Hypersonic Flows for Reentry Problems: Volume 3: Proceedings of the INRIA-GAMNI/SMAI Workshop on Hypersonic Flows for Reentry Problems, Part II, Antib

Hypersonic Flows for Reentry Problems: Volume 3: Proceedings of the INRIA-GAMNI/SMAI Workshop on Hypersonic Flows for Reentry Problems, Part II, Antib

By: Michel Mallet (editor), Jean-Antoine Desideri (editor), Remi Abgrall (editor), Jacques Periaux (editor), Roland Glowinski (editor)Paperback

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One of the great challenges of modem aerospace engineering is undoubt- edly the prediction of hypersonic flows for the design of space vehicles. An important and continuous effort has taken place in that direction the last few years with the development of hypersonics programs such as the NASP program in the U. S. and more recently the HERMES program in Europe, which rely heavily on the the use of supercomputers. As can be expected this great challenge has been influencing both civil and military programs related to aerospace sciences and industry. Advanced mathematical models are a basic requirement for the de- velopment of efficient numerical methods able to simulate accurately the phenomena that occur during the hypersonic part of the flight of space vehicles. Despite continuous advances in computer hardware and software and also the experience gained during the past three decades by researchers who have provided guidance for those who follow now, we strongly be- lieve that a better understanding of hypersonic flow is still an important factor of scientific and technological progress. On the basis of this belief, the International Workshop on Hypersonic Flows for Reentry Problems, Part II, took place in Antibes, France, from 15 to 19 April 1991. This workshop, whose proceedings form this volume, was a clear continua- tion of the Euro-American short courses on hypersonics held in Paris in 1987, Colorado Springs in 1989, and Aachen in 1990 and the workshop on hypersonic flow which took place in Antibes, in January 1990.


