Internal Kinematics and Dynamics of Galaxies (International Astronomical Union Symposia 100)

Internal Kinematics and Dynamics of Galaxies (International Astronomical Union Symposia 100)

By: E. Athanassoula (editor)Hardback

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Proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 100, held in Besancon, France, August 9-13, 1982"

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I. Kinematics of Gas and the Undunderlying Mass Distribution.- Systematics of HII Rotation Curves.- HI Velocity Fields and Rotation Curves.- A High Resolution HI Survey of M31.- High Velocity HI in the Inner 5 KPC of M31.- Comparison of Global 21 cm Velocity Profiles with H?, Rotation Curves.- TAURUS - A Wide Field Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer.- HI Observations of the Irregular Galaxy IC 10.- The Distribution of Molecular Clouds in Spiral Galaxies.- The CO Rotation Curve of the Milky Way : Accuracy and Implications.- Cold Molecular Material in the Galaxy.- Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Nucleus.- Molecular Clouds in Spiral Galaxies.- CO Observations of M51.- Gas at Large Radii.- Rotation Curve and Mass Model for the Edge-on Galaxy NGC 5907.- Optical Features Associated with the Extended HI Enveloppe of M83.- M82 - Tilt and Warp of its Principal Plane.- Vertical Motion and the Thickness of HI Disks Implications For Galactic Mass Models.- Do Spiral Galaxies Have a Variable Disk Thickness?.- Mass Distribution and Dark Halos.- The Origin of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies.- NGC 3992 - A Galaxy Without a Massive Halo.- Groups of Galaxies and the Missing Mass Problem.- HI Observations of the Interacting Galaxies - VV 371 and VV 329.- Distribution and Motions of Atomic Hydrogen in Lenticular Galaxies.- Neutral Hydrogen Mapping of three SO Galaxies.- II. Spiral Structure.- Theory of Spiral Structure.- Quasi-Stationary Spiral Structure in Galaxies.- Dynamical Mechanisms for Discrete Unstable Spiral Modes in Galaxies.- Global Instabilities of a Galaxy Model.- Global Stability Analysis of an SO Galaxy NGC 3115.- Spiral Instabilities and Disk Heating.- On the Evolution of Perturbed Gas Disks.- Cloud-Particle Dynamics and Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies.- The Ballistic Particle Model.- Relation Between Star Formation and Angular Momentum in Spiral Galaxies.- Model Calculations on the Large Scale Distribution of Bubbles in Galaxies.- HI-Shells in M31.- Selfpropagating Stochastic Star Formation and Spiral Structure.- Velocity Structures in the Vertical Extensions of Spiral Arms.- Vertical Structure of Spiral Shocks in a Corrugated Galactic Disc.- Recent Taurus Results on H? Velocities in M83.- Possible Evidence for Lin's Three-Wave Interaction Mechanism at Corotation in the Galaxy NGC.- Spectral Analysis of the Luminosity Distribution of Seven Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster.- Fourier Analysis of Spiral Tracers. A Progress Report.- Large Scale Magnetohydrodynamical Considerations in Spiral Galaxies.- Magnetic Fields and Spiral Structure.- Spiral Structure : Density Waves or Material Arms ?.- Conflicts and Directions in Spiral Structure.- III. Warps.- Theories of Warps.- Galactic Warps in Tilted Halos.- Periodic Orbits and Warps.- IV. Barred Galaxies.- Morphology, Stellar Kinematics and Dynamics of Barred Galaxies.- Disk Stability.- Instabilities of Hot Stellar Discs.- Stabilizing a Cold Disk with a 1/r Force Law.- Numerical Experiments on the Response Mechanism of Barred Spirals.- Ordered and Semi-Ergodic Motions in Barred Galaxies.- Onset of Stochasticity in Barred Spirals.- Attacking the Problem of a Selfconsistent Bar.- Theoretical Studies of Gas Flow in Barred Spiral Galaxies.- Periodic Orbits and Gas Flow in Barred Spiral Galaxies.- The Response of the Ensemble of Molecular Clouds to Bar Forcing in a Galaxy Disk.- Gas Flow Models for Barred Spirals.- Photometry, Kinematics and Dynamics of the Barred Galaxy NGC 5383.- Kinematics of the Barred Galaxy NGC 1365.- HI in the Barred Spiral Galaxies NGC 1365 and NGC 1097.- Observations of the Neutral Hydrogen in the Barred Spiral Galaxies NGC 3992 and NGC 4731.- The Barred Galaxy NGC 7741.- Hydrodynamical Models of Offcentered Barred Spirals.- Structure and Dynamics of Magellanic Type Galaxies.- Formation of Rings And Lenses.- Lenses and Low Surface Brightness Disks.- V. Spheroidal Systems.- Dynamics of Early-Type Galaxies.- Rotational Velocities and Central Velocity Dispersions for a Sample of SO Galaxies.- Models of Ellipticals and Bulges.- The Stability of Axisymmetric Galaxy Models with Anisotropic Dispersions.- Three-Dimensional Orbits in Triaxial Galaxies.- Scale-Free Models of Elliptical Galaxies.- Axisymmetric Models of Elliptical Galaxies with Anisotropy.- New Phenomena in Triaxial Stellar Systems.- Kinematic Modelling of NGC 3379.- Interstellar Matter In Elliptical Galaxies.- Sensitive Search for HI in E and SO galaxies.- Neutral Hydrogen Observations of the Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies NGC 185 and NGC 205.- Extended Gaseous Emission in Normal Elliptical Galaxies.- Gas and Star Kinematics in Elliptical Galaxies.- Optical Kinematics of Strong Radio Galaxies.- Dust and Gas in Triaxial Galaxies.- VI. Mergers.- Observational Evidence For Mergers.- Taurus Observations of the Emission-Line Velocity Field of Centaurus A(NGC 5128).- Kinematics and Evolution of NGC 5128.- Simulations Of Galaxy Mergers.- On the Formation and Dynamics of Shells around Elliptical Galaxies.- Merger Cross-Sections of Colliding Galaxies.- Environmental Effects on Galaxies in Clusters.- Collisions and Merging of Disk Galaxies.- Energy Transfer during the Tidal Encounter of Disc Galaxies.- VII. Galaxy Formation.- Dynamics Of Globular Cluster Systems.- Kinematics of Clusters in M33.- SO and Smooth-arm Sa's within the Hubble Sequence.- Is the Hubble Type of a Disk System Essentially Determined by one Parameter : Total Mass ?.- Systematics of Bulge-to-Disk Ratios.- The Manifold of Elliptical Galaxies.- The Formation Of Galaxies.- What May Superclusters Tell us About Galaxy Formation?.- Thick discs and the Formation of Disc Galaxies.- Galaxy Formation : Some Comparisons Between Theory And Observation.- Summary : Observational Viewpoint.- Spry : Theoretical Viewpoint.- Name Index.- Object Index.

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