Innovation Unplugged 30-Minute Innovation Advice For Managers

Innovation Unplugged 30-Minute Innovation Advice For Managers

By: Gerard Harkin (author)eBook
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Drawing on over two decades of experience, this book brings hard-earned insights into how innovation can help your business to grow. It will appeal to managers who are pressed for time but want practical tips on how to innovate smarter and faster. Innovation Unplugged is not the standard 250-page business book. It can be read in 30 minutes. It is free from complex innovation models and generic regurgitated content. Chapter 1 discusses the importance of profitable innovation and why it must be led and supported from the top. Chapter 2 highlights the vast range of innovation options available to help a business to grow. Chapter 3 contrasts different types of innovation and digs deeper into long-term growth through eight helpful questions. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 provide advice on how to set up major innovation programmes to deliver the right results, and how to address common pitfalls. Chapter 7 shows how to remedy a blind spot in management meetings that could be costing your organisation millions in lost opportunities. I’m on a mission to make innovation more effective by ‘unplugging’ from the hype, confusion and gobbledygook that are so prevalent today. It’s why I wrote this ebook and entitled it Innovation Unplugged. I hope Innovation Unplugged provides valuable insights for your business and that the 30 minutes of reading is time well spent.

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