I.B.S.: Reduce Pain and Improve Digestion the Natural Way (Eat to Beat)

I.B.S.: Reduce Pain and Improve Digestion the Natural Way (Eat to Beat)

By: Dr. Sarah Brewer (author), Michelle Berriedale-Johnson (author)eBook


Irritable Bowel Syndrome is now extremely common with at least one in three adults being affected. A controlled diet is the most effective way to deal with this painful problem. A new title in the Eat to Beat series, following up on the enormous success of Eat to Beat ArthritisEat To Beat IBS provides recipes and advice to help with IBS and digestive pain. Written by a medical doctor (and Telegraph columnist) and and a well-known special diets cookery writer, it offers the health advice and support that IBS sufferers need, as well as providing a range of 60 good gut recipes.Irritable Bowel Syndrome is often the result of a basic food intolerance and can often flare up at times of stress. Aside from well known IBS ‘baddies’ such as caffeine, there is a range of common ‘trigger’ foods. Readers are encouraged to focus on different food ranges to help them identify their personal IBS triggers.Contains:• All of the mainstream medical information – in an ‘easy to digest’ style.• The low-down on the full range of effective complementary health treatments available.• 60 good gut recipes that allow IBS sufferers control their diet, whilst still enjoying their food.

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  • publication date: 27/09/2012
  • ID: 9780007372911
  • series: Eat to Beat
  • book language: en
  • publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • publisher imprint: Thorsons

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