Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Applic

Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Applic

By: Wenli Yao (editor), Wen-Pei Sung (editor), Hsiang-Chuan Liu (editor)Hardback

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This proceedings volume brings together some 189 peer-reviewed papers presented at the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering, held 27-28 August 2013, in Hong Kong, China. Specific topics under consideration include Control, Robotics, and Automation, Information Technology, Intelligent Computing� and Telecommunication, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Education and Application and other related topics. This book provides readers a state-of-the-art survey of recent innovations and research worldwide in Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering, in so-doing furthering the development and growth of these research fields, strengthening international academic cooperation and communication, and promoting the fruitful exchange of research ideas. This volume will be of interest to professionals and academics alike, serving as a broad overview of the latest advances in the dynamic field of Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering.


Preface A new hybrid architecture framework for system of systems engineering in the net centric environment P.L. Rui & R.Wang Applications of semi-supervised subspace possibilistic fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm in IoT Y.F. Zhang &W. Zhang Low speed operation analysis of PMSM DTC Z.K. Zhang & L. He Finite-time receding horizon control for Markovian jump linear systems with partly unknown transition probabilities J.W.Wen & J. Liu Equivalent interpolation algorithm for NIRS data Y. Jiang, X. Li & X. Jin Improvement and implementation of the MD5 algorithm based on user security G.Z. Liu & H.X. Qi Worm detection research based on biological immune principle and FCM algorithm G.Z. Liu, H.M. Kang & H.X. Qi Fusion of multifocus based on NSCT and NMF Z.J. Luo & S. Ding System design of detection device for special cigarette filter T.J. Li, D.Q. Yang, Q. Li & G.X. Liao The ant colony optimal algorithm based on neighborhood search to solve the traveling salesman problem H.L. Pang, Y.H. Li & X.M. Song Design and implementation of FORTRAN to C Translator based on Perl scripts G.M. Peng, Y.J. Shen, Z.M. Yi & G.D. Zhang Application of computer simulation technique in field waterflood system B.X. Fan, G.Wu, S. Zhang, G.J. Zhang, H. Sun, X.D. Han &W.Y. Xie The thinking of the introduction of computer technology course L. Deng, X.F. Jiang & J.R. Liu Discussion on the method of MatlabWeb application development S. Gao Adaptive terminal sliding mode control for AC servo system based on neural network Y.F.Wu, D.W. Ma & G.G. Le Research and application of information security evaluation in website C.J. Si Knowledge management approach for serious game development based on user experience Q.Q.Wu, X.X. Zhang, Y.Y. She, Y.Y. Bi & B.R. Yang The non-fragile controller design based on Lyapunov theory C.W. Yang, J. Chen & X.F. Zhang Exploration and development of text knowledge extraction L.P. Zhu, H.Q. Li, S.Y.Wang & C. Li Design of interactive spoken English teaching platform in MCALL model Q. Zhao & D. Chen Suboptimal controller design for aircraft based on genetic algorithm Y.C. Li On the dilemma and way out for the cultivation of the cultural consciousness in contemporary China Y.F. Deng &W.J. Hu The analysis of the development of China news media's soft power X.C. Deng & X.Y. Yao Modeling for joint operation information cognitive chain based on information life cycle M. Yang, M.L.Wang & M.Y. Fang Design of remote education system based on agent L.F.Wang Crank train multi-body dynamic and finite element analyses for one-cylinder engine Y.Wang & J.Wang An invariance principle of SLLN for G-quadratic variational process under capacities X.Y. Chen The superiority of adaptive fuzzy PID control algorithm in sintering furnace temperature control Y.J. Ji & H.R. Jia Design and implementation of the control system to ovenware furnace based on MOCVD equipment C. Li, C.M. Li &Y.N. Zhang Application of intellectual control treatment for grinding process based on expert knowledge base