International Business and Management (Sage Library in Business and Management)

International Business and Management (Sage Library in Business and Management)

By: Allan Plath (editor), Professor Derek Salman Pugh (editor)Hardback

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International Business and Management provides scholars and libraries with a focused coverage of the most widely cited and theoretically important articles in the international business field. The four-volume set is based on an extensive analysis of the literature of the discipline and contains both classics and more recent work that has proven its seminal value to the researcher. These seminal articles cover a range from theoretical to empirical, and include work from authors such as Adler, Bartlett, Boddewyn, Buckley, Child, Douglas, Doz, Dunning, Ghoshal, Hamel, Hofstede, Kerr, Kobrin, Kogut, Oberg, Porter, Pugh, Shapiro, Solnik, Triandis, Vernon, Wells, Zeira and many others. Each volume focuses on both general issues such as internationalization, strategy and culture and on specific functional disciplines such as government relations, ethics, operations management, international finance, human resources management and marketing. Derek Pugh and Allan Plath provide an overview of the field and introduce the set. They trace the development of the discipline and explain the rationale behind the selection of the articles. Additionally, each volume in the set includes an instructive essay discussing the works covered in greater depth. These informative essays show how the articles in the volume fit into and contribute to the development of the practical and theoretical debates in the field. This major reference, organized to ensure comprehensive coverage of the essential issues in the discipline, is the definitive resource for students, researchers and academics interested in all aspects of international business and management.

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About Author

Derek S. Pugh is Emeritus Professor of International Manage-ment at the Open University, United Kingdom, having previously been at the Universities of Edinburgh and Aston, the London Business School, and the Open University Business School. He has been a visiting professor at business schools in France, Germany, Israel, and Italy and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Royal Statistical Society, the Italian Academy of Business Administration, and the International Acad-emy of Management. He has served as Chairman and Honorary Vice-President of the Association of Teachers of Management of the United Kingdom and as editor of the newsletter of the British Academy of Management. He is a founding Academician of the British Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences, and an Honorary Fellow of the University of Northampton. Professor Pugh is joint author and editor of 12 books, including the first three volumes of the Aston research program: PUGH, D.S. (ed.) The Aston Programme, vols 1, 2 and 3, Ashgate(Dartmouth), 1998. His latest books are Great Writers on Organizations: The Second Omnibus Edition (2000, Dartmouth Publishing, with David J. Hickson), How to Get a Ph.D. (4th ed., 2005, Open University Press, with Estelle M. Phillips), Management Worldwide (enhanced ed., 2001, Penguin Books, with David J. Hickson), and Anglo-German Business Collaboration: Pitfalls and Potentials (1996, Macmillan, with Dagmar Ebster-Grosz). His edited volume Organization Theory: Selected Classic Readings (5th ed., Penguin Books) appears in 2007.


