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Insights and Innovations in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Structural Enginee

Insights and Innovations in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Structural Enginee

By: Alphose Zingoni (editor)Hardback

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Insights and Innovations in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation comprises 360 papers that were presented at the Sixth International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation (SEMC 2016, Cape Town, South Africa, 5-7 September 2016). The papers reflect the broad scope of the SEMC conferences, and cover a wide range of engineering structures (buildings, bridges, towers, roofs, foundations, offshore structures, tunnels, dams, vessels, vehicles and machinery) and engineering materials (steel, aluminium, concrete, masonry, timber, glass, polymers, composites, laminates, smart materials). Some contributions present the latest insights and new understanding on (i) the mechanics of structures and systems (dynamics, vibration, seismic response, instability, buckling, soil-structure interaction), and (ii) the mechanics of materials and fluids (elasticity, plasticity, fluid-structure interaction, flow through porous media, biomechanics, fracture, fatigue, bond, creep, shrinkage). Other contributions report on (iii) recent advances in computational modelling and testing (numerical simulations, finite-element modeling, experimental testing), and (iv) developments and innovations in structural engineering (planning, analysis, design, construction, assembly, maintenance, repair and retrofitting of structures). Insights and Innovations in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation is particularly of interest to civil, structural, mechanical, marine and aerospace engineers. Researchers, developers, practitioners and academics in these disciplines will find the content useful. Short versions of the papers, intended to be concise but self-contained summaries of the full papers, are collected in the book, while the full versions of the papers are on the accompanying CD.

About Author

Alphose Zingoni is Professor of Structural Engineering and Mechanics in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He holds a PhD from Imperial College London, and was a recipient of a fellowship of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 from 1992 to 1994. He has held appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe from 1996 to 1999, and as Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town from 2008 to 2012. His research interests span shell structures, vibration analysis, studies of symmetry in structural mechanics, and group-theoretic formulations. He has written many articles and three books in these areas, and serves on the editorial boards of several international journals. He has been chair and editor of the SEMC (Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation) series of conferences since its inauguration in 2001. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers, the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering, and the South African Academy of Engineering.


1. Keynote papers The finite element method with "overlapping finite elements" K.-J. Bathe On the next generation of design specifications for steel structures K.J.R. Rasmussen, H. Zhang & F. de Sena Cardoso Hybrid analytical-experimental simulation in earthquake response assessment A.S. Elnashai, O. Kwon, B. Gencturk, H. Mahmoud, B. Spencer, H. Elanwar & S. Kim Challenges in the numerical simulation of debonding failures in FRP-strengthened RC structures J.F. Chen, G.M. Chen & J.G. Teng Advances and challenges in structural health monitoring G. De Roeck, E. Reynders, D. Anastasopoulos & T. Jonckers Computations, testing, uncertainty propagation and size effect in localized failure of massive composite structures A. Ibrahimbegovic 2. Dynamic