In a Dream's Eye

In a Dream's Eye

By: Houston Cross (author)eBook
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In the cavernous tombs of the subconscious, lie the pattern of ones existence. A dark depository, where everything experienced in ones lifetime is stored.
Sleep, a normal and natural state. A temporary exit from reality - or is it?
When one falls asleep, a door is unlocked to the outer edges of the subconscious. A spontaneous dominion where dreams and nightmares reside. An unpredictable place, where at any time, ones fantasies or demons can come to visit.
Rooted directly within this mystifying province, dreams feed off the information hoarded away within the nooks and crannies of this uncharted region.
There are no ground-rules in the furthest depths of the human mind. Therefore, not all dreams have the endings one wishes for. Sometimes, the subconscious can be a monster all its own, manipulating dreams into nightmares. A ruthless encampment where a gathering of evils lie and wait.
In this dark, imminent place lie ones fears, a graveyard of dirty, torn memories.
A place where hidden secrets reside - the skeletons in ones closet.
A grey zone of remembrance that only resurfaces during the worst of nightmares.
Some people are afraid to go to sleep - and for good reason. For in their slumber, they see themselves for who they really are. Bringing them face-to-face with their personal demons.
Sometimes, the substance of the dream has its own special power over the dreamer. Often, so terribly real, that it appears ones very future lies within the outcome.
There is a myth, feared by some, that if you die in a dream, your immediate reality is death. Improbable, perhaps, but what if your dreams are being manipulated and controlled by an unforeseen force. Leading you to a terrifying place from which there is no return. A final crossroad where the realm of life and death is razor-thin.
As in most dreams, everything appears distorted. But, do these distortions fall too far from the truth. Sometimes, the worst of nightmares are closer to reality than you think.
It is ones choice to create his or her own private hell. To venture into a temporal journey with no boundaries or restrictions. A place only found in a dreams eye.
So take refuge in the fact, that what takes place in the following pages, will probably never happen to you - or will it?

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