VOLUME ONE: INTERNATIONALIZATION AND INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY PART ONE: HISTORY OF THE FIELD Background Concepts and Philosophy of International Business from World War Two to the Present - R D Robinson PART TWO: THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF THE ORGANIZATION The Path to Foreign Direct Investment A Synthesis of Foreign Direct-Investment Theories and Theories of The Multinational-Firm - A L Calvert International Investment and International Trade in the Product Life Cycle - R Vernon The Internationalization Process of the Firm - J Johanson and J E Vahlne A Model of Knowledge Development on Increasing Foreign Commitments Toward an Eclectic Theory of International Production - J H Dunning Some Empirical Tests Analyzing Foreign Market Entry Strategies - Peter J Buckley and Mark C Casson Extending the Internalization Approach Forces That Impinge on Internationalization Changing Patterns of International Competition - M E Porter Global Strategy - In a World of Nations - G S Yip The Effect of National Culture on the Choice of Entry Mode - B Kogut and H Singh Organizational Aspects of Internationalization The Tortuous Evolution of the Multinational Corporation - H V Perlmutter Managing across Borders - New Strategic Requirements - C A Bartlett and S Ghoshal Managing across Borders - New Organizational Responses - C A Bartlett and S Ghoshal PART THREE: INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY From Strategic Planning to Strategic Resources The Strategy of Multinational Enterprise - M Z Brooke and B S Remmers Organization and Finance A Conceptual and Operational Framework for Developing the Long-Range Planning Process - S Prakash Sethi and J Hogle Strategy and Structure in Multinational Corporations - A Revision of the Stopford and Wells Model - W G Egelhoff The Core Competence of the Corporation - C K Prahalad and G Hamel A Resource-Based Analysis of Global Competition - The Case of the Bearings Industry - D J Collis Developing Global Strategies for Service Businesses - C H Lovelock and G S Yip Strategic International Alliances Joint Ventures - Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives - B Kogut Competition for Competence and Inter-Partner Learning within International Strategic Alliances - G Hamel Interfirm Diversity, Organizational Learning and Longevity in Global Strategic Alliances - A Parkhe VOLUME TWO: THE IMPACT OF NATIONAL CULTURE ON MANAGEMENT PART ONE: INTERNATIONAL DIFFERENCES IN MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND STYLES Organizational Contrasts on British and American Ships - S A Richardson Interpersonal Relations in International Organizations - H C Triandis Authority, Function and Status in British and Japanese Factories - R P Dore What Do Russian Managers Really Do? An Observational Study with Comparisons to US Managers - F Luthans, D H B Welsh and S A Rosenkrantz Anglo-German Business Collaboration - D Ebster-Grosz and D Pugh Pitfalls and Potentials PART TWO: ANALYTICAL COMPARISONS OF INTERNATIONAL DIFFERENCES IN MANAGEMENT Cultural Patterns in the Role of the Manager - M Haire, E E Ghiselli and L W Porter On Looking at an Elephant - K H Roberts An Evaluation of Cross-Cultural Research Related to Organizations For a Study of the 'Societal Effect' - M Maurice Universality and Specificity in Organization Research Motivation, Leadership and Organization - G Hofstede Do American Theories Apply Abroad? Culture, Contingency and Capitalism in the Cross-National Study of Organizations - J Child Clustering Countries on Attitudinal Dimensions - S Ronen and O Shenkar The Social Construction of Business Systems in East Asia - R D Whitley Culture and Congruence - K L Newman and S D Nollen The Fit between Management Practices and National Culture PART THREE: ORGANIZATIONAL CONSISTENCIES ACROSS CULTURES The Culture-Free Context of Organizational Structure - D J Hickson et al Communication and Decision-Making across Cultures - R T Pascale Japanese and American Comparisons Size and Bureaucracy in East and West - L Donaldson A Preliminary Meta-Analysis Host Country Managerial Behaviour and Learning in Chinese and Hungarian Joint Ventures - J Child and L Markoczy Industrialism and Industrial Man - C Kerr et al Convergence or Divergence - P Sparrow, R S Schuller and S E Jackson Human Resource Practices and Policies for Competitive Advantage Worldwide Organizational Convergence - D Pugh and D J Hickson VOLUME THREE: GOVERNMENT, OPERATIONS AND FINANCE PART ONE: GOVERNMENTS, ETHICS AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS The Consequences of Governmental Action The Influence of Policy Instruments on Manufacturing Direct Foreign Investment in Developing Countries - Franklin R Root and Ahmed A Ahmed Bargaining Power of Multinationals and Host Governments - N Fagre and L T Wells Expropriation as an Attempt to Control Foreign Firms in LDCS - Trends from 1960 to 1979 - S J Kobrin Political Aspects of MNE Theory - J J Boddewyn International Business Ethics Multinational Decision-Making - Reconciling International Norms - T Donaldson The Influence of Country and Industry on Ethical Perceptions of Senior Executives in the US and Europe - B B Schlegelmilch and D C Robertson PART TWO: INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS International Operations Strategy The Co-ordination of Manufacturing Interdependence in Multinational Companies - B Mascarenhas Post-Industrial Manufacturing - R Jaikumar Flexibility - The Next Competitive Battle - The Manufacturing Futures Survey - A Demeyer et al Investment and Location The Motivation for Investment in Offshore Plants - Richard Moxon The Case of the US Electronics Industry Sourcing International Supplies Sourcing Strategies of European and Japanese Multinationals - M Kotabe and G Omura A Comparison Distribution Strategic Logistics in Co-ordinated Global Manufacturing Success - S E Fawcett PART THREE: INTERNATIONAL FINANCE Value of International Activity The Effects of International Operations on the Market Value of the Firm - Theory and Evidence - V R Errunza and L W Senbet Capital Structure Financing Foreign Subsidiaries of US Controlled Multinational Enterprises - R B Stobaugh Jr Financial Structure and the Cost of Capital in the Multinational Corporation - A Shapiro What Do We Know about Capital Structure - Some Evidence from International Data - R G Rajan and L Zingales Risk and Mechanisms for Its Control Management of Foreign Exchange Risk - L L Jacque A Review Article International Portfolio Choice and Corporation Finance - A Synthesis - M Adler and B Dumas The World Price of Foreign-Exchange Risk - B Dumas and B Solnik VOLUME FOUR: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING PART ONE: INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT The Expatriate Cultural Shock, Adjustment to New Cultural Environments - K Oberg Sojourner Adjustment - A T Church Expecting International Success - Female Managers Overseas - N J Adler Toward a Comprehensive Model of International Adjustment - An Integration of Multiple Theoretical Perspectives - J S Black, M Mendenhall and G Oddou International Issues in HRM Transfer of Managers as a Co-ordination and Control Strategy in Multinational Organizations - Anders Edstrom and Jay R Galbraith Controlled Variety - Y Doz and C K Prahalad A Challenge for Human Resource Management in the MNC Human Resources Management in International Joint Ventures - Directions for Research - O Shenkar and Y Zeira Organizational Life-cycles and Strategic International Human Resouce Management in Multinational Companies - J Milliman, M A Vonglinow and M Nathan Implications for Congruence Theory Influences on Human Resource Management Practices in Multinational Corporations - P M Rosenzweig and N Nohria Towards a European Model of Human Resource Management - C Brewster PART TWO: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Historical Context Comparative Marketing - J J Boddewyn The First Twenty-Five Years Marketing - D A Ricks Market Globalization Standardization or Adaptation The Globalization of Markets - T Levitt The Myth of Globalization - S P Douglas and Y Wind The Influence of Global Marketing Standardization on Performance - S Samiee and K Roth Marketing Research Cross-National Comparisons and Consumer Stereotypes - S P Douglas A Case Study of Working and Non-Working Wives in the US and France Guidelines for Export Market Research - S T Cavusgil Buyer Behaviour Country of Origin Effects on Product Evaluations - W J Bilkey and E Nes Marketing Universals - Consumers Use of Brand-Name, Price, Physical Appearance and Retailer Reputation as Signals of Product Quality - N Dawar and P Parker

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