response, vibration analysis, vibration control Novel results on decentralized H controller design for structural vibration control of large buildings F. Palacios-Quinonero, J. Rubio-Massegu, J.M. Rossell & H.R. Karimi Eccentric-wing flutter stabilizer: Analysis and wind tunnel tests U. Starossek, H. Ziems & T. Ferenczi A response spectrum approach for structures with dampers modeled using fractional order derivatives Z. Pawlak & R. Lewandowski Railway induced vibrations in beam bridges including soil-structure interaction through coupled boundary element-finite element analyses M.D. Martinez-Rodrigo, A. Domenech, A. Romero & P. Galvin On the dynamic modeling and analysis of an asymmetric Stockbridge damper N.K. Vaja, O.R. Barry & E.Y. Tanbour The "bang-bang" control law for mitigation of a suspension bridge vibrations due to wind actions L. Martinelli & M. Domaneschi Dynamic analysis of rectangular plate structures with arbitrary edge supports subjected to harmonic point excitation force or enforced boundary displacement D.S. Cho, J.H. Kim, T.M. Choi, B.H. Kim & N. Vladimir Active vibration control of a smart sandwich plate Y.T. Aksoy & M. Sahin Dynamic response and vibration control of tensegrity systems under seismic excitation X.D. Feng, M.S. Miah, Y.W. Ou & S.H. Guo Vibration of structures with variable stiffness E. Demirkan & N. Kadioglu Analysis of the transition between tubular modular track and ballasted track D. Visser, J.A.v.B. Strasheim & P.J. Grabe Active vibration suppression of a smart beam via a controller designed by using linear quadratic regulator method O. Akin & M. Sahin Assessment of intelligence quotient of smart structures R.L. Chen & M. Zhang A simplified equation of motion for free rocking rigid blocks C. Casapulla & A. Maione On the accuracy of lumped mass models for free vibration of beams A.W. Ruffels & A. Zingoni Non-linear damping identification in tuned liquid column dampers K. Dziedziech, W.J. Staszewski, T. Uhl, A. Ghosh & B. Basu Bridge dynamics in the 21st century R.N.T. Teixeira Series multiple tuned mass dampers for vibration control of high-speed railway bridges V. Kahya & O. Araz Dynamic behaviour of plane linkages under random loadings using Monte Carlo technique F. Masithulela 3. Vibration serviceability, human-induced vibrations Uncoupled approaches for walking-induced vertical vibration of a lively footbridge E. Lai & M.G. Mulas Dynamic performance of a footbridge with tuned mass dampers exposed to pedestrian traffic K. Van Nimmen, G. Lombaert, G. De Roeck & P. Van den Broeck Modelling effect of supporting frame on vibration serviceability of floors A.F. Hameed & A. Pavic Structural dynamic assessment of a footbridge under human-induced loadings J.G.S. da Silva, G.L. Debona & C.M.R. Gaspar Evaluation of dynamic response of a footbridge to human movement and traffic-induced vibrations J.M. Dulinska, I.J. Murzyn & K. Pluta Reliability based design for vibration control of light steel floor structures E. van der Klashorst, C. Viljoen & J.V. Retief Experimental investigation of vibrations on sluices with large segment gates E. Popovic Improved footfall model for vibration of high-frequency floors A.S. Mohammed, A. Pavic & V. Racic Human-structure interaction: Standing people subjected to vertical structural vibration R. Hashim, Q. Zhang, D. Zhou, P. Mandal & T. Ji 4. Non-linear dynamics, non-linear instabilities Dynamic behavior and stability of a ball rolling inside a spherical surface under external excitation J. Naprstek & C. Fischer Analytical modelling of structural components and systems vulnerable to interactive buckling: Recent developments M.A. Wadee, F. Madrazo-Aguirre, P. Li & J. Yu Nonlinear road-vehicle systems under filtered and periodic noise excitations W.V. Wedig On the formation of bubbles in the frequency response curves of nonlinear oscillators G. Gatti Elastic postbuckling response of bilaterally constrained non-prismatic columns S. Liu & R. Burgueno A