Innovative Developments in Design and Manufacturing: Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping : Proceedings of the 4th International Confere

Innovative Developments in Design and Manufacturing: Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping : Proceedings of the 4th International Confere

By: Joao Manuel Matias (editor), Joel Correia Vasco (editor), Fernando da Conceicao Batista (editor), Andre Andre (editor), Jorge Brites Gaspar (editor), Henrique Amorim Almeida (editor), Alves Alves (editor), Paulo Jorge da Silva Bartolo (editor), Mateus Artur Jorge (editor), Mario Antonio Correia (editor)Hardback

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Essential reading on the latest advances in virtual prototyping and rapid manufacturing. Includes 110 peer reviewed papers covering: 1. Biomanufacturing, 2. CAD and 3D data acquisition technologies, 3. Materials, 4. Rapid tooling and manufacturing, 5. Advanced rapid prototyping technologies and nanofabrication, 6. Virtual environments and simulation and 7. Novel Applications. For all thos working on V&RP, focused on inducing increased collaboration between industry and academia.

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About Author

Paulo Bartolo is Professor of Advanced Manufacturing Processes at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL), Portugal, and Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the School of Technology and Management of IPL. He is Co-Director of the Postgraduate Research Centre at IPL, Fellow of the Institute of Polymers and Composites at the University of Minho (Portugal), Advisor of the Portuguese Agency for the Development and Innovation and President of the Portuguese Rapid Prototyping Association. He is Editor in Chief of Virtual & Physical Prototyping


