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Insights 2: Content-based Approach to Academic Preparation

Insights 2: Content-based Approach to Academic Preparation

By: Linda Jensen (author), Christine Holten (author), Donna Brinton (author), Jan Frodesen (author), Lyn Repath-Martos (author)Paperback

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Insights: A Content-based Approach to Academic Preparation, by Donna Brinton, Linda Jensen, Lyn Repath-Martos, Jan Frodesen, and Christine Holten, helps pre-college and college-level ESL students develop the crucial academic skills they need to meet the demands of academic English. By exploring four high-interest academic content areas, students learn to synthesize information from a variety of sources and apply their knowledge in stimulating discussion and writing assignments. Features *Students work with a variety of authentic source materials, including selections from college texts, real college lectures, visual materials, and literary passages. *An integrated skills approach weaves together reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities with context-related grammar and vocabulary exercises. *Videos of real university lectures accustom students to typical North American lecture style and natural language. *A wide variety of academic strategies includes listening for emphasis cues, finding the appropriate definition for a word, using examples with generalizations, and more.


Introduction UNIT 1: INSIGHTS FROM BIOLOGY Introduction: Innate and Learned Animal Behavior Exploring the Concepts Working with SourcesREADING: "Genetically Determined Behavior" William K. Purves, Gordon H. Orians, and H. Craig HellerGRAMMAR: Timeless ConditionalsVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: Learned versus Innate Behavior in Australian BirdsVocabulary: Key TermsAcademic Strategy: Finding and Noting Important Ideas from Examples in LecturesGrammar: Expressing Possession and Relation in Of-phrasesLITERATURE: "Star" Mark Owens and Delia OwensVocabulary: Guessing Meaning through Context Integrating Perspectives Exploration: Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Animal Behavior Exploring the Concepts Working with SourcesVIDEOTAPED LECTURE 1: Sexual Receptivity in LionsAcademic Strategy: Recognizing Signals of Key Information in LecturesVocabulary: Informal versus Formal LanguageLITERATURE: "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" Annie DillardGrammar: Complete versus Reduced Relative ClausesVIDOTAPED LECTURE 2: Female Lion Pregnancy and Birth RateREADING: "Why Male Ground Squirrels Disperse" Kay E. Holekamp and Paul W. ShermanGrammar: Passives in ExplanationsVocabulary: Abstract Nouns with Prepositions Integrating Perspectives Expansion: The Costs and Benefits of Adaptive Behavior Exploring the ConceptsAcademic Strategy: Using a Thesaurus Working with SourcesREADING: "Behavioral Ecology: William K. Purves, Gordon H. Orians, and H. Craig HellerGrammar: Complex Structures as Sentence SubjectsVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: Lion Infanticide - Costly or Beneficial?LITERATURE: "Altruism: Lewis ThomasVocabulary: Shades of MeaningGrammar: -ing Participial Phrases with by Integrating PerspectivesLITERATURE: "Lions with No Pride" Mark Owens and Delia OwensAcademic Strategy: Developing Ideas for an Analytical Essay UNIT 2: INSIGHTS FROM SOCIOLOGY Introduction: The Rules of Civil Inattention Exploring the ConceptsVocabulary: Describing Contacts with People Working with SourcesREADING: "Civil Inattention" Erving GoffmanGrammar: Introducing Explanations with It ConstructionsVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: The Relational WedgeVocabulary: Key TermsAcademic Strategy: Asking Clarification Questions in a Lecture or Discussion Section Integrating Perspectives Exploration: Bystander Apathy Exploring the ConceptsVocabulary: Colloquial Language Working with SourcesVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: Trouble in Public Aid SituationsREADING: "Bystander `Apathy'" Bibb