corotational finite element to model galloping vibrations of overhead electrical lines F. Foti, L. Martinelli & F. Perotti Some considerations on dynamic stability A. Feriani & A. Carini Nonlinear mechanics of prestressed stayed columns with multiple bays J. Yu & M.A. Wadee 5. Seismic response, seismic analysis, earthquake-resistant design Numerical investigation on the effects of non-structural components on the elastic fundamental period of buildings R. Ditommaso, F.C. Ponzo, G. Auletta & C. Iacovino Seismic performance of dual eccentrically braced steel frames equipped with fluid viscous dampers H.A. Mociran Vulnerability assessment of concrete buildings with different heights to near-source earthquakes using improved performance criteria A.M. Mwafy, B. Almurad & A. Ashri Effect of soil modeling on the seismic response of buildings M. Tanganelli & S. Viti Designing coastal structures for tsunami loads I.N. Robertson Ductility reduction factor of steel sheet shear wall used in steel framed house K. Sakuragi & A. Sato Nonlinear interaction of initial leaning of r/c slender tower with its seismic response P. Bonkowski, Z. Zembaty & M.Y. Minch Study on seismic behaviors of steel frames based on high strength steel G. Li, G. Zhang & Z. Yang Influence of properties of elastomeric bearings on dynamic behavior of an integral bridge under a seismic shock D. Jasinska & J.M. Dulinska Effects of near-fault ground motions on earthquake-induced pounding response of RC buildings with plan irregularity M. Akkose & F. Sunca Inelastic dynamic analysis of a prestressed reinforced concrete frame J.A. Vasquez, J.C. de la Llera & M. Rendel Effects of reinforced concrete mansard roofs on the seismic behavior of plan-symmetric reinforced concrete buildings G. Alioglu, H.S. Sengel & U. Albayrak Influence of 2D versus 3D modeling on the seismic performance of dual eccentrically braced steel frames H.A. Mociran & A.G. Popa Evaluation of seismic performance of semi-rigid connected prefabricated structures F. Sunca & M. Akkose Alternative models of RC frames with partial-height infill panels S. Germani, T. Rotunno, M. Tanganelli & S. Viti Investigation on improvement of seismic performance of the mid-rise buildings with geosynthetics A. Edincliler & M. Sekman Earthquake analysis of a high-rise building in Dubai strengthened by FVD dampers I.M. Ezz El-Arab Effect of soil modeling on Site Response Analysis (SRA) M. Tanganelli, S. Viti, D. Forcellini, V. D'Intisonante & M. Baglione Damage-resistant segmental double-skin bridge column with replaceable energy dissipaters A. Moustafa & M.A. ElGawady 6. Material modelling, multi-scale modelling, composite materials, porous media Simulation technology applied to coupled problems in continuum mechanics W. Ehlers & A. Wagner Multiscale materials modelling: Procedures, examples and challenges S. Schmauder, D. Rapp, P. Binkele & D. Molnar A continuum mechanical multi-phase model for steel solidification L. Moj & T. Ricken Wave propagation in strongly heterogeneous fluid saturated porous medium: Asymptotic analysis and computational issues E. Rohan, V.H. Nguyen & S. Naili Macroscopic characterization of porous unit cells within the framework of the theory of porous media S. Maike, J. Bluhm, J. Schroder, D. Brands & T. Ricken Geometrically nonlinear and coupled thermopiezomechanical modeling and analysis of smart FGM plates and shells R. Schmidt, M.N. Rao & K.