Invited lectures New challenges for Reverse Engineering in facial treatments: how canthe new 3-D non invasive surface measurements support diagnosis and treatment?, L.M. Galantucci 1. Biomanufacturing Scaffold Micro-Architecture Optimization Based on Bio-Mimetic Principles, A.B. Bucklen, B.M. Wettergreen & C.M. Liebschner A minibioreactor for developing "perfused" capillaries in cardiomyocyte aggregates, C.K. Chua, D. Liu, F. Leong, V. Mironov & V. Kasyanov Spinning of biomaterial microfibers for tendon tissue engineering, C.K. Chua, J. An, K.F. Leong, C.M. Cheah & H. Chang Stereolithographic Rendering of Low Molecular Weight Polymer Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering, D. Dean, J. Wallace, K. Kim, A.G. Mikos & J.P. Fisher Process flow for designing functionally graded tissue engineering scaffolds, .K. Chua, N. Sudarmadji, K.F. Leong, S.M. Chou, S.C. Lim & W.M. Firdaus Indirect fabrication of tissue engineering scaffolds using rapid prototyping and a foaming process, J.Y. Tan, C.K. Chua & K.F. Leong Fractal Tool Paths for Layered Manufacturing of Scaffolds with Matched Bone Properties, G.S. Kumar & P. Pandithevan BioExtruder: Study of the influence of process parameters on PCL scaffolds properties, M. Domingos, F. Chiellini, A. Gloria, L. Ambrosio, P. Bartolo & E. Chiellini The use of Periodic Minimal Surfaces for Scaffolds design, H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bartolo Intelligent biopolymer selection system for medical applications, C.S. Moura, P.J. Bartolo & H.A. Almeida 2. CAD and 3D data acquisition technologies Rapid Prototyping models of foetuses built from Ultrasound 3D and Magnetic Resonance files, J.R.L. Santos, J.R.L. Santos, R.C. Fontes, S. Campbell & H. Werner A Computer Aided Design (CAD) support tool for parametric design of products for Rapid Manufacture (RM), P.C. Smith & A.E.W. Rennie Comparison of CT and CBCT for Fabrication of Dentistry Models via Rapid Prototyping Technology, H. Kheirollahi, F. Abesi & S. Rahmati Global approach to design and manufacture Direct Parts, J.Kernion, P.Mognol & J.Y.Hascoet Novel Methodology in Design of Custom-made Hip Prosthesis, F. Abbaszadeh, S. Rahmati, F. Farahmand & R. Fatollahzadeh Use of BioCAD in the Development of a Growth Compliant Prosthetic Device for Cranioplasty of Growing Patients, D.T. Kemmoku, P.Y. Noritomi, F.G. Roland & J.V.L. da Silva Artificial teeth manufacturing: inspection of mould and teeth by contactless scanning systems, E. Atzeni, L. Iuliano, P. Minetola, A. Salmi & A. Gatto Guided dental surgery based on integrating 3D image slicing and structured light scanning, S. Barone, A. Paol & A. V. Razionale A robotic system for 3D optical scanning of large surfaces, M. Maggini, S. Barone, A. Paoli & A.V. Razionale A simple photogrammetric system for automatic capture and measurement of facial soft tissues during movement, L. M. Galantucci, F. Lavecchia & G. Percolo 3D digitation of museum sculptures for model-making purposes: difficulties and possible solutions, G. Celani, L. Cancherini, A. Jardini, M. Oliveira, J.V.L. da Silva & V. Piccoli The use of technologies as Rapid Prototyping and Scanner Inspection in surgical planning to medical application, C.B.L. Ulbrich, H.A. Hermini & C.A.C. Zavaglia Performance evaluation of non contact measuring systems considering bias, M. Cavallaro, G. Moroni & S. Petro A surgical training model manufacture using rapid prototyping technology, L. Queijo, J. Rocha, L. Barreira, T. Barbosa, P.M. Pereira & M.S. Juan Image based modeling and morphological analysis of the human knee, G. Renner & L. Hajder Design of customised bioceramic medical implants by layered manufacturing, S. F. Khan & K.W. Dalgarno Reverse Innovative Design in Rapid Modelling and Reverse Engineering Industrial Applications, A.E. Sonn & D.M. Dimitrov 3D-Digitalization of ankle movement and 3D-CAD-method for patient specific external ankle support development and Rapid Manufacturing, R. Bjorkstrand, J. Tuomi, M. Paloheimo, J. Lindahl & J. Salo 3. Materials Experimental Investigation of Charpy Impact Test on Metallic SLM parts, E. Yasa, J Deckers, J.P. Kruth, M. Rombouts & J. Luyten Series production of CE-certified orthopaedic implants with integrated network structures for improved bone ingrowth, P. Cremascoli & P. Ohldin Densification and coarsening of lase sintered green parts by microwave technique, P. Veronesi, A. Gatto & L. Iuliano Functionally graded PA12/MWCNTs composite fabricated by SLS to aerospace applications: mechanical and electrical behaviour, R.A. Paggi, G.V. Salmoria, A. Lago & V.E. Beal Rapid Manufacturing of Polycaprolactone / Progesterone Drug Delivery Device by SLS, G.V. Salmoria, P. Klauss, R.A. Paggi, M. Souza, L.A. Kanis & K.M. Zepon Selective Laser Melting of NiTi shape memory components, H. Meier, C. Haberland, J. Frenzel & R. Zarnetta Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) of Glass Ceramics Substrates for LTCC Applications, C.M. Gomes, N. Travitzky, P. Greil, A. P.N. Oliveira & D. Hotza Extrusion Behavior of Chocolate for