Latane and John M. DarleyAcademic Strategy: ParaphrasingVocabulary: Describing Emotions and ReactionsGrammar: Using Modal Verbs to Describe Possibility in the Past Integrating Perspectives Expansion: To Intervene or Not to Intervene? Exploring the Concepts Working with SourcesREADING 1: "A Doctor's Dilemma" James N. DillardGrammar: Adverbials Expressing ConcessionVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: Intervention in Child PunishmentAcademic Strategy: Reading a Research ReportREADING 2: "Stranger Intervention into Child Punishment in Public Places: Phillip W. DavisVocabulary: Expressing Tendencies Integrating PerspectivesLITERATURE: "Wilshire Bus" Hisaye YamamotoAcademic Strategy: Taking Readers' Knowledge into Account UNIT 3: INSIGHTS FROM POLITICAL SCIENCE Introduction: Power and Influence in World Politics Exploring the ConceptsVocabulary: Key Terms Working with SourcesLITERATURE: "Preface to Sherman's March" Cynthia BassGrammar: Repetition of StructuresVocabulary: CollocationsVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: Power and Influence in International RelationsREADING: "Soft Power" Joseph S. Nye, Jr.Academic Strategy: Finding Central Propositions in an Academic TextGrammar: General versus Specific Article Use Integrating Perspectives Exploration: Deterrence in World Politics Exploring the Concepts Working with SourcesVIDEOTAPED LECTURE 1: Deterrence in International RelationsVocabulary: Key VocabularyAcademic Strategy: Double-Entry Lecture NotesREADING 1: "Deterrence" Steven L. SpiegelGrammar: Complements with to + Verb and Verb + -ingVIDEOTAPED LECTURE 2: The Two Components of Credible DeterrenceREADING 2: "Temptations of a Superpower" Ronald SteelAcademic Strategy: Recognizing Point-Counterpoint Text Organization Integrating Perspectives Expansion: Individual Leadership in World Politics Exploring the ConceptsVocabulary: Describing Leadership Qualities Working with SourcesREADING 1: "A Cognitive Approach to Leadership" Howard GardnerAcademic Strategy: Recognizing ClassificationGrammar: PunctuationVocabulary: Using Expressive VerbsREADING 2: "The Individual Level of Analysis" Steven L. SpiegelVocabulary: Expressions with Verb + Noun + PrepositionGrammar: Coordinating with Parallel StructuresVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: Factors Governing Individual Leadership Integrating PerspectivesLITERATURE: "The Owl Who Was God" James ThurberAcademic Strategy: Analyzing a Topic By Examining Contributing Factors UNIT 4: INSIGHTS FROM ASTRONOMY Introduction: Are We Alone? Exploring the Concepts Working with SourcesREADING: "Are UFOs for Real?" Barry E. Zimmerman and David J. ZimmermanGrammar: Integrating Partial Quotations into a SentenceVocabulary: Key TermsLITERATURE: "Sky Beings and the Gathering of Eagles" Brad Steiger and Sherry Hanson-SteigerVocabulary: Word FamiliesVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: A Personal Experience with UFOs Integrating PerspectivesAcademic Strategy: Timed Writing Exploration: Evaluating UFO Sightings Exploring the Concepts Working with SourcesAcademic Strategy: Comparing Existing Knowledge to New Information in TextsREADING 1: "The Scientific View of the Universe" Donald Goldsmith and Tobias OwenGrammar: References Using ThisVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: UFO SightingsVocabulary: Expressing Negation with PrefixesREADING 2: "An Explanation for the Absence of Extraterrestrials on Earth" Michael HartGrammar: Adjective Clauses Integrating PerspectivesAcademic Strategy: Critical Reading: Evaluating a ClaimGrammar: Unreal Conditionals Expansion: Our Fascination with Extraterrestrial Life Exploring the Concepts Working with SourcesVIDEOTAPED LECTURE: Why Are We Fascinated by UFOs?READING: "Cosmic Loneliness" Donald Goldsmith and Tobias OwenVocabulary: Concept WordsGrammar: Verb Tense Shift Integrating PerspectivesLITERATURE: "R.S.V.P. - A Story" Robert NozickAcademic Strategy: Argument by Evaluation Insights 2 Skills-at-a-Glance

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