-U. Schroder Advances in WYPIWYG constitutive modelling of soft materials M. Minano, J. Crespo, M. Latorre & F.J. Montans Higher order refined computational models for the thermo-elastic analysis of FGM plates K. Swaminathan & D.M. Sangeetha Heat transfer in fibrous porous media M. Mierzwiczak, K. Mrozek & P. Muszynski Macroscopic yield curves based on statistically similar RVEs for 3D dual-phase steel microstructures L. Scheunemann, J. Schroder & D. Brands Multiscale homogenization of magneto-electric porous two-phase composites M. Labusch, J. Schroder & D.C. Lupascu On the mechanical behavior of Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive (TSSA) M. Drass & J. Schneider Simulation of ionic Electroactive Polymers (EAPs) by considering a thermodynamical consistent model within the framework of the theory of porous media S. Serdas, J. Bluhm & J. Schroder Biomimetic composites derived from an impact resistant crustacean D. Kisailus Mechanical and thermal material characteristics of functionally graded materials S.B. Singh, B. Ranjitha & H. Chawla 7. Numerical schemes, numerical simulations, FEM formulations Real-time simulation of deformable structures by means of conventional hardware tools: Formalisms and applications M.W. Zehn & D. Marinkovic A comparative study of the consistency of Galerkin-type and least-squares finite element formulations for bifurcation problems K. Steeger & J. Schroder Simulation of hydraulic fracture propagation using unstructured triangular mesh elements J.A.L. Napier & E. Detournay Utilisation of PID controller in explicit solver J. Vorel, M. Marcon, R. Wendner, D. Pelessone & G. Cusatis An optimisation approach towards locking-free isotropic shell elements Y. Liang & B.A. Izzuddin Numerical simulation of the preloading procedure of bolted assemblies considering plastic material behaviour C. Lorenz & N. Stranghoner Probabilistic structural modelling in parallel systems M. Krejsa, R. Cajka, P. Janas, J. Brozovsky & V. Krejsa Generalization of Buckingham's theorem for non-linear bodies with internal constraint A. Baratta, I. Corbi & O. Corbi NURBS-Augmented Finite Element Method (NAFEM) for bending of thin arbitrary plates B.P. Mishra & M. Barik Steel and composite structures modelling with experimental, numerical and computational intelligence techniques P.C.G. da S. Vellasco, L.R.O. de Lima, S.A.L. de Andrade, M.M.B.R. Vellasco & L.A.P.S. da Silva 8. Damage mechanics, damage modelling, fracture, fatigue Finite element modeling of damage and failure in fiber reinforced composites A.D. Saez, A.P.C. Duarte & N. Silvestre On embedded discontinuity finite elements for modelling fractures in 2d solids and frames B. Brank Derivation and validation of synthetic S/N curves for shear keys in grouted connections S. Lochte-Holtgreven, P. Schaumann & J. Kulikowski The role of loading path in ductile fracture F. Sebek, J. Petruska & P. Kubik Parametric study of an automotive crash absorber: From analytical to FE analysis I. Lo Presti, M. Vezzali, F. Di Pietro & A. Baldini Repaired crack in AA7075-T6 structures subjected to biaxial tensile stresses M. Khodja, G. Govender, G. Corderley & H. Fekirini Predicting the head-area slopes of round leaks in pipes subject to elastic deformations R. Nsanzubuhoro, J.E. van Zyl & A. Zingoni Influence of the multi-axis state of stresses on fatigue S. Vejvoda Fatigue strength of preloaded hot-dip galvanized bolt assemblies with very large diameters P. Schaumann & R. Eichstadt 9. Fluid-structure interaction, biomechanics Developing tools for assessing the fluid structure interaction of passive adaptive composite foils L. Marimon Giovannetti, J. Banks, S.W. Boyd & S.R. Turnock Reduced order modeling for the numerical optimization of fluid-structure interaction problems M. Schafer & N. Aghajari Reduction of computational cost in fluid-structure interaction modelling using piston theory M.-C. Meijer Development of a novel method for slip velocity of fluid structure interactions by employing effects of electrostatic attraction on the surface of nano-scale particles M. Mahdavi, M. Sharifpur & J.P. Meyer A micromorphic continuum formulation for cardiac tissue mechanics M. von Hoegen, S. Skatulla & J. Schroder Tensile tests of porcine pericardial tissue for aortic heart valve leaflets A. Mezyk, P. Jureczko, T. Machoczek, A. Konopelska & M. Pawlak Towards real-time modelling of the heart using the proper orthogonal decomposition with interpolation approach R.R. Rama, S. Skatulla & C. Sansour Indentation tests of porcine