International Marketing: Modern and Classic Papers (The International Library of Critical Writings on Business and Management 6)

International Marketing: Modern and Classic Papers (The International Library of Critical Writings on Business and Management 6)

By: Stanley J. Paliwida (editor), John K. Ryans (editor)Hardback

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This authoritative three-volume collection presents the most important articles and papers published in the field of international marketing during the last thirty years. It includes both classic articles as well as cutting-edge papers from the new breed of top researchers informed by theoretical rigour and using the most up-to-date research methodologies. International Marketing: Modern and Classic Papers is a major three-volume work, with the material being divided into twenty sections, each part seeking to achieve a balance between the conceptual and the empirical, the explanatory and the exploratory. It will be essential reading for both scholars, researchers, graduate students and practitioners grappling with the complexities of marketing in the new globalized world.

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Edited by Stanley J. Paliwoda, former Professor of Marketing and Director of Research, Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde, UK and John K. Ryans, Jr., Emeritus Bridgestone Professor of International Marketing, Kent State University, US


Contents: Volume I Acknowledgements Introduction Stanley J. Paliwoda and John K. Ryans, Jr. PART I INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL MARKETING 1. Peter Buckley (2002), 'International Business versus International Marketing' 2. Michael R. Czinkota and Ikka A. Ronkainen (2003), `An International Marketing Manifesto' 3. Peter Doyle (2000), `Valuing Marketing's Contribution' 4. Kenneth Simmonds (1999), `Executive Insights: International Marketing - Avoiding the Seven Deadly Traps' 5. Vern Terpstra (1987), `The Evolution of International Marketing' PART II INTERNATIONALISATION 6. S. Tamer Cavusgil (1998), `Perspectives: Knowledge Development in International Marketing' 7. Stephen E. Christophe and Hun Lee (2002), `What Matters about Internationalization: A Market-Based Assessment' 8. Jan Johanson and Jan-Erik Vahlne (1990), `The Mechanism of Internationalisation' 9. Yigang Pan and David K. Tse (2000), `The Hierarchical Model of Market Entry Modes' 10. Jeryl Whitelock (2002), `Theories of Internationalisation and their Impact on Market Entry' PART III GLOBALISATION 11. C. Samuel Craig and Susan P. Douglas (1996), `Developing Strategies for Global Markets: An Evolutionary Perspective' 12. C. Samuel Craig and Susan P. Douglas (2000), `Configural Advantage in Global Markets' 13. Chris Halliburton and Reinhard Hunerberg (1987), `The Globalisation Dispute in Marketing' 14. Theodore Levitt (1983), `The Globalization of Markets' 15. H. Proff (2002), `Business Unit Strategies between Regionalisation and Globalisation' PART IV EXPORTING 16. John W. Cadogan, Charles C. Cui and Erik Kwok Yeung Li (2003), `Export Market-Oriented Behavior and Export Performance: The Moderating Roles of Competitive Intensity and Technological Turbulence' 17. Douglas Dow (2000), `A Note on Psychological Distance and Export Market Selection' 18. Anthony C. Koh (1991), `Relationships among Organisational Characteristics, Marketing Strategy and Export Performance' 19. Robert E. Morgan and Constantine S. Katsikeas (1997), `Export Stimuli: Export Intention Compared with Export Activity' 20. Horst Raff and Young-Han Kim (1999), `Optimal Export Policy in the Presence of Informational Barriers to Entry and Imperfect Competition' PART V SMEs (SMALL - MEDIUM SIZED ENTERPRISES) 21. Jim Bell, Rod McNaughton, Stephen Young and Dave Crick (2003), `Towards an Integrative