Innovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings for Advanced Manufacturing: Proceedings of the Nato Advanced Research Workshop on Innovative S

Innovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings for Advanced Manufacturing: Proceedings of the Nato Advanced Research Workshop on Innovative S

By: V. Turkevich (adaptor), Nikolay Novikov (editor), Jay Lee (editor)Paperback

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The book contains the results of the latest achievements of leading researchers from nine countries in the field of diamond and diamond-like carbon, cubic boron nitride and other superhard materials; high-density engineering ceramics; high pressure-high temperature technique; computer-aided modeling; diamond, cubic boron nitride, ceramic and cemented carbide tools; development, production and applications of nanostructured materials; films and wear-resistant coating; and methods for quality control of tool materials and tools.

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Preface. 1. Bridge Between the Ideal and Real Mechanical Properties of Superhard Materials; v.v. Brazhkin, A.G. Lyapin ..- 2. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of Spontaneus Crystallization of Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride; v.z. Turkevich - 3. Strain-Induced Disorder and Phase Transformation in Hexagonal Boron Nitride under Quasi-Homogeneous Pressure up to 25 GPa: in-Situ X-Ray Study in a Rotational Diamond Anvil Cell; V.1. Levita et al.- 4. Combining Hard With Soft Materials in Nanoscale under High-Pressure High-Temperature Conditions; B. Palosz et al,.-.5. Advance Manufacturing of Advanced Materials; A.G. Mamalis.- 6. High-Pressure Synthesis of Mgb2-Based Material with High Critical Currents; T. Prikhna et al.- 7. Promising Superhard Materials and Efficient Technologies of their Production; N.V. Novikov, A.A. Shul'zhenko.- 8. Light Element Polycrystalline Structures Incorporating Micron to Nanosize Constituents; P.J. Gielisse, H. Niculescu.-9. Electrical Properties of Crystalline 3D-Polymeric C60 Fullerites Obtained by HPHT Treatment; S. Buga et al.- 10. The Influence of Detonation Nanodiamond Powder on Blood Cells; A.P. Puzyr et al..- 11. Structural and Adsorption Characteristics of Porous Industrial Diamond; S.V.. Mikhalovsky et al.- 12. Influence of Initial Diamond Raw Material Strength on Quality of Produced on Its Base Thin Micron Powders; N.V. Noviko et al.- 13. Recent Progress in Growth of Diamond Crystals;R. Abbashian, C. Clarke .- 14. Peculiarities of Graphite Transformation Under High Pressure; V.D. Blank et al.-,15. Thin Film Coatings as a Sensor Fabricated on Mechanical Parts; K. Mori et al.- 16. Grain Boundary Engineering Of Nanostructure Chromium Films; S.A. Firstov et al.- 17. Phosphorus Related Characteristics of Synthetic Diamonds; H. Kanda and S. Koizumi .-18. A Survey of Coating Technologies in Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises;S. Hirose, K. Mori.-19. Tribological Properties of ta-C Films Deposited on Hard Metal Substrate; M.V. Projega et al.- 20. Application of Diamond-Like Carbon Film in Optical Waveguide Sensing System; M. Smietana, J. Szmidt .- 21. Recent News of Manufacture of Hip Joint Prostheses: Problems And Solutions; O.A. Rozenberg et al.- 22. Capillary Phenomena, Phase Interaction at The Graphite- Metal Melt Interface And Diamond Synthesis; V. Perevertailo,O. Loginova, 23. Mechanism of Cubic Boron Nitride Formation and Phase Equilibria in the Mg--BN and A1N--BN Systems; V. Turkevich et al.- 24. Amorphous Diamond, its Production, Identification and Some Properties; Yu.I. Sozin, M.Ya. Katsay .- 25. The Effect of the Field of Residual Strains on the N-Beam XRay Diffraction on Diamond; V.N. Tkach et al.- 26. Phase Diagram and Diamond Synthesis in the Aluminum-- Carbon System at a Pressure of 8 Gpa; V. Turkevich et al.- 27. Superconducting Tunnel Junctions with Inelastic Processes in Barriers; V. Shaternik.- 28. Diamond-Carbon Composites. Physico-Chemical Properties, New Areas of Their Application; N.V. Novikov et al.- 29. Chemical Properties of Nanodiamond; I.I. Kulakova .- 30. Surface Chemistry of Submicron cBN Powders G.P.Bogatyreva et al.- 31. Uniformity of Superhard Material Grinding Powders N.V.Novikov et al.- 32. The Influence of Conditions of the Detonation Synthesis (DS) on the Degree of Transformation and Physico-Chemical Properties of Detonation Diamonds (DD). V.Ph. Tatsy et al.- 33. The Effect of The Structure of a Two-Layer Cutting Insert on its Physico-Mechanical Characteristics; s.v. Tkach et al.- / 34. Comparative Study of Near Stochiometric a-SiC:H and a-SiC Films: Effect of the Bonded Hydrogen; A. V. Vasin et al.-35. Certification of Hardened Diamond Like Coatings (DLCs) Mechanical Properties; I.Sh. Trakhtenberg et al.- 36. The modification of tribological properties of diamond like coatings (DLCs) obtained by graphite sputtering in argon and nitrogen ions presence; I.Sh. Trakhtenberg et al.-37. Application of Diamond-Like Films for Improving Transparency in the IR; A.G. Gontar et al.- 38. Influence of the Temperature on Electronic Properties of Carbon-Rich BN Films Obtained from (C2115)3B by Means of Reactive Pulse Plasma Method; P. Firek et al.- 39. New echno1ogicaI and Hardware Resources of Creation Multilayered Protective Functional Coatings; N.V. NovikoV , V.E. Dabizha .- 40. Effect of Corrosion Environment on The Fatigue Behavior of WC- Co Hard Alloy Teeth of Drill Bits; B. Vasyliv et al.-

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