pericardial tissue for aortic heart valve leaflets A. Mezyk, T. Machoczek, P. Jureczko, J. Gnilka & W. Klein An initial biphasic model of the human heart aimed at computational investigation of rheumatic heart disease G. Hopkins, S. Skatulla, L. Moj, T. Ricken, N. Ntusi & E. Meintjes 10. Wind loading, response of structures to wind Random properties of wind actions M. Holicky Applications of the multiple timescale spectral analysis in wind engineering V. Denoel Application of Monte Carlo method for the reliability treatment of wind load variables using Bayesian hierarchical models J. Botha, J.V. Retief & C. Viljoen Effect on structural reliability of uncertain estimates of characteristic extreme wind loads S.G. Reid & A. Naess Wind on bridges in the time domain C. Katz Wind action and its adverse effects on operations of South African harbours A.M. Goliger, T. van Wyk, R.A. Bradley, D. Bilse & M. Ruthenavelu Stochastic rotational stability of tower cranes under gusty winds H. Vanvinckenroye & V. Denoel Partial factors for wind actions considering hidden safety due to time invariant components M. Holicky, J.V. Retief & C. Viljoen Structural analysis of wind turbine inner core based on local wind conditions F. Masithulela 11. Stability of beams, bars and thin-walled sections Local torsional restraints of I-beams and its effect on lateral torsional buckling R. Stroetmann Postbuckling strength of slender elliptical hollow sections in compression F. McCann, C. Fang, L. Gardner & N. Silvestre Generalized Ayrton-Perry approach for the evaluation of beam-column resistance M.A. Gizejowski & Z. Stachura Buckling of inhomogeneous Timoshenko beam using an enhanced exponential collocation method E. Ruocco, D. Di Giacinto & V. Minutolo Effective length factors for the lateral torsional buckling of cantilever beams B.W.J. Van Rensburg & S.A. Skorpen Imperfection sensitivity in I-section struts experiencing local and strong-axis global buckling mode interaction E.L. Liu & M.A. Wadee Elastic flexural-torsional buckling of beams and beam-columns as a basis for stability design of members with discrete rigid restraints M.A. Gizejowski, Z. Stachura & J. Uziak Analysis of straight bar behavior verified by numerical or experimental tests J.B. Obrebski Modal decomposition of buckled shapes: The method of the equivalent nodal forces J. Becque & X. Li Numerical study of buckling resistance of steel I-section members under two directional bending M.A. Gizejowski, Z. Stachura, R.B. Szczerba & M.D. Gajewski 12. Shells, membranes, plates, sustainable lightweight structures Buckling and post-buckling analysis of an untypical shells of revolution P. Jasion & K. Magnucki Controlled elastic instabilities in cylindrical shells for energy harvesting devices N. Hu, S. Liu & R. Burgueno Practical methodology of path-tracing analysis for buckling process in cylindrical shells T. Kobayashi, Y. Mihara & F. Fujii Tailoring and controlling the elastic postbuckling response of cylindrical shells N. Hu & R. Burgueno Elastic buckling and post-buckling behaviour of shells of revolution with special meridian M. Grygorowicz, P. Jasion & K. Magnucki On the feasibility of the parabolic ogival cross-section for liquid-filled toroidal vessels N. Enoma & A. Zingoni Stresses in multi-shell toroidal pressure vessels N. Enoma & A. Zingoni Recent large cooling towers with special emphasis on buckling safety D. Jun, R. Harte, M. Andres, W.B. Kratzig & R. Wormann Shells of cracked reinforced concrete chimneys, silos and cooling towers walls as a problem of durability exploitation M. Maj Stability behaviour of cooling towers subjected to wind loading G.T. Kucherera & A. Zingoni Bionics: Learning from nature for sustainable lightweight structures B. Baier & E.F. Nunes Biomimicry and locally responsive construction: Lessons from termite mounds for structural sustainability N. Claggett, A. Surovek, B. Streeter, S. Nam, P. Bardunias & B. Cetin Retractable structure for emergency