Model of Small Firm Internationalisation' 22. Sylvie Chetty and Desiree Blankenburg Holm (2000), `Internationalisation of Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturing Firms: A Network Approach' 23. Nicole Coviello and Hugh Munro (1997), `Network Relationships and the Internationalisation Process of Small Software Firms' 24. Rod B. McNaughton (2002), `The Use of Multiple Export Channels by Small Knowledge-Intensive Firms' 25. Bill Merrilees and James H. Tiessen (1999), `Building Generalizable SME International Marketing Models Using Case Studies' PART VI THE MICRO-MULTINATIONALS: THE `BORN GLOBALS' 26. Tage Koed Madsen and Per Servais (1997), `The Internationalization of Born Globals: an Evolutionary Process?' 27. Oystein Moen (2002), `The Born Globals: A New Generation of Small European Exporters' 28. Benjamin M. Oviatt and Patricia Phillips McDougall (1994), `Toward a Theory of International New Ventures' 29. Michael W. Rennie (1993), `Born Global' 30. D. Deo Sharma and Anders Blomstermo (2003), `The Internationalization Process of Born Globals: A Network View' PART VII INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STRATEGY 31. Rohit Deshpande, John U. Farley and Frederick E. Webster Jr. (2000), `Triad Lessons: Generalizing Results on High Performance Firms in Five Business-to-Business Markets' 32. Subhash C. Jain (1989), `Standardization of International Marketing Strategy: Some Research Hypotheses' 33. W. Chan Kim and R.A. Mauborgne (1987), `Cross-Cultural Strategies' 34. Carl Arthur Solberg (1997), `A Framework for Analysis of Strategy Development in Globalizing Markets' 35. Yoram Wind, Susan P. Douglas and Howard V. Perlmutter (1973), `Guidelines for Developing International Marketing Strategies' Name Index Volume II Acknowledgements An introduction by the editors to all three volumes appears in Volume I PART I INTERNATIONAL MARKETING RESEARCH AND COUNTRY MARKET SCREENING 1. Poul H. Andersen and Jesper Strandskov (1998), `International Market Selection: A Cognitive Mapping Perspective' 2. Susan P. Douglas and C. Samuel Craig (2006), `On Improving the Conceptual Foundations of International Marketing Research' 3. Bruce D. Keillor, G. Tomas M. Hult, Robert C. Erffmeyer and Emin Babakus (1996), `NATID: The Development and Application of a National Identity Measure for Use in International Marketing' 4. Matthew B. Myers, Roger J. Calantone, Thomas J. Page Jr. and Charles R. Taylor (2000), `Academic Insights: An Application of Multiple-Group Causal Models in Assessing Cross-Cultural Measurement Equivalence' 5. Lloyd C. Russow and Sam C. Okoroafo (1996), `On the Way Towards Developing a Global Screening Model' PART II INTERNATIONAL MARKET SEGMENTATION 6. Ruth N. Bolton and Matthew B. Myers (2003), `Price-Based Global Market Segmentation for Services' 7. Kenneth C. Gehrt and Soyoen Shim (2003), `Situational Segmentation in the International Marketplace: The Japanese Snack Market' 8. Kristiaan Helsen, Kamel Jedidi and Wayne S. DeSarbo (1993), `A New Approach to Country Segmentation Utilizing Multinational Diffusion Patterns' 9. Frenkel Ter Hofstede, Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp and Michel Wedel (1999), `International Market Segmentation Based on Consumer-Product Relations' 10. Peter G.P. Walters (1997), `Global Market Segmentation: Methodologies and Challenges' PART III INTERNATIONAL PRODUCT POLICY 11. Warren J. Keegan (1995), `Global Product Management: Strategic Alternatives' 12. Gary Knight (1999), `International Services Marketing: Review of Research, 1980-1998' 13. Helen Perks and Veronica Wong (2003), `Guest Editorial: Research in International New Product Development - Current Understanding and Future Imperatives' 14. James Wills, A. Coskun Samli and Lawrence Jacobs (1991), `Developing Global Products and Marketing Strategies: A Construct and a Research Agenda' 15. Lyn S. Amine (1993), `Linking Consumer Behavior Constructs to International Marketing Strategy: A Comment on Wills, Samli, and Jacobs and an Extension' 16. A. Coskun Samli, James R. Wills, Jr. and Laurence Jacobs (1993), `Developing Global Products and Marketing Strategies: A Rejoinder' PART IV STANDARDISATION OR ADAPTATION? 