Hoy dia: Spanish for Real Life, Volume 2

Hoy dia: Spanish for Real Life, Volume 2

By: John T. McMinn (author), Nuria Alonso Garcia (author)Paperback

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Hoy dia : Spanish for Real Life focuses on the Spanish you need for everyday communication and teaches you to function in a variety of settings. Hoy dia helps you focus on what you need to know now to use Spanish effectively in real life. Volume 2 is a paperback split of the Chapters 7-12.

About Author

John McMinn teaches both Spanish and French at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. He graduated with his Masters degree in Romance Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981, and while pursuing doctoral studies there, he began working as an editor of Spanish and French textbooks at Holt, Rinehart and Winston and Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich publishers. He has worked as an editor on numerous texts, and in addition to Trato hecho and Hoy dia: Spanish for Real Life, he is the co-author of the secondary-level Spanish program Expresate, as well as the college-level French texts Horizons and Qu'est-ce qu'on dit? Nuria Alonso Garcia is an Associate Professor of Spanish at Providence College Department of Foreign Language Studies, where she teaches courses in Spanish language and culture, linguistics, language methodology and global studies. She graduated from the Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, with a degree in Spanish Philology, and holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia in Madrid. She has published various articles in sociolinguistics, and authored a number of pedagogical materials for foreign languages. She is a co-author of Trato hecho, and Hoy dia: Spanish for Real Life published by Pearson-Prentice Hall.