buildings E.F. Nunes Structural experiments with ice composite shells J. Belis, K. Martens, B. Van Lancker & A. Pronk Design considerations for catenary earth shells R.A. Bradley, M. Gohnert, Y. Mistry, A.M. Goliger & I. Bulovic Free vibration of paraboloidal dome/shell with arbitrary parabola meridian B. Sun Free and forced vibration behaviour of cooling towers subjected to wind loading G.T. Kucherera & A. Zingoni Geometric and material nonlinear design of stiffened plates for APC equipment T. Shabeeb, N. Swaminathan & R.K. Annabattula Finite element buckling analysis of thin plates with complicated geometry S. Panda & M. Barik Anisotropic plastic plate bifurcation and the buckling paradox S. Shrivastava 13. Laminated structures, composite structures, sandwich structures Multiobjective optimization for vibration reduction in composite plate structures using constrained layer damping J.F.A. Madeira, A.L. Araujo, C.M. Mota Soares & C.A. Mota Soares Vibroacoustic behavior of a laminated plate with frequency dependent viscoelastic core: Finite element and experimental analysis W. Larbi A geometrically exact formulation for thin laminated composite shells M. Pasquali & P. Gaudenzi Vibration and buckling of laminated composite and sandwich beams with a shear-deformable layered finite element V. Kahya Diaphragm action of sandwich panels with regard to the bearing capacity of the longitudinal joints C. Kunkel & J. Lange Homogeneity of magnetic field influence on buckling of three layer polyethylene plate M. Grygorowicz & P. Kedzia Experimental assessment of the utilisation of corrugated cardboard as a core material for sandwich panels A. von der Heyden & J. Lange Buckling of three layer rectangular polyethylene plate with ferrofluid under magnetic field M.J. Smyczynski, M. Grygorowicz & P. Kedzia Prediction of in-situ strength of thermoplastic composite laminate by simulation of the automated tape laying process using PAMFORM J. Haverkamp & S. Shroff Delamination detection in composite laminates using auto-regressive models of vibration signals D. Nardi, M. Pasquali, L. Lampani & P. Gaudenzi 14. Renewable energy structures, structural case studies, design considerations Challenges for tower structures of multi-megawatt class wind turbines M. Rauch & M. Knobloch Reliability analysis of bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines considering soil-pile-interaction and scouring depth J.-H. Yi, S.-B. Kim & G.-L. Yoon Optimised design of wind turbine gravity foundations P.B. Loubser & A.R. Jacobs Incorporating wind-wave misalignment and load directionality into the design of offshore wind turbine foundations L. Arany, J.H.G. Macdonald, S.J. Hogan & S. Bhattacharya Structural design optimization of wind turbine tower for developing countries P.S. Caixote, Y. Suzuki, M. Matsumura, K. Sugiura & R. Ogawa Risk assessment of precast reinforced concrete buildings against blast loads: Case study T.H. Almusallam, Y.A. Al-Salloum, H.M. Elsanadedy, R. Iqbal, H. Abbas & N.A. Siddiqui Design of a four-span self-anchored arch-supported stress ribbon footbridge J. Anderson & M. Wilson Structural performance of hybrid tall buildings designed using ultra-lightweight floor slabs M. Ajmal, D. Ahmed & A. Asiz Civil and structural engineering philosophies used in African brewery projects N.R. Featherston Design philosophy of a restraining system for an underwater sheet pile retaining wall Y. Essopjee, R.A. Forbes & J. Lombard PwC Tower: Multi-disciplinary design solutions through parametric modelling R.C. le Roux EN1990 Eurocode: Partial factors for process loads in industrial equipment T. Shabeeb, N. Swaminathan, R.K. Annabattula & J. Wistrom 15. Cold-formed steel structures, stainless steel structures, aluminium structures GBT-based buckling analysis of circular hollow section steel members and structural systems D. Camotim, C. Basaglia, N. Silvestre & L. Palermo Jr. Mechanical properties of cold-formed high strength steel at elevated temperatures H.