter Five: The Persians (536-332 B.C.E.)The Land: Cyrus the Great * Zerubbabel * Ezra and Nehemiah * The Covenant * The Repopulation of Jerusalem * A People Transformed * A Script Transformed 58-63The Book: Prayer * The Last of the Prophets * The Writings * Psalms * Proverbs * Job * Ecclesiastes * Chronicles * Biblical Editing 64-67PART TWO: CLASSICAL ANTIQUITYChapter Six: The Greek Period (331-37 B.C.E.)The Land: Alexander the Great * The Ptolemies * Hellenistic Culture * The Saleucids * The Hasmonean Dynasty * John Hyrcanus I * Aristobulus I and Alexander Jannai * Salome Alexandra * Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II * The Sanhedrin * The Rise of Herod 70-78The Book: The Oral Law * The Septuagint * Differences in Translation 79-81Chapter Seven: The Romans (37 B.C.E.-33 C.E.)The Land: Rome's Ascent to Power * Rome and Herod * A New World Religion * A Book Expropriated * Herod Agrippa * War with Rome * A Country at Peace * The Galilee * Tiberias * The Economic Situation 82-91The Book: The Canon * Biblical Influence * The Apocrypha * Lost Scrolls * Biblical Translations * The Tannaim * The Mishnah 92-95Chapter Eight: The Byzantines (33-636 C.E.)The Land: Constantine * A Land Expropriated * The Fixed Calendar * Julian the Apostate * A Land Divided * The Last Nasi * Byzantine Codes * The Persian Invasion 96-102The Book: Rabbinic Literature * The Jerusalem Talmud * The Babylonian Talmud * The Talmud and the Holy Land 103-105PART THREE: THE MUSLIM PERIODChapter Nine: The Arabs (636-1099 C.E.)The Land: The Arabian Peninsula * Mohammed and Islam * Arab Rule * The Temple Mount * The Koran * The Umayyads * The Abbasids * The Fatimids * The Seljuk Turks * The Karaites * Saadia ben Joseph 108-115The Book: The Mesorah * The Achievement of the Masorites * The Arabic Translation 116-117Chapter Ten: The Crusaders (1099-1187 C.E.)The Land: The Journey to Jerusalem * The Capture of Jerusalem * The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem * Crusader Building Activity * The Knights Templar * The Knights Hospitaller * The Effective End of the Crusades * A Lingering Remnant *A Discredited Movement 119-124The Book: Biblical Commentators * Rashi * The Radak * The Rambam * The New Moon * Judah Halevi 125-127Chapter Eleven: The Mamelukes (1187-1517 C.E.)The Land: A Violent Age * The Mongol Empire * Natural Disasters * Aliyah * The Ramban * Obadiah of Bertinoro * The End of the Mamelukes 128-132The Book: The Ramban's Commentary * Reference to the Holy Land * Obadiah's Commentary 133-134Chapter Twelve: The Ottomans (Part 1, 1517-1881 C.E.)The Land: The Modern Age * The Galilee * The Holy Land in Decline * The Holy Land and the Diaspora * Vicarious Emigration * A French Incursion * Mohammed Ali and Moses Montefiore * Montefiore in the Holy Land * The Crimean War * Benjamin Disraeli and National Restoration * The Holy Land in Nineteenth Century Thinking 135-143The Book: Printing and Sacred Literature * Safed and the Shulhan Aruch * The Kabbalah*The Nineteenth Century 144-148Chapter Thirteen: The Ottomans (Part 2, 1881-1917 C.E.)The Land: The First Aliyah * Bilu * Theodore Herzl * The Second Aliyah * Tel Aviv * The Guild of Watchmen * The First World War * British Strategy * The French Claim * Nili * The Last Stage of The War * Background to the Balfour Declaration 149-155The Book: The Cyrus Precedent * Righteous Gentiles * Balfour * The British War Cabinet 156-157PART FOUR: THE PERIOD OF THE MANDATEChapter Fourteen: The British (Part 1, 1917-1945 C.E.)The Land: The Mandate * The Third Aliyah * Partition * The Emirate of Jordan * The Fourth Aliyah * The 1929 Riots * The Passfield White Paper * The Fifth Aliyah * The 1936 Riots * A New Harbor * The Peel Commission * The St. James Conference * Stockade and Tower * The Second World War * El-Alamein * The Mufti * The Yishuv * Iraq and Syria * Lehi * 'Illegal Immigration' * The Biltmore Program * Thirty-two Parachutists * The Jewish Brigade * The End of the War 160-173The Book: Winston Churchill * Josiah Wedgwood* Orde Wingate 174-176Chapter Fifteen: The British (Part 2, 1945-1948 C.E.)The Land: Rebellion * American Intervention * The Anglo-American Committee * The Morrison-Grady Report * Eve of the Declaration * The Great Powers * Operation Nahshon * Deir Yassin * Last Days of the Mandate 177-182The Book: Harry S. Truman * The United Nations and Prophetic Writings 184-185PART FIVE: RENEWED JEWISH SOVEREIGNTYChapter Sixteen: Israel (Part 1, 1948-1967 C.E.)The Land: The War of Independence * Course of the War * The First Ceasefire * The Second Round * The Second Truce * The Third Round * Armistice Lines and Refugees * Unofficial Population Exchange * The Knesset * Israel among the Nations * Collusion * The Suez Campaign * Aftermath * Walter Lowdermilk * Echoes of the Holocaust * The Kastner Trial * The Arab World * Disputed Waters * The Palestine Liberation Organization * The Six Day War * Aftermath 189-205The Book: Jerusalem * Jerusalem Day * An Honorary Degree 206-208Chapter Seventeen: Israel (Part 2, 1967-1991 C.E.)The Land: Post-1967 Boundaries * Arab Intransigence * Black September * The War of Attrition * The Yom Kippur War * Counterattack * Aftermath * The Oil Weapon * Atomic Energy * The Fight Against Terrorism * Entebbe * A Political Upheaval * Sadat in Jerusalem * The Price of Peace * Gush Emunim * Peace Now * The Second Likud Government * Operation Peace for Galilee * Sabra and Shatilah * The Intifada * Hamas * The 1988 Election 209-220The Book: The Mountains of Israel * Terminology and Ideology 221-222Chapter Eighteen: Israel (Part 3, from 1991)The Land: The Gulf War * The Madrid Conference * The Oslo Agreement * Operation Grapes of Wrath * The Netanyahu Government * The Labor Government* The Al-Aksa Intifada * The Sharon Government * Operation Defensive Shield * Sharon's Second Cabinet * Disengagement * Kadima * The Second Lebanon War * Israel's Leadership * Annapolis * Two New Governments * Durban II 223-232The Book: 'The Eyes of the Lord' * Miracles 233-234EpilogueThe Same God * The Same Land * The Same Language 235Bibliography 237

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