VOLUME 2 Capitulo 7 De viaje Tema 1 ?Adonde fuiste de vacaciones? Vocabulario Los viajesGramatica 1 Saying where you went and what you did: The preterit of regular verbs, ir and serGramatica 2 Saying what you did: The preterit of stem-changing verbs Tema 2 ?Que tal el viaje? Vocabulario Los vuelosGramatica 1 Saying what you did: The preterit of verbs ending with -car, -gar, -zar; and verbs like leerGramatica 2 Saying what you did: The preterit of irregular verbs Tema 3 ?Conoces bien la ciudad? Vocabulario Lugares en la ciudadGramatica 1 Avoiding repetition: Direct object pronounsGramatica 2 Asking what people know:Saber and conocer Tema 4 ?Te gusto el hotel? Vocabulario El hotelResumen de gramatica En la vida real En el aeropuerto Hoy dia Lectores de hoy Blog de viajesReading strategy Recognizing words from the same family Voces de la calle Dime adonde viajas y...Listening strategy Putting yourself in the place of the interviewer Escritores en accion Una resena de hotelWriting strategy Using models Capitulo 8 La ninez Tema 1 ?Como eras de nino/a y donde vivias? Vocabulario La ninezGramatica 1 Describing how things used to be: The imperfectGramatica 2 Saying what is or was done: Impersonalse Tema 2 ?Que recuerdos tienes? Vocabulario Los grandes acontecimientos de la vida Gramatica 1 Describing an event interrupting an action in progress: Using the preterit and imperfectGramatica 2 Distinguishing completed and ongoing actions: Using the preterit and imperfect Tema 3 ?Que cuentas? Vocabulario Expresiones para narrar Gramatica 1 Narrating in the past: Using the preterit and imperfectGramatica 2 Taking about the past: Using querer, poder, saber, and conocer in the imperfect and preterit. Tema 4 ?Que querias ser? Vocabulario Profesiones Resumen de gramatica En la vida real En el departamento de policia Hoy dia Lectores de hoy La LloronaReading strategy Story mappingVoces de la calle Ayer y hoyListening strategy Making inferences from non-verbal cluesEscritores en accion Un informe policial Writing strategy Preparing an incident report Capitulo 9 En el restaurante Tema 1 ?Te gusta(n)...? Vocabulario Comidas y bebidasGramatica 1 Describing interactions: Indirect object pronouns and the verb dar Gramatica 2 Expressing likes, dislikes and interests: Verbs like gustar Tema 2 ?Que me recomienda usted?Vocabulario En el restaurante Gramatica 1 Avoiding repetition: Using direct and indirect object pronouns togetherGramatica 2 Making polite requests: The conditional Tema 3 ?Que deberias comer y beber? Vocabulario Una dieta equilibrada Gramatica 1 Making resolutions: The future tenseGramatica 2 Saying whose it is: Possessive pronouns Tema 4 ?Quiere usted algo mas? Vocabulario En el mercadoResumen de gramatica En la vida real En el restaurante Hoy dia Lectores de hoy La piramide nutricional. Reading strategy Outlining and summarizingVoces de la calle Con sazonListening strategy Identifying keywordsEscritores en accion Una resena gastronomicaWriting strategy Selecting the most precise Word. Capitulo 10 En el medico Tema 1 ?Te duele? Vocabulario El cuerpoGramatica 1 Giving advice: Commands in the usted andustedes forms Gramatica 2 Making suggestions: More reflexive verbs and reflexive/object pronouns with commands Tema 2 ?Como te sientes? Vocabulario Los sintomas y los accidentesGramatica 1 Giving advice: Commands in the tu formGramatica 2 Influencing others: The subjunctive and its use after verbs expressing desires Tema 3 ?Te mantienes en buena forma? Vocabulario La medicina preventivaGramatica 1 Making suggestions: The subjunctive of stem-changing verbs and its use with impersonal expressions Gramatica 2 Expressing doubts: The subjunctive after verbs of doubt Tema 4 ?Necesitas ver a un especialista? Vocabulario Unos especialistasResumen de gramatica En la vida real En el hospital Hoy dia Lectores de hoy 25 consejos para vivir 100 anos Reading strategy Sorting and grouping ideas.Voces de la calle Mente sana, cuerpo sanoListening strategy Inferring meaning from speakers' interaction.Escritores en accion Una campana de concientizacion publicaWriting strategy Designing a public awareness campaign Capitulo 11 En el trabajo Tema 1 ?Que experiencia tiene usted? Vocabulario Un curriculum vitae Gramatica 1 Saying when something will happen: The subjunctive after conjunctions of timeGramatica 2 Giving explanations: Por and para Tema 2 ?Que sabes hacer? Vocabulario En la oficinaGramatica 1 Describing resulting states: Using past participles as adjectivesGramatica 2 Talking about experiences: The present perfect Tema 3 ?Quien es el responsable? Vocabulario Descripciones de puestos de trabajoGramatica 1 Connecting ideas: Relative pronouns with the indicative and subjunctive Gramatica 2 Expressing feelings: The subjunctive after expressions of emotion and the present perfect subjunctive Tema 4 ?Como administras tu dinero?Vocabulario En el banco Resumen de gramatica En la vida real En una agencia de trabajo Hoy dia Lectores de hoy !Si a la igualdad en el trabajo!Reading strategy Reacting to a textVoces de la calle Empresarios hispanosListening strategy Summarizing Escritores en accion Una carta de presentacionWriting strategy Preparing a cover letter Capitulo 12 Los medios de comunicacion Tema 1 ?Como te informas? Vocabulario Los medios de comunicacionComprehension strategies: Putting yourself in the place of the interviewer and Recognizing words from the same family. Repaso 1 Avoiding repetition: Direct object pronounsRepaso 2 Saying what to do: Command forms Repaso 3 Communicating information: Indirect object pronounsRepaso 4 Saying what is important and interesting to you: Verbs like gustar Tema 2 ?Que cuentan las noticias? Vocabulario Las noticias locales y nacionalesComprehension strategies: Story mapping and Preparing a report Repaso 1 Saying what happened: Regular and stem-changing verbs in the preteritRepaso 2 Saying what happened: Irregular verbs in the preteritRepaso 3 Describing how things used to be: The imperfectRepaso 4 Recounting what happened: The preterit and the imperfect Tema 3 ?Que pasa en el mundo? Vocabulario Las noticias internacionalesComprehension strategies: Selecting the most precise word and Reacting to a text. Repaso 1 Telling what you know: Saber and conocerRepaso 2 Giving explanations: Por and para Repaso 3 Expressing opinions and wishes: The subjunctive with impersonal expressions and expressions of desireRepaso 4 Expressing doubts and emotions: The subjunctive with expressions of doubt and emotion Tema 4 ?Que cambiara y cuando? Vocabulario Problemas y SolucionesComprehension strategies: Sorting and Regrouping ideas. Repaso 1 Describing how things should or could be: The conditional and impersonal seRepaso 2 Predicting what will happen: The future and the subjunctive in adverbial clauses Repaso 3 Saying what progress has been made: The present perfect and the present perfect subjunctiveRepaso 4 Connecting ideas: Relative clauses with the indicative or subjunctive

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