Injustice…-N- Georgia... State of Emergency

Injustice…-N- Georgia... State of Emergency

By: Paul J. Austin (author)eBook
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Neoslavery, Injustice, Genocide, Racism, and Hate live in the bosom chest of the people behind the prison industry complex here in antediluvian times. Wrong turn, Georgia! Particularly the police, legislators, judges, district attorneys, prosecutors, prison officials, pardon and paroles board officials, the Governor, and most so-called defense attorneys, just to name a few! And the people that they are endeavoring to extirpate and remove from the planet altogether is the BLACK MAN! I am apperception that to some the aforementioned may sound bizarre and unconventional. But its the unadulterated truth. We must remember that Georgia assiduously fought to maintain CHATTEL-SLAVERY! And they were the last to enter into the UNION! And they boldly stressed that the South will rise again. And it has. I maintain that the Federal Government has entered into a Klandestine-Konspiracy with Georgias pernicious and flagitious officials, which is to allow the officials to execute their Neoslavery via their prison industry complex. I submit to you that you will visit in this book in Technicolor vivid accounts of Assault, Murder, Cover-Ups, Sex Scandals, Racketeering, Discrimination, and other egregious injustices by the aforementioned officials! Which is carried out against convicts and inmates. And you can believe the beforehand or not, but the pardons and paroles board officials operate with impunity and diplomatic immunity! And they have more POWER than the President of the United States! The BLACK MAN is the majority in any prison or jail in the United States. And thats both federal and state. Moreover, the aforementioned is not an accident! It is the wholly quintessence of a proficient Klandestine Konspiracy to eradicate the BLACK MAN! It is also called a Sophisticated-Genocide-Plan! And let it be overstood that to destroy the Black Man is also the demise of the BLACK WOMAN! Because the Black Woman cannot exist without the Black Man! Paul J. Austin

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