Indigo The Tylwyth Teg (Faerie Folk) Series, #2

Indigo The Tylwyth Teg (Faerie Folk) Series, #2

By: P.K. Harcher (author)eBook


Their world destroyed by Human Evil, the Violet River saves the remaining millions and transports them to a new home.

Frustrations between Faerie and Sprite, never far from the surface, erupt once more, just when unity is most needed.

The Super-Changed try to settle into life, bearing children and building their new world, when a small and seemingly inconsequential childish squabble ends in disaster.

The Human toxins have seeped into their new homeland, and a monster is created and unleashed. It falls to Indigo, the daughter of Teg, to fulfill the prophesy of the Tylwyth Teg and once again unite the Species in The Battle For Everything.

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