-T. Li & B. Young Experimental studies on the shear strength of light-gauge beams with stiffened large web openings A. Sato, S. Mori, T. Ono & K. Fujihashi Experimental investigations of thin-walled channel beams with bend web M. Grenda & P. Paczos On the Direct Strength Method (DSM) design of cold-formed steel beams experiencing local-distortional interaction A.D. Martins, D. Camotim & P.B. Dinis Review on recent research on rack structures in China X.Z. Zhao, L.S. Dai & C. Ren Lateral-torsional buckling resistance of cold-formed high strength steel rectangular hollow beams A.T. Tran Eaves connections of double-bay portal frames with staggered single channel cold-formed rafters B. Tshuma & M. Dundu Finite element modeling and parametric study of cold-formed steel portal frames H.B. Blum & K.J.R. Rasmussen Experimental investigation on steel storage rack beam-to-upright connections under cyclic loading L.S. Dai & X.Z. Zhao Countersunk bolted moment connections in cold-formed steel J. Becque & I. Hajirasouliha Direct strength method for web crippling design: ITF load conditions P. Natario, D. Camotim & N. Silvestre Gusseted rafter-to-column connections of double-bay single channel portal frames B. Tshuma & M. Dundu Web bearing design of aluminium alloy hollow sections M.N. Su & B. Young Austenitic laser welded I section submitted to torsion and combined torsion plus bending: Assessment of the design rules K. Lauwens, Y. Liang, O. Zhao, M. Fortan & B. Rossi Experimental study of ferritic stainless steel tubular section beam-columns subjected to moment gradients O. Zhao, L. Gardner & B. Young Lateral torsional buckling of welded duplex stainless steel I section beams M. Fortan, O. Zhao & B. Rossi Local buckling behaviour of stainless steel circular hollow sections under combined axial compressive load and bending moment O. Zhao, L. Gardner & B. Young An assessment of the tension capacity of ferritic and duplex stainless steel elements R. Freire, A.T. da Silva, P. Vellasco, L. Lima, J. Santos & S. Andrade 16. Steel structures, steel-concrete composite construction Lateral buckling of high-strength steel beams M.A. Bradford & X. Liu Residual stresses and imperfections in welded high-strength I-shape sections H. Pasternak, B. Launert, T. Kannengieser & M. Rhode Load bearing behaviour of simply supported runway beams A. Walter, R. Ebel & M. Knobloch Nonlinear inelastic analysis of steel frameworks with non-prismatic members and semi-rigid connections I.V. Marchis & C.G. Chiorean Development of an optimized set of welded steel I-sections N. Tredoux & H. De Clercq A study of the elastic lateral-torsional buckling behaviour of hot-rolled steel beams with flange upstands K. Mudenda & A. Zingoni On the characteristics of brace-frame interaction in diagonally and X-braced moment resisting frames M. Lotfollahi, M.M. Alinia & E. Taciroglu Design and analysis of structural steel tower assembly subject to high axial and transverse stresses using BS EN1993-1-1 and BS EN1993-1-5 M. Wilson & J. Anderson Optimizing the design of steel bridges using the principle of virtual work J.H. Strydom & A. Elvin Predicting the failure load of steel columns weakened to facilitate demolition of a structure W.J. van Jaarsveldt & R.S. Walls Experimental investigation of concrete-filled high strength steel square hollow section members subjected to bending Y.