C. Li, Y.N. Zhang & H.Z. Dai Algorithm and implementation of digital PID based on MCGS-DDC Y.P. Lu &T.L. Song Modeling and control of solar powered HALE UAV W.N. Zhao, P.F. Zhou & D.P. Duan The greatest common factor about bivariate polynomials Y.L. Xu & J. Xiao Digital video communication platform based on cloud computing technology H. Liu The computational model of the airfield capability based on system dynamics Y.X. Li, X.X. Liu, Y. Guo, H. Hao &Y.P. He Business strategy for Shaw Communications Inc Y. Li Research on training modes of vocational values for maritime students based on online web technology Z.X. Cai & B.H. Zhu An adaptive context management framework for supporting context-aware applications with QoC guarantee N. Xu,W.S. Zhang, H.D. Yang, X.G. Zhang & X. Xing Performance analysis of missile-borne SAR moving target parameter estimation by using Wigner-Ville Hough transform Y. Liu, D.R. Chen & L. Chen A matching model of cloud service between information resources supply and demand for networked manufacturing X.Z. Feng & B.Wang A review of the agile and geographically distributed software development M.Yin & J. Ma Developing an application model based on business-oriented L.W. Li, Z. Liu, H.L.Wei, C. Yang, J.H. Sun & J. Sheng A review of abrasive flow machining research L.F. Yang, X.R. Zhang & W.N. Liu Virtual design in feeding device of precoated laminating machine X.H.Wang, Y.S. Qi &Y.T. Li Research on the visual statement method for the passenger train plan based on GIS and system development H.F. Zhu, D.W. Li & X.J. Li Research on the transmission line construction risk control and management information system J. Luo, Y.H.Wang & X.W. Du Recursive algorithm for circle anti-aliasing Y.L. Jia, J. Gao & B.Y. Li Study of multi-resolution modeling framework in joint operations simulation C.Y. Kong & L.J. Xing A novel approach of providing feedbacks at where a mistake occurs during solving math word problems Y.Z. Qu & K. Morton Development of a fast vibratory filtering algorithm via neural synaptic properties of facilitation and depression and its application on electrocardiogram detecting W. Gao, F.S. Zha, B.Y. Song & M.T. Li Research and optimization on methods for reciprocal approximation H. Xia, G.B.Wang & B.C. Xiao Software trustworthiness modeling based on Interactive Markov Chains H.C. Peng & F. He Research on urban mass transit network passenger flow simulation on the basis of multi-agent H.F. Yu, Y. Qin, Z.Y.Wang, B.Wang & M.H. Zhan Design of fault diagnosis system for coal-bed methane gathering process and research on the fault diagnosis for compressors J. Su, J.H. Yang,W. Lu, Y.Wang & Z.F. Lv TVBRT: A time-varying multivariate data visualization method based on radial tree G.X. Qian, N.W. Sun, C. Zhang, H.F. Liu,W.M. Zhang &W.D. Xiao Effects of branch length and terminal impedance in multi-branch power line channel Y.H. Zheng, G.Y. Luo, B.Z. Zhang, Q. Yu &Y.L. He Development of android software update system based on web service R.Wang, X.D. You & Q.N. Chang Spatial-temporal patterns analysis of property crime in urban district based on Moran's I and GIS W. Ma, J.P. Ji, P. Chen &T.T. Zhao Adding attributes to access delegation Y. Li, G. Liu & H.W.Wang Unexpected passenger flow propagation in urban rail transit network based on SIR model M. Du, Y. Qin, Z.Y.Wang, X.X. Liu, B.Wang, P. Liang & M.H. Zhan Research on optimization of resource scheduling based on hybrid chaos particle swarm optimization T.Wang, F.L. Zhang & G.F. Li New optimal assignment algorithm based on marginal association probability B. Sun, Q. Gao & X.P. Zhou Design and implementation of data transformation scheme between STEP and XML in CIMS environment M. Zhou, J.H. Cao & G.Z. Jiang An integrated framework for software product line in the collaborative environment Z.Y. Duanmu & H. Xu Exploring Energy-Balancing Adaptive Clustering Algorithm (EBACA) inWireless Sensor Networks (WSN) Z.Y. Li Face recognition using a hybrid algorithm based on improved PCA X. Tian & M. Tian Exploration on practice teaching of information and computing science refering to the idea of CDIO G.H.Wang, Y.Q. Zhao & X.H. Zhang Mobile polymorphic application based on cloud computing architecture V.L.Wu & C.H. Shao Path tracking based on H? suboptimal filter and fuzzy