Inorganic Reactions and Methods: v. 15 Electron-transfer and Electrochemical Reactions; Photochemical and Other Energized Reactions (Inorganic Reactio

Inorganic Reactions and Methods: v. 15 Electron-transfer and Electrochemical Reactions; Photochemical and Other Energized Reactions (Inorganic Reactio

By: J. J. Zuckerman (author)Hardback

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Inorganic Reactions and Methods Volume 15 Editor J. J. Zuckerman


How to Use this Book; Preface to the Series; Editorial Consultants to the Series; Contributors to Volume 15; 12. Electron--Transfer and Electrochemical Reactions; 12.1. Introduction; 12.2. Electron Transfer; 12.2.1. Introduction; 12.2.2. Classification of Electron--Transfer Reactions; Outer--Sphere Reactions; Examples of Outer--Sphere Reactions; Outer--Sphere Transition States; Inner--Sphere Reactions; Inner--Sphere Reactions: Scheme I; Inner--Sphere Reactions: Scheme II; Inner--Sphere Reactions: Scheme III; Double--Ligand Bridging; Other Reaction Classes; Mixed Outer-- and Inner--Sphere Reactions; Intramolecular Electron Transfer; Two--Electron Transfers; 12.2.3. Theory of Electron--Transfer Reactions; The Stability of the Precursor Complex; Potential--Energy Surfaces; of Zero Order.; of First Order.; The Electronic Factor; Electron--Exchange Reactions; The Reorganization Energy; Nuclear Tunneling in Electron Exchange; Quantum--Mechanical Treatment; Comparison of Observed and Calculated; Parameters for Electron Exchange; Electron Transfer; Theory of Electron--Transfer Reactions; Electron Transfer Accompanied by a Net Chemical Change; Semiclassical Treatment; Cross Reactions and Electron--Exchange Rates; Quantum--Mechanical Treatment; Conclusions; 12.2.4. General Reactivity Patterns in Electron Transfer; The Inner--Shell Reorganization Energy: Exchange Rates of Aquo Ions; Variations with Ligand: The Outer--Shell Reorganization Energy; Electronic Factors: Nonadiabaticity; Free--Energy Relations; Inner--Sphere Versus Outer--Sphere Electron Transfer; Rate Saturation in Electron Transfer; 12.2.5. Specific Reactivity Patterns in Electron--Transfer Reactions; Variation with the Reductant; One--Electron Reductants; Two--Electron Reductants; Variation with the Oxidant; One--Electron Oxidants; Multiple--Electron Oxidants; Oxidation and Reduction of Coordinated Ligands; Catalysis in Electron--Transfer Reactions; Catalyzed Electron Transfer; Catalyzed Ligand Substitution; Induced Electron--Transfer Reactions; Photoinduced Electron--Transfer Reactions; 12.3. Electrochemical Reactions; 12.3.1. Introduction; The Electrode Process; Reversibility; Electrochemical Reversibility; Chemical Reversibility; Complex Electrode Mechanisms; 12.3.2. Diagnostic Electrochemical Measurements; Voltammetric Methods; Direct--Current Polarography; Pulse--Polarographic Methods; Alternating--Current Polarography; Cyclic Voltammetry; 12.3.3. Evaluation of Formal Potentials; Involving Stable Reactants and Products.; Involving Unstable Electrode Products.; Involving Reactants Undergoing Multiple--Electrode Reactions.; 12.3.4. Chemical Reactions Accompanying Electrode Reactions; Reactions Preceding Electron Transfer (CE); Slow--Reaction (1 a) Limit; Fast--Reaction (1 a) Limit; Intermediate--Reaction Kinetics; Reactions Following Electron Transfer (EC); Giving Electroinactive Products.; Giving Electroactive Products (ECE).; Other Coupled Chemical Reactions; 12.3.5. Electrochemical Synthesis; by Controlled--Potential Electrolysis.; Involving Bulk Preparations.; Conclusions; 12.3.6. Thermodynamics of Simple Electrochemical Reactions; 12.3.7. Kinetics of Electrochemical Reactions; Basic Characteristics; Theory of Heterogeneous Electron--Transfer Reactions; Double--Layer Effects in Electrochemical Kinetics; Electrode--Reaction Mechanisms; Influence of the Electrode Material; Electrochemical Reactivity Patterns - Comparisons with Homogeneous Reactivities; 13. Photochemical and Other Energized Reactions; 13.1. Introduction; 13.2. Photosubstitution and Photoisomerization; 13.2.1. with Group VIA Complexes; of Chromium(III).; of Molybdenum and Tungsten.; Photosubstitution and Photoisomerization; 13.2.2. with Group VIIA Complexes.; 13.2.3. with Group VIII Complexes; of Iron.; of Ruthenium.; of Osmium.; of Cobalt.; of Rhodium(III) and Iridium(III).; of Nickel(II) and Palladium(II).; of Platinum(II).; of Platinum(IV).; 13.2.4. with Metal Carbonyls; involving Mononuclear Complexes; of Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium.; of Vanadium, Niobium and Tantalum.; of Chromium, Molybdenum and Tungsten.; of Manganese and Rhenium.; of Iron, Ruthenium and Osmium.; of Cobalt, Rhodium and Iridium.; of Nickel.; Involving Dinuclear Complexes.; Involving Polynuclear Complexes.; 13.2.5. with Other Organometallic Complexes; Containing Metal Hydrides.; Containing isocyanides.; Containing Olefins.; Containing Arenes and Cyclopentadienyls.; Containing Alkyls.; 13.3. Photoinduced Cleavage of Metal - Metal Bonds; 13.3.1. in Dinuclear Complexes; That Are Homonuclear; and Contain Chromium, Molybdenum and Tungsten.; and Contain Manganese, Technetium and Rhenium.; and Contain Iron and Ruthenium.; and Contain Cobalt.; and Contain Nickel, Palladium and Platinum.; That Are Heteronuclear.; 13.3.2. in Polynuclear Complexes.; 13.4. Photoinduced Electron--Transfer Reactions; 13.4.1. Excited--State Assignments; 13.4.2. Excited--State Electron Exchange; 13.4.3. Quenching and Back Reactions; 13.4.4. Free--Energy Relations; 13.5. Pulse Radiolysis; 13.5.1. Introduction; 13.5.2. Principles; 13.5.3. Techniques; 13.5.4. by Radiation Generation; of Hydrated Electrons.; of Hydroxyl Radicals.; of Hydrogen Atoms.; of Secondary Radicals.; 13.5.5. of Metal Complexes; Involving Groups IA and IIA.; Involving Group IIIA.; Involving Group IVA.; Involving Group VA.; Involving Group VIA; with Chromium.; with Molybdenum and Tungsten.; Involving Group VIIA; with Manganese.; with Technetium.; Involving Group VIIIA; with Iron.; with Ruthenium.; with Osmium.; with Cobalt.; with Rhodium.; with Iridium.; with Nickel.; with Palladium and Platinum.; Involving Group lB; with Copper.; with Silver.; with Gold.; Involving Group lib; with Zinc.; with Cadmium.; with Mercury.; Pulse Radiolysis; of Metal Complexes; Involving Group IIIB; with Gallium.; with Indium.; with Thallium.; Involving Group IVB; with Tin.; with Lead.; Involving Lanthanides.; Involving Actinides.; List of Abbreviations; Author Index; Compound Index; Subject Index

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