Additive Layer Manufacturing, L. Hao, O. Seaman, S. Mellor, J. Henderson, N. Sewell & M. Sloan Production of fully ferrous components using Indirect Selective Laser Sintering, P. Vallabhajosyula & D.L.Bourell On Mechanical Properties of SFF-made Calcium Polyphosphate Bio-Structures, Y. Shanjani & E. Toyserkani On the effects of build orientation in powder-fed Additive Layer Manufacture of steel 316L, E. Bassoli, A. Gatto, N.T. Sewell & D. Johns Multiphase numerical modeling of metallic particle composites, C. Capela, J. Bolrao, F.V. Antunes & P. Camano Study of materials applied to an orthopaedic external circular fixator, C. Capela, L. Oliveira, P. Camano, P.Bartolo& I. Garcia 4. Rapid tooling and manufacturing Direct Rapid Tooling for Die Forging - a new challenge for Layer-Based Technologies, R. Neugebauer, B. Mueller & A. Wagner An automated method for RM feasibility evaluation, J. Munguia & F. Fenollosa Layer Laminating Increases the Cost Effectiveness of Custom and Standard Last Manufacturing in the Footwear Industry, U. Klaeger Embedding Of Electronic And System In Package Using Generative Processes, F. Ansorge, K. Heumann, D. Ifland, H. Reichl The influence of the mould material on the rheology and mechanical characteristics of hybrid injection moulds, L. Cardon, A. Dekeyser, M. Moerman, S. Vernaillen & K. Ragaert Design for Rapid Manufacturing - Capturing Designers' Knowledge, S. Maidin and R.I. Campbell, I. Drstvensek & P. Sever Direct Fabrication of an in-situ Al Composite using Selective Laser Melting Process, S. Dadbakhsh, L. Hao, N. Sewell, P. Jerrard Warpage of injection mouldings in hybrid moulds with epoxy-aluminium composite core, M.A. Silva, P.G. Martinho & A.S. Pousada Rapid Manufacturing in Automation Applications, Ralf Becker & Andrzej Grzesiak Digital design and rapid manufacturing in orbital wall reconstruction, M. Salmi, J. Tuomi, K.Paloheimo, M. Paloheimo, R. Bjorkstrand, A.A. Makitie, K. Mesimaki & R. Kontio Direct Manufacturing of dense parts from martensitic precipitation hardening steel gas atomized powder by selective laser melting (SLM) technology, M. Averyanova & Ph. Bertrand Studying the repeatability in DMLS technology using a complete geometry test part, J. Delgado, J. Ciurana, C. Reguant & B. Cavallini Cooling channel configuration in Injection Moulds, D. Dimitrov, A. Moammer & T. Harms 5. Advanced rapid prototyping technologies and nanofabrication A Practical Approach on Temperature Variation in Selective Laser Melting with a Novel Heat Transfer Model, C.K. Chua, A. Liu & K.F. Leong Study and simulation of different scanning strategies in SLM, J. Jhabvala, E. Boillat, T. Antignac & R. Glardon Interface Attachibilty Analysis of Printed Patterns through Electrostatic Inkjet System, A.Ali, A. Rahman, K.H. Choi, B.S. Yang & D.S.Kim The Development of a Generic Rapid Prototyping Process Planning System, N. Volpato & J.A. Foggiatto Hibrid Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite for Infrared Laser Stereolithography Process, M.I.R. Barbosa, A.L. Jardini, M.C.B. Costa, R.A. Rezende & R. Maciel Filho The future of electronic products: conductive 3D Printing?, O. Diegel, S. Singamneni, B. Huang & I. Gibson Challenges and Opportunities in obtaining Rapid Ceramic Components by means of Subtractive Methods applied to Non Sintered Materials, J.R. Goma-Ayats, J. Minguella-Canela & R. Uceda-Molera New Generation of Rapid Manufacturing Equipment, O. Hangaard A three dimensional FE-model for the investigation of transient physical effects in Selective Laser Melting, M.F. Zaeh, G. Branner & T.A. Krol A benchmark for accuracy evaluation of dental crowns up-to-date manufacturing, E. Atzeni, L. Iuliano, P. Minetola, A. Salmi & A. Gatto Design of a micro-channel reactor for decomposition of organic pollutants in waste water treatment, G. Charles, S. Corbel, M-C. Carre, T. Roques-Carmes, O. Zahraa Internal structure Optimization for Fused Deposition Modeling ABS Parts, L.M. Galantucci, F. Lavecchia, G. Percoco Simulation based Multi-Objective Optimisation Model for the SLS Process, A.K. Singh & R.S. Prakash Multi-objective optimization of part orientation to improve process planning in RM, S. Danjou & P. Kohler The production of Ti-6Al-4V parts with controlled porous architecture by three-dimensional fiber deposition, M. Rombouts, S. Mullens, J. Luyten, P. Nuyts & M. Schroeven 3D Microstructuring of Hybrid Organic-inorganic Materials by Two-Photon Polymerization Technique, A.Ovsianikov, Boris Chichkov, M. Oubaha, R. Copperwhite, B.D. MacCraith, A Gaidukeviciute, I. Sakellari, A. Giakoumaki, D. Gray, M. Vamvakaki, M. Farsari, & C. Fotakis Buid Time Estimator for Adaptive Slicing in Stereolithography, A.Sanati Nezhad, M. Vatani, F. Barazandeh & A.R. Rahimi Construction and Adaptation of na Open Source Rapid Prototyping Machine for Biomedical Research Purposes - a Multinational Collaborative Development, A.L. Lixandrao Filho, P.Y. Noritomi, J.V.L da Silva, P. Inforcatti Neto, P.Y.C. Cheung, N. Colangelo, H. Kang, J.T. Buthcer & E. Malone Micro laser-milling