17. Henry F.L. Chung (2003), `International Standardization Strategies: The Experiences of Australian and New Zealand Firms Operating in the Greater China Markets' 18. Dennis M. Sandler and David Shani (1992), `Brand Globally but Advertise Locally?: An Empirical Investigation' 19. Saeed Samiee and Kendall Roth (1992), `The Influence of Global Marketing Standardization on Performance' 20. Carl Arthur Solberg (2000), `Educator Insights: Standardization or Adaptation of the International Marketing Mix: The Role of the Local Subsidiary/Representative' 21. Marios Theodosiou and Leonidas C. Leonidou (2003), `Standardization versus Adaptation of International Marketing Strategy: An Integrative Assessment of the Empirical Research' PART V INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING, SALES AND PROMOTION 22. David A. Griffith, Aruna Chandra and John K. Ryans, Jr. (2003), `Examining the Intricacies of Promotion Standardization: Factors Influencing Advertising Message and Packaging' 23. William L. James and John S. Hill (1991), `International Advertising Messages: To Adapt or Not to Adapt (That is the Question)' 24. Jae H. Pae, Saeed Samiee and Susan Tai (2002), `Global Advertising Strategy: The Moderating Role of Brand Familiarity and Execution Style' 25. Kanya Sirisagul (2000), `Global Advertising Practices: A Comparative Study' 26. Charles R. Taylor and Shintaro Okazaki (2006), `Who Standardizes Advertising More Frequently, and Why Do They Do So? A Comparison of U.S. and Japanese Subsidiaries' Advertising Practices in the European Union' PART VI BRANDING 27. Leslie de Chernatony, Chris Halliburton and Ratna Bernath (1995), `International Branding: Demand- or Supply-Driven Opportunity?' 28. Chung Koo Kim and Jay Young Chung (1997), `Brand Popularity, Country Image and Market Share: An Empirical Study' 29. Christopher M. Moore, John Fernie and Steve Burt (2000), `Brands without Boundaries: The Internationalisation of the Designer Retailer's Brand' 30. Reza Motameni and Manuchehr Shahrokhi (1998), `Brand Equity Valuation: A Global Perspective' 31. Martin S. Roth (1995), `Effects of Global Market Conditions on Brand Image Customization and Brand Performance' PART VII INTERNATIONAL PRICING 32. S. Tamer Cavusgil (1996), `Pricing for Global Markets' 33. Terry Clark, Masaaki Kotabe and Dan Rajaratnam (1999), `Exchange Rate Pass-Through and International Pricing Strategy: A Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions' 34. Matthew B. Myers (1997), `The Pricing of Export Products: Why aren't Managers Satisfied with the Results?' 35. Matthew B. Myers and Michael Harvey (2001), `The Value of Pricing Control in Export Channels: A Governance Perspective' 36. Marios Theodosiou and Constantine S. Katsikeas (2001), `Factors Influencing the Degree of International Pricing Strategy Standardization of Multinational Corporations' Name Index Volume III Acknowledgements An introduction by the editors to all three volumes appears in Volume I PART I MARKETING RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 1. Gulden Asugman, Jean L. Johnson and James McCullough (1997), `The Role of After-Sales Service in International Marketing' 2. Kathleen Hastings and Chad Perry (2000), `Do Services Exporters Build Relationships? Some Qualitative Perspectives' 3. Amal R. Karunaratna and Lester W. Johnson (1997), `Initiating and Maintaining Export Channel Intermediary Relationships' 4. Tony Millman (2000), `How Well Does the Concept of Global Account Management Travel across Cultures?' 