I See Through You

I See Through You

By: Daisy McNally (author)eBook


There is more than one way to stay close to someone... if you're prepared to do whatever it takes.

Skye meets the feckless but handsome Johnny Strachan in the Alps where she reluctantly falls into a heady love affair. At home, Johnny has promised to call her, this is just the beginning after all. But when Skye hears nothing from him, it seems it's actually the end.

Broken by his treatment of her and unable to return to her former self, Skye finds another way back into Johnny's life and the people in it. When she meets Anna, Johnny's best friend, she soon discovers that Anna has always been in love with Johnny, and always been taken for granted by him. Then the women decide that enough is enough, and set out together to right a few wrongs...

A twisty tale of deceit and obsession, where female friendship turns out to be the thing worth fighting for.

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  • ID: 9781409180708
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Orion
  • publisher imprint: Orion

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