Ink Splatters

Ink Splatters

By: Joy Ann (author)eBook
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I survived Hurricane Katrina; I was taken from my hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana, back in September of 2005 and flown to Arkansas. I remained there for a period of five years. Being uprooted was more devastating than facing the actual storm. For years prior to Katrina, Id lived my life mostly based upon my own desires. Still, I considered myself to be a law-abiding, responsible, and caring citizen. I was upset by the storm because it placed me in a position where I had to become dependent on others. Moreover, I was robbed of my material assets and left to fend against the elements without an ounce of leverage. But I was way off coursewrong! All of my life Id become incessantly dependent upon materialistic garb, but when the storm hit, it was God and his bevy of angels who protected me. It was difficult learning to eat humble pie and become submissive to ideas that werent my own. The time I spent in Arkansas helped me renew my spirit, regain my personal relationship with the Master, and realign my thoughts. I am still no saint, but my overall vision is better. The kindness of strangers brought me to my knees. I am forever indebted to those kindred citizens of Arkansas who befriended and assisted me in self-preservation and helped me recognize the need for Jesus in my life.

I am JoyAnn, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. In April 2009 I released a book, In Search of Higher Grounds. In that book, I attempted to capture the essence of the storm and how it wreaked havoc on my life. I told of my rescue and evacuation; in addition, I shared some insight into cultural differences which also left me treading dangerous waters.

Today, I am back in New Orleans, living in my repaired property, and discovering that things may never be the same. As I watch my community struggle from lack of infrastructure and see lawmakers vie to overturn corruption, murder, and thievery, I am prayerful. Yet I am not discouraged, because if theres one thing survival has taught me, it is, that He will not abandon us.

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