control Y.J.Wei, X.H. Yang,W.J. Huang & M.H. Lin Study hierarchical query technology based on ORACLE H. Ding, C. Zhao, Y. Zhang & M.Wang Design and implementation of browser/server-based intelligent decision support system for farm machinery selection R.X. Zhu & J.Y. Ju Analysis on earth fault and propagation characteristic of electric fire X.M.Wang, C.Z. Zhao &W. Gao Identification of motor imagery parameters from EEG using SVM B.L. Xu, X.X. Yin, Y.F. Fu, G. Shi, H.Y. Li & Z.D.Wang Pervasive real-time multi-parametric and multi-patient tele-monitoring system G. Sannino & G.D. Pietro Phrase table filtration based on virtual context in phrase-based statistical machine translation Y. Yin, Y.J. Zhang & J.A. Xu The method of extracting forest leaf area index based on Lidar data Z.W. Huang, S.G.Wu & J. Huang The research on fire spreading based on multi-agent system Z.W. Huang, X. Chi & L. Qiu High-performance TV video noise reduction using adaptive filter S.C. Hsia & C.L. Tsai Research on forecasting and pre-warning methods of social security incidents T.T. Zhao, Y. Zhao, Y.L. Han &W. Ma Mixed duality of multi-objective programming H.M. Miao & X.Y. Li An efficient human face tracking method based on Camshift algorithm T. Li, T. Zhang,W.D. Chen & X.H. Zhang The analysis of anti-noise performance of BOC modulation system Y.F. Jia & X.D. Song Integration platform of services and resources for water resources and environment management S.Y. Li & J.H. Tao The research of project teaching method in software development technology course J.R. Liu & S. Jiang Processing path study of laser cutting for sheet H.Q. Liang & H.F. Kong Research on target acquisition requirements to a guidance radar of anti-missile weapon system Q. Sun, J.F. Tao & J.L. Ji Research on target tracking technologies to a guidance radar of anti-missile weapon system Q. Sun, J.L. Ji &Y. Sun Matlab-based small scale helicopter simulator I. Salloum, A. Ayoubi & M.R. Khaldi Design of power harmonic data acquisition system based on network N. Ma, J.Wang, X.J. Huang & L.L. Xia A method of on-road vehicle detection based on comprehensive feature cascade of classifier X.L. Li, D.G. Xiao, C. Xin & H. Zhu A loop shaped fractal antenna W.Q. Luo &Y. Feng Estimation of parameter in a new discrete distribution analogous to Burr distribution G. Nanjundan &T. Raveendra Naika Application of artificial neural network on objective wearing pressure comfort evaluation model X.L. Meng,W.L.Wang, K. Liu &W. Zhu Heap adjustment algorithms based on complete binary tree structure and based on array Y. Hu A dynamic trusted measuring model based on optimum cycle Y. Tian, Q. Pan & F.Wang Hierarchical ALS algorithm with constraint used in UBSS H.Y. Leng, M.J. Zhang &W.Q. Guo The design and implementation of University Educational Administration System with high availability D.W. Guo, Y.N.Wu, J.J. Jin & Z.Y. Zou Fuzzy congruence and its application in fuzzy clustering M. Lagzian &A.V. Kamyad Modification proposal security analysis of RFID system based on 2nd generation security tag M.Z. Lu Analyze the interval of street trees on campus based on the concept of low carbon-As a case of Guangxi University H. Li, Y. Luo, X. Yang, X.S. Lu & L.D. Li Digital filter window function method design based on MATLAB FDA Tool X. Zhao & S. Ren Window function method design and realization of high-pass digital filter based on MATLAB SPTool A.D. Qu & J. Min Mathematical standard of MUSIC approach for multiple emitter location B.F. Sun Research on teaching evaluation system modeling based on UML X.F. Zhao GPU-based multi-view stereo reconstruction B.L.Wang, Y.F. Jiang, Z. Peng & S.C. Yu Found the uncertainty knowledge whitch exists in the distribution of plant based on ?? operator stack structure S.Y. Song Band-pass digital filter window function method design and realization based on MATLAB SPTool X. Zhao & S. Ren The new lightweight encryption mechanism for large media signal processing system in global content delivery network J. Heo, C. Park, K. Kim & K. Ok Objectionable information detection based on video content S. Tang &W.Q. Hu Association of education with daily life practice research in computer education Z.F. Tu Multiple attribute decision making based congestion control algorithm for wireless sensor