Problems for Analysis.- Problem I: Flow over a Slender Cone.- Problem II: Turbulent Base Flow.- Problem EI: Flow over a 2D Ramp.- Problem IV: Flow over a 3D Obstacle.- Problem V: Corner Flow.- Problem VI: Double (Simple) Ellipsoid.- Problem VII: Flow over a Delta Wing.- Problem VIII: Non-equilibrium Flow in an Arc Jet or a Shock Tube.- Appendix I: Non-equilibrium Model for Problem VI.- Appendix II: Pitot Pressure and Mach Number Data at Station II, Problem II.- Summary: Comparison Workshop Part II (April 1991) and Part I (January 1990).- Inaugural Address.- Invited Lectures.- Hypersonic Research at German Universities - First Results of the Aachen Program.- Some Viscous Interactions Affecting the Design of Hypersonic Intakes and Nozzles.- Numerical Simulation of Scramjet Engine Flowfield.- Advances in Applied Mathematics Related to Hypersonic Flows.- Some Real Gas Shock Tunnel Experiments at Australian Universities.- Reacting Viscous Flow and Gas-Surface Interaction Modelling.- Problems I-II.- A Study of the Hypersonic Laminar/Turbulent Flow over a Slender Cone by the LCNS Code.- Computation of Hypersonic Flow over a Slender Cone.- Synthesis of Problems 1-2.- Problems III-IV.- 2D Laminar Ramp Flows.- Viscous Flow over a 2D Ramp.- Hypersonic Ramp Flow (Problem III. 1-4).- Computation of Hypersonic Flows over 2D Ramps with a Multigrid Method.- Computational Study of Laminar Hypersonic Flow over a 2D Ramp.- Hypersonic Viscous Flow Calculation over a 2D Ramp with an Implicit Centred Method Using No Artificial Viscosity.- Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations for Hypersonic Ramps with the NS3GR Solver.- Contribution to Problem HI Using a Galerkin Least Squares Finite Element Method.- Flow over a 2D Ramp.- Implicit Upwind Finite-Difference Simulations of Laminar Hypersonic Flow over 2D Ramps.- Turbulent Compressible 2D and Axisymmetric Flows Computation with the K-Epsilon Model.- Navier-Stokes Computation over a 3D Ramp.- Computation of Hypersonic Flow Past a Compression Corner by a Spatial Marching Scheme.- A Finite Element Procedure for the Simulation of Viscous Compressible Flows.- Problem DI: 2D Ramp Flows.- Hypersonic Viscous Flow over a 2D Ramp.- Numerical Solution of Hypersonic Flows with Zonal Mesh Enrichment.- 2D Hypersonic Viscous Flow over Compression Ramps.- A Synthesis of Results for Problems III and IV: Flow over a 2D Ramp and a 3D Obstacle.- Problem V.- Hypersonic Corner Flow Detailed Experimental Study*.- Simulation of Laminar Hypersonic Flow About a Longitudinal Corner.- Laminar Navier-Stokes Calculations of the Flow in a Corner Geometry.- Synthesis for Problem V Longitudinal Hypersonic Corner Flow Field.- Problem VI.- Flow over Double Ellipsoid and Sphere - Experimental Results*.- Hypersonic Double-Ellipsoid Flow Cases VI. 1, VL5 and VL7.- Hypersonic Viscous Flow in Chemical Non-equilibrium.- Computation of Viscous Hypersonic Flows Using a Coupled Euler/Boundary Layer Method.- 2D and 3D Inviscid Hypersonic Flow Simulations Including Air Dissociation Effects.- Equilibrium Reactive Flow past the Double Ellipsoid at Mach = 25.- Computation of Flows Around a Double Ellipsoid.- Unstructured Grid Computations of Reactive Flows past Double Ellipse and Double Ellipsoid Configurations.- Non-equilibrium Double-Ellipse Flows by Adaptive Upwind Finite-Elements.- Problems VI. 1 and VI.8: Ellipsoid Euler-Bouridary Layer Calculation.- Special Aspects of Reacting Inviscid Blunt Body Flow.- 3D Inviscid Real Gas Flow over a Double-Ellipsoid.- Hypersonic Reacting Flow past Double Ellipse.- Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations with Non-equilibrium Chemistry.- Synthesis of Problem VI: Double Ellipse/Ellipsoid and Sphere.- Problem VII.- Hypersonic Flow Field Computations Around a Double Ellipsoid and a Blunt Nosed Delta Wing.- Aerodynamic Forces Applied to a Delta Wing Located in Rarefied Hypersonic Flows*.- Force and Heat Transfer on a Delta Wing in Rarefied Flow*.- Pressure Measurements and Infrared Observation on the Windward Side of a Delta Wing*.- Hypersonic Delta Wing Flow Calculations Using a Multidomain MUSCL Euler Solver.- Euler Solution over a Hypersonic Blunt Nosed Delta Wing at High Angle of Attack.- Hypersonic Delta-Wing Flow, Problem VII.4.- Hypersonic Flow over a Delta Wing at High Angle of Attack.- Problem VII.4: Numerical Simulation of Laminar Hypersonic Flow over the Delta Wing.- Problem VII.4: Blunt Nose Delta Wing Euler Boundary Layer Calculation.- Flow over a Delta Wing.- DSMC Calculations for the Mini Delta Wing - Problem VH6.- Aerodynamic Performance of Delta Wings in the Hypersonic Rarefied Flow Regime. Comparison of 3D DSMC Simulation with Wind Tunnel Data.- DSMC Calculation on a Delta Wing - Problem VII.5.- Rarefied Gas Flow Around a 3D Delta Wing.- Delta Wing Flowfield Computations by Upwind and Centered TVD Techniques.- High Resolution Computation of 3D Inviscid Hypersonic Flows. Application to a Blunt Nose Delta Wing.- Synthesis of Problem VU: Delta Wing.- Synthesis of Problem VII: Rarefied Flow Test Cases.- Problem VIII.- Chemical and Vibrational Non-equilibrium Inviscid Hypersonic Nozzle Flows.- Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Viscous and Reactive Flows in an Axisymmetric Nozzle.- Non-equilibrium Viscous Flows Calculations in a Hypersonic Nozzle.- Computation of a Non-equilibrium Flow with a Fully Coupled Implicit Solver.- Calculation of a Hypersonic Nozzle Flow.- A Contribution to the Analysis of High Enthalpy Nozzle Flows.- Numerical Solution of a Nozzle Flow.- Problem VIII 2: Non-equilibrium Flow in a Shock Tube.- Problem VIII. 1: Non-equilibrium Flow in an Arc Jet.- Non-equilibrium Flow in an Arc Jet.- Non-equilibrium Nitrogen Plasma Flow.- Non-equilibrium Flow in an Arcjet or a Shock Tube: Synthesis.- General Conclusion.- Index of Contributors.

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