-Q. Deng & B. Young Finite element modeling of short RuCFST A.P.C. Duarte, N. Silvestre, B.A. Silva, J. de Brito, E. Julio & J.M. Castro A computer method for nonlinear inelastic analysis of composite steel-concrete frameworks with partial shear connection C.G. Chiorean & S.M. Buru Comparison of theoretical to experimental load bearing resistance of composite slabs C.P.C. Bruwer Structural dynamic analysis of a steel-concrete composite building under nondeterministic wind loadings J.G.S. da Silva & R.R. Barboza 17. Steel joints, steel connections Ultra low cycle fatigue of welded steel joints under multiaxial loading A. de Castro e Sousa & A. Nussbaumer Elastic buckling characteristics of L-shaped beam-column connection panels for H-section members Y. Utsuki & K. Ikarashi Tilt bearing capacity of single-shear single-row bolted connections in cold-formed steel M.E. Uz & L.H. Teh Numerical investigation of innovative modular beam-to-fabricated column connections under monotonic loading N. Sadeghi, A. Heidarpour, X.L. Zhao & R. Al-Mahaidi Finite element modelling of thin sheet steel screw connections E. Rautenbach & B.W.J. van Rensburg Effect of span length on alternate path capacity of welded unreinforced flange-bolted web connections F.H. Rezvani, H.R. Ronagh & A.E. Jeffers Virtual work optimization of structures with semi-rigid connections: Computational examples A. Elvin & J.H. Strydom Study of mechanical performance of concrete-filled steel tubular joints J. Chen, J. Chen & W.L. Jin Design of concrete-filled steel tubular CHS connections in tension J. Chen, F. Xu, Y. Ye & W.L. Jin 18. Reinforced concrete structures, prestressed concrete Bond of reinforcement in lightweight concrete K. Holschemacher, A. Ali & S. Iqbal Experimental and numerical investigation of the bearing capacity of transversely prestressed concrete decks S. Amir, C. van der Veen, J.C. Walraven & A. de Boer Advanced numerical models in the analysis of RC slabs under small and large displacements: FEM and AEM L.A. Bredean, M.D. Botez & A.M. Ioani Precast reinforced concrete demountable system of multi-storey buildings J. Witzany, R. Zigler & A. Polak Experimental investigation of large-scale concrete members using symmetry conditions L. Bocklenberg, P. Mark & M.A. Ahrens Strain and deflection analysis in plain concrete beams and reinforced concrete beams by applying digital image correlation C.A. Mejia & E.O.L. Lantsoght Modeling of symmetrically and asymmetrically loaded reinforced concrete slabs E.O.L. Lantsoght, A. de Boer & C. van der Veen Numerical analysis of failure mechanism of eccentrically compressed reinforced concrete columns A. Szczesniak & A. Stolarski Effect of torsion on shear capacity of slabs D.A. Valdivieso, T.A. Sanchez & E.O.L. Lantsoght Punching shear strength of reinforced recycled concrete slabs L. Francesconi & L. Pani Investigation of the reliability of the Eurocode 2 model for early age cracking of liquid retaining structures in South Africa E. Mwamba & C.H. McLeod Quantification of model uncertainty of EN1992 crack width prediction model C.H. McLeod, C. Viljoen & J.V. Retief 19. High strength concrete, high performance concrete Structures made of ultra high performance concrete: Actual developments in research and practice E. Fehling Experimental and numerical investigations on I-shaped UHPC-beams with combined reinforcement under shear load J. Thiemicke & E. Fehling Experimental investigations on the direct-shear capacity of cracked UHPFRC M. Ismail & E. Fehling Multifunctional prefabricated walls made of UHPC and foam concrete A. Wetzel, C. Umbach, E. Fehling & B. Middendorf Achieving high strength/high performance concrete from coral-limestone aggregates using ordinary Portland cement, fly ash and superplasticizer A.L. Mrema & S.H. Bungara Substitution of steel components by UHPC P. Hadl, G. Vojvodic, H. Kim & N.-V. Tue Investigations on the scattering in the post cracking tensile behaviour of UHPFRC P. Hadl, H. Kim & N.-V. Tue Influence of slag aggregates on compressive strength of HPC S. Meerwal, R. Chauhan & V.P. Singh 20. Structural use of FRP composites, fibre-reinforced concrete Effect of distinct environmental actions on the durability of RC slabs strengthened with prestressed CFRP laminate strips J. Sena-Cruz, L. Correia, G. Escusa, E. Pereira, J. Michels & P.M. Franca Concrete containing coarse aggregate recycled from scrap FRP rebars L.C. Bank & A. Yazdanbakhsh Bond behaviour of CFRP-to-timber interfaces X. Li, F. Zhang, Q. Xu, J.F. Chen & K. 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