of graphite: analysis of process parameters, J. Monteiro, P.J. Bartolo & C. Capela 6. Virtual environments and simulation Towards ontology-based information extraction in distributed manufacturing systems, B.X. Li, L. Yang, S.K. Ong, Y. Lei & A.Y.C. Nee A Virtual Manufacturing System of Screw Threads Generation with Tasks Schedule Approach, J.S. Liang An Interactive Multimedia Approach to Enhance Learning of Rapid Prototyping, C.K. Chua, T.T. Vu, K.F. Leong & C.S. Lim Products experience: how can Virtual Prototyping improve usability testing?, M. Mengoni, M. Germani & M. Peruzzini Efficient use of Traditional-, Rapid- and Virtual Prototyping in the industrial product development process, R. Bastiens, J. Detand, O. Rysman & T. Defloo Using an immersive virtual environment to validate cellular manufacturing system simulation models, H.J.R Carvalho, C. Oliveira, H.C. Vale, D.C. Sena & A.J.V. Porto Analysis and Fabrication of New Designed Dental Implant using Rapid Prototyping Technology, S. Rahmati, H. Kheirollahi & A. Azari A model for project-based environmental compliance management for small and medium enterprises, E.C.K. Chan & K.M. Yu New perspectives on form: real-time, virtual modeling in networked 3d environments, S.B. Fraser, M. Lyons, T.J. Miller, M. Barnard,H.K. Henning, J. Looser, H. Seichter & M. Billinghurst Adaptive Logistics: Simulation based decision making in assembly planning and -control, A.Kampker, G. Schuh, B. Franzkoch, T. Potente & T. Welter Breaking paradigms - The teaching of RM to "experienced newcomers", J.Munguia & M. Villegas Design-by-the-Customer through Virtual Reality, A.G. Bachvarov, S. Maleshkov, P. Stojanova & J. Katicic Context information complemented virtual prototyping of factories, A.Kampker, G. Schuh, A. Hoeschen & J. Nocker Form follows algorithm: Computer derived design for rapid manufacturing, S. Killi Concurrent design and development of a chassis set for an electromechanical transmission system, F. Fenollosa-Artes, J. Minguella-Canela & J. R. Goma-Ayats A Multi-agent Based Dynamic Scheduling Framework for Virtual Enterprises, S.H. Niu, S.K. Ong & A.Y.C. Nee Integration of Rapid Manufacturing processes in a high-level numerical chain, R. Bonnard, P. Mognol & J.Y. Hascoet A holistic approach for customer-oriented product engineering of micro devices, K. Hahn, T. Schmidt, R. Bruck, D. Ortloff & J. Popp Fully GPU-based volume representation and material removal simulation of free-form objects, B. Tukora & T. Szalay Low-cost gesture detection as a form of interaction in a virtual reality multi-projection system, C. Oliveira, D.C. Sena, H.M.C. Vale, H.J.R. Carvalho & A.J.V. Porto Construction of Immersive Multi-projection Environments for Treatment of Phobia of Heights, H.M.C Vale, C. Oliveira, D.C. Sena & A.J.V. Porto Virtual Reality for Assembly Simulation and Ergonomic Analysis in automotive chain of production, M. Cavallaro & G. Moroni Biomechanical response simulation of tetrahedral mass-spring model of intervertebral disc in a spine segment with haptic interface, K.T. Huynh, I. Gibson & W.F. Lu An approach to develop a rapid manufacturing knowledge-based environment, Tahar Laoui "3D Faxing": Rapid prototyping of new product and process systems to help manage multi-national development teams, O. Diegel, D.P.K. Singh, S. Singamneni, A. Withell Finite elements analysis of cylindrical copper shelled SLA electrodes, V. Iakovakis, J. Kechagias, G. Petropoulos & S. Maropoulos 7. Applications EOS innovations for e-manufacturing: High performance polymers and integrated quality management system, J. Greses & C.M. Stotko Digital technologies and the potential for CNC texturing the built environment, T. J. Miller Rapid Manufacture of Dies and Moulds using Fused Deposition Modeling and Electrical Discharge Machining, S. Singamneni, O. Diegel, D.P.K. Singh & A.R. Chowdhury Application of 3D colour printing for the rapid prototyping of functional models, S. Junk & J. Samann-Sun The Power of a Single Prototype: Sustainable Fashion Textile Design and the prevention of Carcinogenic Melanoma, J. Farrer RCA & A. Finn Technology transfer in digital prototyping by means of research laboratories: two case studies in architecture schools, G.Celani, R. Pupo & J. Duarte A Design increase to hospital regulator pressure, F. Ulbrich, C.B.L. Ulbrich & C.A.C. Zavaglia Potential of Building Information Modeling (bim) system, M. R. Oliveira Medical Applications of Rapid Prototyping - from Applications to Classification, J.Tuomi, K. Paloheimo, R. Bjorkstrand, M. Salmi, M. Paloheimo & A. A. Makitie Cost and benefit analysis of fused deposition modelling (FDM) technique and selective laser sintering (SLS) for fabrication of customised foot orthoses, J.M. Saleh & K.W. Dalgarno A Novel Methodology in Design and Fabrication of Lingual Orthodontic Appliance Based on Rapid Prototyping Technologies, H. Kheirollahi, S. Rahmati & F. Abesi Design of Ergonomic Leisure Chair, C. Capela, A. Cerva, & P. Camano & F.V. Antunes

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