networks Y. Sun, M. Li & Q.Wang Realization of the voice acquisition and secrecy transmission system based on DSP5416 S.Q. Gao & Z. Zhang The design of restricted domain automatic question answering system based on question base Z. Gong & D. Zhang Rationality analysis of Chinese innovative education Y.H. Pan, K.Q. Tu & X.M.Wu How to enhance the employability of the graduates majored in economic Y.H. Pan, J.M. Cao, H.G. Jiang & K.Q. Tu Employment situation of graduates' discussion about economics-related course in colleges and universities Y.H. Pan, L. Tian,W. Bao & K.Q. Tu Network resource development and application in college Chinese education B.Y.Wu, L. Fang & S.Q. Chen Brief discussion of students' vocational counsel idea and practice pattern X.P. Luo The application of multi-agent technology in multi-motor control system J.D. Yang, H.Wang & X.W. Han A study on micropayment system based on self-updatable two-dimensional hash chain Y.L. Huo, H.Y. Li & H.B.Wang Formulating of recipe for fireproof coatings via DOE based on statistical software package J. Hu, Z.B.Wang,W. Zhou &Y.R. Dou A new synthesis method of N-ethyl-m-methyoxy aniline L. Mei, J.Wang, S.Y. Song, Y.G. Shi, Y.H. Sun & K. Zhang Research and application of BP neural network algorithm in license plate recognition J.X.Wang, Y.L.Wang & J.G. Zhao The research of improved Sobel-image edge detection algorithm Y.L.Wang, J.X.Wang & H.D.Wang Integral inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type for functions whose 3rd derivatives are (??,m)-convex L. Chun The research of immunization strategy on complex networks X.Y. Chen, J. Jiang, T. Jiang, J.H. Xia & J.X. Zhang Expert system based on testing knowledge management X.L. Zhao & H.Y. Lu Research of a new model about the age reduction of repairable systems J.Q. Liang, J. Sun, K. Liu &Y. Zhang Face detection method based on skin color and template matching Q.H. Liu, B. Li & M. Lin Image-based crack detection and properties retrieval for high-speed railway bridge D.F. Zhang & N. Zhang The research of video retrieval technology J.X.Wang, Y.L.Wang & Z.H. Ma Water quality remote retrieve model based on Neural Network for dispersed water source in typical hilly area X.J. Long, Y. Ye & C.M. Zhang Sensor network coverage problem research based on rail transport of dangerous goods X.Z. Han & N. Zhang An improved Camshift algorithm based on occlusion and scale variation Y.Y. Yue A model of software reliability with actual fault removal efficiency T. Hong A brief analysis into e-commerce website mode of the domestic luxury L. Lu Advertising matching model based on user interests and social relationship J.H.Wang, B.F. Ren, F. Zhao & Y.N. Lin Research and design of Chinese-English corpus alignment C.Y. Chi, B. Zhang & Y. Qi Microwave-induced thermoacoustic imaging - A new method for breast tumor detection Q.Y. Long, Q. Lv, Y. Gao, L. Huang,W.Z. Qi, D.Wu, J.Y. Xu, J. Rong & H.B. Jiang The evaluation model about the trust between enterprise and university in industrial technology innovation strategy alliance Z. Zhang, J. Zhang & W. Bai The financial performance evaluation of the electric power enterprise based on entropy weight and grey correlation degree S.S. Guo & F.W. Yang A long-range power-law correlations analysis in Taiwan's stock market P.H. Kao, H.H. Chen, Y.B. Chiu, Y.L. Huang & S.C. Chen Analysis on the usage characteristics of electrical equipment of Taiwan's convenience stores P.Y. Kuo, J.C. Fu & C.H. Jhuo Case study of an intelligent green store based on NFC technology D.Y. Sha, D.B. Perng & G.L. Lai An RNS based perfectly optimal data allocation scheme C.Y. Chen, C.Y. Yang & H.F. Lin Design and development of interactive-whiteboard system based on teaching system L.F. Liu & Q.S. Zhang Similarity assessment method for CBR in a multi-dimensional scenario space system Y.L. Feng, S.B. Zhong, Y. Liu & H. Zhang Simulation analysis and optimization on unidirectional wheel vibration of McPherson front suspension with ADAMS software G.S. Xin,W. Zhou &Y. Zhou A study on the impact of e-HR on Chinese firms X.L.Wen & C.H. Chen A longitudinal voxel-based morphometry study of GM atrophy progression L.H. Tseng, C.Y. Chou & NIAD Application of thermoacoustic computed tomography to joint imaging X.Y. Jing, J. Rong, Y. Gao, L. Huang, T.T. Li & X.C. Zhong Photoacoustic imaging of mouse brain using ultrasonic transducers with different central frequencies T.T. Li, J. Rong, L. Huang, B.Z. Chen, X.Y. Jin, X.C. Zhong & H.B. Jiang The photoacoustic computed tomography of bones and joints using the system based on PCI4732 X.C. Zhong, X.Y. Jing, L. Huang, J. Rong, T.T. Li &Y. Gao A heuristic rule mining algorithm based on inner cognitive mechanism B.R. Yang,W.B. Qian, H. Li &Y.H. Xie Research on construction of digital garment automatic pattern system Y.Q. Yang The search of build ERP system platform of brand clothing enterprise Y.Q. Yang BIM technology applications explore in the Beijing No. 4 high school at Changyang campus of mechanical and electrical design Y.D. Cai, D.G. Dong, D.Y. Li & J. Zhang Analysis of the features of religious language from the development of socialism J. Li, H. Yin & W.J. Gu Research and realization of a hardware eliminating echo technology on building talkback system S.H. Tong Deformation analysis using Danish approach Q. Dai & Y.Y. Chang Research on the anti-grade trip system in coal mine high-voltage grid based onWAMS Z.J.Wang & Y.W.Wang Study on the radiosensitivity of AT cells with HPRT gene mutation J. Liu, K.J. Dai, C.H. Zheng, L. Chen, Z.H. Lu & X.F. Zhou Implementation of single-phase leakage fault line selection in ungrounded coal mine grid based onWAMS Z.J.Wang &Y.W.Wang An ant colony optimization approach to chemical equilibrium calculations of complex system problem S.Y. Li Finite element analysis of aircraft skin clamping deformation based on the technology of vacuum adsorption D.W.Wu, H.M. Cui, Y.C. Liu &W. Ji EDZL schedulability analysis on performance asymmetric multiprocessors W.Q. Li, P.Wu, H. Yoon & M. Ryu Interactive game design of axles upon augmented reality J.Y. Chao, J.Y. Chen, C.H. Liu, C.K. Yang & K.F. Lu Measures and construction methods of service-oriented network platform architecture J. Tian &Y. Zeng A research of assembly technique-oriented three-dimensional assembly model file structure tree information restructuring method Y.C. Liu, J.C. Yuan & D.W.Wu A master-slave immune clone selection algorithm and its application J. Ma A KVM-based elastic Cloud Computing framework X. Zhang,W.N.Wu, Q. Zeng & P. Liu Based on computer technology of the automobile logistics informationization Y.F. Lv, X.Q. Li & M.W. Zuo Research on evaluation of e-commerce website based on method of hybrid TOPSIS group decision-making J.M. Li, X.D. Hu, J.X. Cheng & R. Zhang Research of portable heart sound recognition instrument based on embedded computer Y.T.Wang, H.Y. Yu, X.H. Yang & Q.F. Meng Analysis on the causes of Chinese vegetable exports to Japan under the background of positive list system - Based on the CMS model H. Pang & M. Zhou Studies on informational practice of higher education teachers' teaching skills H.Y. Chen & C.J. Cheng Effect of body stiffness on the swimming performance of a robotic fish Z. Cui & H.Z. Jiang The supply and demand equilibrium of highly specific human capital X.L.Wang Analysis to the influence factors of consumption behaviors of cruise tourism in China G.D. Yan, H.Wang, L. Qiu & J.C. Kang Research and implementation of terrestrial test for underwater acoustic detection device under multi-target environment X. Chen & L. Rui The game analysis of the lack of credit of the construction enterprises Y.P.Wu & Z.J. Kong The presence of materials in the permeable transparency space based on time-dimension Sunny, Q. Xie & M.F. Lu Monomial form approach to the construction and the conversion for curves in CAGD N. Dejdumrong Isolated zero-voltage-switching buck converter based on full-bridge topology H.L. Do Simplified power factor correction converter based on SEPIC topology H.L. Do Analysis of distributed network management model based on independent self-organizing domain M.K. Guo & Y.M. Yu Research on defensive posture for distributed simulation M.L. Liu, J. Zhang & B.Y. Liu A consideration on infrastructure of distributed simulation M.L. Liu, J. Zhang & B.Y. Liu Analysis on warpage of support structure of computer hard disk for optimum processing by precision injection molding Y.N.Wang, H.S.Wang,W.T. Ho, Y. Lin & Y.K. Shen Author index

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