5. George S. Yip and Tammy L. Madsen (1996), `Global Account Management: The New Frontier in Relationship Marketing' PART II AGENTS AND INTERMEDIARIES 6. Daniel C. Bello and Ritu Lohtia (1995), `Export Channel Design: The Use of Foreign Distributors and Agents' 7. Anthony E. Boardman, Daniel M. Shapiro and Aidan R. Vining (1997), `The Role of Agency Costs in Explaining the Superior Performance of Foreign MNE Subsidiaries' 8. Kathleen M. Eisenhardt (1989), `Agency Theory: An Assessment and Review' 9. Paul Ellis (2003), `Are International Trade Intermediaries Catalysts in Economic Development? A New Research Agenda' 10. Kendall Roth and Sharon O'Donnell (1996), `Foreign Subsidiary Compensation Strategy: An Agency Theory Perspective' PART III INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CHANNELS 11. Erin Anderson and Anne T. Coughlan (1987), `International Market Entry and Expansion via Independent or Integrated Channels of Distribution' 12. Preet S. Aulakh and Masaaki Kotabe (1997), `Antecedents and Performance Implications of Channel Integration in Foreign Markets' 13. Ramesh T. Iyer and John S. Hill (1996), `International Direct Marketing Strategies: A US-European Comparison' 14. Sudhir H. Kale and Roger P. McIntyre (1991), `Distribution Channel Relationships in Diverse Cultures' 15. Constantine S. Katsikeas, Mark M.H. Goode and Eva Katsikea (2000), `Sources of Power in International Marketing Channels' PART IV INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AND THE INTERNET 16. Riyad Eid (2005), `International Internet Marketing: A Triangulation Study of Drivers and Barriers in the Business-to-Business Context in the United Kingdom' 17. Jim Hamill (1997), `The Internet and International Marketing' 18. Stuart J. Barnes, Hans H. Bauer, Marcus M. Neumann, Frank Huber (2007), `Segmenting Cyberspace: A Customer Typology for the Internet' 19. V. Kanti Prasad, K. Ramamurthy and G.M. Naidu (2001), `The Influence of Internet-Marketing Integration on Marketing Competencies and Export Performance' 20. Saeed Samiee (1998), `Exporting and the Internet: A Conceptual Perspective' PART V CULTURE 21. Geert Hofstede (1983), `The Cultural Relativity of Organizational Practices and Theories' 22. Sudhir H. Kale (2001), `Culture-specific Marketing Communications: An Analytical Approach' 23. Lee C. Simmons and Robert M. Schindler (2003), `Cultural Superstitions and the Price Endings Used in Chinese Advertising' 24. David A. Griffith (2002), `The Role of Communication Competencies in International Business Relationship Development' 25. Sengun Yeniyurt and Janell D. Townsend (2003), `Does Culture Explain Acceptance of New Products in a Country? An Empirical Investigation' PART VI INTERNATIONAL MARKETING ETHICS 26. Ashraf Attia, Mahesh N. Shankarmahesh and Anusorn Singhapakdi (1999), `Marketing Ethics: A Comparison of American and Middle-Eastern Marketers' 27. Kiran Karande, Mahesh N. Shankarmahesh, C.P. Rao and Zabid Md. Rashid (2000), `Perceived Moral Intensity, Ethical Perception, and Ethical Intention of American and Malaysian Managers: A Comparative Study' 28. Kamal Dean Parhizgar (2001), `Is There Any Ethical and Moral Consideration in the Theory and Practice of Global Business Social Darwinism?' 29. Shawn Thelen and Anatoly Zhuplev (2001), `Comparing Attitudes Toward Ethical Dilemmas in Small Business: Russia versus the United States' 30. Harry C. Triandis, Peter Carnevale, Michele Gelfand, Christopher Robert, S. Arzu Wasti, Tahira Probst, Emiko S. Kashima, Thalia Dragonas, Darius Chan, Xiao Ping Chen, Uichol Kim, Carsten de Dreu, Evert van de Vliert, Sumiko Iwao, Ken-Ichi Ohbuchi and Paul Schmitz (2001), `Culture and Deception in Business Negotiations: A Multilevel Analysis' Name Index

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